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A Guide to Using Car Shipping Services; 7 Top Benefits

Your vehicle, one could say, is one of the main belonging that you own. That’s why when people move from one place to another, they take their cars along with them. But, if you move from one country to another, how will you take your car with you? That’s when the car shipping services come to your rescue.

Some people plan to take their cars with them, but don’t consider hiring a car shipping service. As a result, it creates much hassle for them, and sometimes people end up damaging their cars too. From being cost-effective in nature to time-saving, here are 7 mind-boggling advantages of using the best car shipping services.

7 Top Advantages of Using Car Shipping Services 

If you are thinking of shipping your car somewhere, it is best to use car shipping services. Here are a few benefits of them:

Car Shipping Services

1. Reduce the Risk of Damage

If you don’t contact the car shipping services, and try to ship the car on your own, there are high chances that you will damage the vehicle. Your vehicle should arrive at the intended location in the same condition when it left your garage.  So, it is important to let the experts handle it.

Car transport companies like ACERTUS, are expert vehicle delivering administration services. They use top-notch instruments and hardware to guarantee that the vehicle is moved securely. Since they are professional in handling different types of vehicles, you can be certain that they won’t damage it.

2. Reduce Loss of Resale Value

EarningsDriving a vehicle all by yourself to a long-distance will add many extra miles on the odometer. Not only that, but also it will wear the condition of your vehicle. As a result, when the time will come for you to sell it, you won’t get a suitable price. On top of that, if you need to drive the car for so long, you must pay a heft maintenance price for it too.

But, if you hire the best car shipping services, you don’t have to worry about it at all. They will safely ship your car from one place to another without a scratch. There will be no extra miles on the odometer, no expensive maintenance fees, or no on-road mechanic fees.

3. Reduce Your Stress

Shipping your vehicle to another area can be very stressful, particularly considering the time and energy it requires. You have to plan for the gas stops, rest stops, hotel stays, meals, and other humdrum of a road trip. You also have to carry vehicle breakdown toolkits, and always be prepared for some unforeseen events.

But with the car shipping services, you won’t have to face this problem anymore.  They will offer you a door-to-door shipping facility so that you don’t even have to spend one day without your precious vehicle. If you want, you can ask for enclosed shipping too so that your car stays protected from any road debris.

4. Protection Coverage

Many insurance agencies include coverage for moving a vehicle using car shipping services. So, even if you find any damage in your car while it was being shipped, you can get insurance for that. You don’t have to pay a single penny from your pocket with the insurance services.

They usually investigate the vehicle before shipping it, and will once again investigate it after shipping it. So, don’t worry if you don’t find any damage at the first glance. There will be experts to deal with that issue, so you can preserve your current car insurance rates with this shipping service.

5. You Can Avoid Injuries

Avoid InjuriesDriving longer distances will increase the likelihood of having an accident. Particularly if you drive for long periods without rest to make it to the destination on time, you may have an accident. If you have an accident or other kinds of injuries, there are very few chances to get genuine help on highways.

Therefore, it’s better if you just hire the car shipping services, and let them handle the issue. You don’t have to drive your car for such long periods, and you won’t have any chance to face injuries also. So, it’s a wise decision, right?

6. You’ll Save Money With Discounts

Yes, there are many car shipping services that offer discounts, or concessions on certain routes. So, if you think that hiring them will be too expensive for you, you are wrong. Especially if the season is not so busy for car shipping services, the discount rate will also increase.

You can check the current rates of car shipping services online. Just add the type of your vehicle, and when do you need to ship it, and you will get quotes from several shipping service companies. You can even compare the best price from a few options, and choose the one that deems the best for you.

7. Door-To-Door Shipping

By recruiting car shipping services, you can concentrate on all the more pressing errands in your life. You can get the vehicle at your doorstep once you put the responsibility on professionals. Even if you want to deliver it in your garage, they will do it. Sometimes people put their vehicle in a garage that is not so close to their homes, so these companies take care of that also.

What we mean is that once you hire them, there is nothing for you to worry about anymore. You will get the vehicle exactly on the day you want, and where you want. If there are no natural calamities in between, your vehicle will reach your doorstep on time.


Okay, we have given you some pretty good insights on car shipping services. But, still, if you feel there are some questions you need to ask us, check out the FAQ section.

1: How Much Should It Cost To Ship A Car?

Ans: At the national average rate, it will cost you around $11,650 to ship a car. However, the lowest rate to ship the car will be $1,200, but here you will get an open carrier. You can’t also rush the shipping service company in this case. While the highest rate will be $2,100 for an enclosed carrier. You can get the vehicle as fast as possible in this case.

2: What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car?

Ans: The price of shipping your car will depend on many things. It depends on how far you are going, where do you stay, if the season is busy or not, etc. But, judging by all these factors the cheapest way to ship a car will be through an open carrier.

3: What Are Some Of The Best Car Shipping Services?

Ans: Montway Auto Transport is the best car shipping company if it comes to all-time availability. However, for the best discount rates, nothing can beat AmeriFreight. But, if you want the best-added benefits, you must contact the Easy Auto Ship company.


Car shipping services are the safest ways to transport a vehicle from one place to another. You just need to go online and compare the quotes from several such companies to find the best one. Before you decide to ship your car through them, make sure you state all your clause to them. If you keep on adding new requirements after they ship your car, that won’t be possible to meet. For any further questions, ping us in the comment section.

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