The Ultimate Guide To Hootsuite: How To Use The Tool As A Beginner For Best Results

You must know that Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools, allowing you to schedule and publish posts on several other social networking sites. Aside from that, you can do much more than this.   

Several other hidden gems will help you to save time. After all, this will also help you increase the brand’s social ROI. In this case, several Hootsuite hacks need help knowing from where you can start.   

After thorough research, we have come up with social media teams and customer success about the little-known and under-appreciated features. If you are fed up with this type of software application, you can use several other alternatives of this app, such as Canva, Statusbrew, and so on.   

What Are Hootsuite’s Top-notch Publishing And Scheduling Hacks?

What Are Hootsuite's Top-notch Publishing And Scheduling Hacks

Several other types of Hootsuite hacks will help you save time and help you stay organized. Below, I will discuss Hootsuite’s top-notch publishing and scheduling hacks.   

1) Duplicate Posts in Planner

A duplicate button allows you to construct the series of SA or relationship posts without building everyone from scratch. This is also one of the easiest ways to repurpose the content across several other social media channels.

On the other hand, with the help of this software, you can easily edit and handle multiple languages, hashtags, and other links, making every post appropriate for this intended home. This is also a great platform for targeting multiple time zones, regions, and audiences.

2) Bulk Schedule Up to over 300 posts at once

Based on the customer success team, multiple social media managers can maintain a high volume of accounts using bulk scheduling tools. In this way, you can get the worst of scheduling and uploading the grunt work on the way.

With the help of Hootsuite, you can upload over 300 posts at once. After that, you just go through them once so that you can double-click, and then you can add any visuals and emojis.

3) Cooperate On Drafts Before Publishing These   

With the help of the Hootsuite planner tab, you can be sure that everyone knows what is coming up. Multiple editable drafts will let the team pitch in real-time with a tweak.   

In this way, you can improve the social media content without going through a more formal workflow. With the spreadsheet of this app, you can make the perfect social media content calendar. This is one of the sure ways to elevate the quality of your content.   

4) Reduce The Entire Social Calendar Of A Week’s Into One Screen  

One of the most significant ways that will make this easier and help you stay on top of social content is Hootsuite. This way, you can condense the entire week’s list of social media posts into just one interface.

There, no scrolling is required. This will make it much easier to review what is happening and how to create the screenshot, which you can share with anyone who wants to know.

5) Suspend Posts Without Deleting These

Sometimes, you have your social media posts, which you already have planned, scheduled, and polished well in an advanced manner.

But after that, there was a global pandemic, which will help you to upbeat inappropriately. This is the real-time pause. With the help of Hootsuite, you can easily pause the scheduled social media content, which is as simple as clicking the pause symbol of Hootsuite.

This will also help to manage the organization’s profile. This will also keep your all-prescheduled posts from being published until you have decided.

This is ultimately safer to resume. Afterward, you can still publish and schedule new content during the publishing of suspension with an extra layer of confirmation.

6) Use AI to Get Multiple Post Ideas And Generate Captions

Did you know that Hootsuite has an OwlyWriter AI? This is an in-built creative AI tool that can save the social media professional work hours.

There are such ways which will help you to use OwlyWriter to:

  • This way, you can write a new social media caption in a specific tone. This has been based on the prompt.
  • With the help of this software app, you can write a post based on such a link.
  • This can generate post ideas that are based on the topic or keyword.
  • With this software’s help, you can identify and easily repurpose the top-performing social media posts.
  • This way, you can create relevant captions, especially for the upcoming holidays.

7) Polish Your Posts with Vanity URLs   

The free URL of Hootsuite will help you to shorten the content marketplace. This will help you make any link that usually looks short and more trustworthy.

Owly Links are quite secure and with the help of this software app you can easily track the conversion metrics you need via the in-built UTM parameters. If you want to level up the branding, then Hootsuite also supports the vanity of URLs based on your brand name.

8) Get Custom Hashtag suggestions In Composer

With this software app’s help, you will know which hashtag applies to the algorithms’ surface of the social media. But coming up with the exact hashtags, you can write every post with lots of time. In this case you can use Hootsuite as an email marketing tools.

There are some steps that you must follow in Hootsuite, such as:

  • First, you navigate to Composer and start drafting the post. Later, you need to add your caption, and then you can easily upload the image.
  • After that, click on the hashtag symbol below the text editor.
  • Next, there would be an AI that will generate the set of hashtags based on the input.
  • The hashtags which you have selected you can add to your post. Then, you can schedule this for later.  

9) Use Editing Features And Canva Templates In Composer

If you have received a professional designer, then several skills will make the content shine. One can still need professional designers for every post if you still need to build your team.

Furthermore, you can use Canva right in the Hootsuite dashboard. You can access the endless library templates of Canva and create beautiful visuals from start to finish without leaving the Hootsuite Composer.

What are the ways of using Canva templates in Hootsuite?

  • First, you must log into your Hootsuite profile and then navigate to the Composer.
  • After that, click on the purple Canva icon in the bottom right corner of the content editor.   
  • Then, you need to select the visual that you want to make. After that, you can pick the network-optimized size from the drop-down list or start the new custom design.
  • While you can make the selection, you can log in, which will open. Then, you must sign in by operating your Canva credentials, or you can observe the prompts to begin a new Canva profile.   
  • After that, ensure you have designed an image in the Canva editor.
  • Once you are done, click “Add to Post.” This is on the top right corner of the interface.

10) Implement With Google Drive Or Adobe Creative Cloud

Did you know that the content library of Hootsuite is one of the most excellent tools for organizing all your digital assets for social media?

However, if your organization has already devoted itself to a specific cloud storage platform, you must use the integration of Hootsuite of Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, and CloudView. Other applications are shortcuts in handling other benefits.

What Are The Top Alternatives Of Hootsuite Software App?

What Are The Top Alternatives Of Hootsuite Software App?

Recently, Hootsuite has become one of the most popular social media management applications. Several other software tools are like Hootsuite. Below, I will discuss alternatives to the Hootsuite software application.

1) Statusbrew


If you are looking for such a user experience, then Statusbrew is one of the best alternatives to Hootsuite. This is an easy onboarding and quick navigation software app that will help you to build content. The UI of Hootsuite can get a lot of flak for being complicated.

What are the key features of Statusbrew?

  • One of the most significant features of Statusbrew is network-wise post customization.
  • Internal content tagging is a vast and crucial feature of Hootsuite.
  • The Canva and Google Drive implementation are also superb features of this app.
  • The in-app asset manager is also another significant software feature of Statusbrew.

2) Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Have you heard about the Sprout Social software app? Well, this is one of the most significant alternatives to Hootsuite, which allows you to create captions for your social posts. This is based on the audience data. Did you know that Sprout Social is one of the great alternatives of Semrush?

The analytics feature of this software helps you build such content through which you can measure your social ROI. This event is implemented with CRM to give a complete view of every customer’s journey.

What are the top features of Sprout Social?

  • The unified social inbox feature is there.
  • Other significant features include profile, group, and post-level reporting.
  • The customizable feed is also significant.
  • The “SproutLink” feature will help you handle the link-in bio tool.
  • There is a significant feature of this alternative that will help you to measure success in Google Analytics.

3) Sendible


Another one of Hootsuite’s top competitors and alternatives is Sendible. This provides cross-functionality, which is also significant. The Sensible has also an extraordinarily navigable and easy-to-use interface. This includes several in-built image editors and other features through which you can create graphics.

Furthermore, you can easily implement it with Canva in a more advanced design. On the other hand, Sendible provides such suggestions, allowing us to schedule in bulk. Therefore, you can easily plan the content for a month.

What are the top features of Sendible?

  • In-Built image editor feature
  • Mention alters are also available.
  • Smart Queues are also there, which is significant.
  • Other co-branding opportunities are feasible for agencies.
  • The custom approval procedures are also impactful.

4) Later


Have you heard about Later? Well, this is one of Hootsuite’s top famous competitors is Later. This mainly focuses on Instagram marketing solutions and other visually oriented platforms such as Pinterest and tiktok.

Later, it offers software features to help you manage social media marketing and creator partnerships like Buzzsumo. A standout feature of this software app is its Linkin.bio. This tool has been designed to increase sales and traffic by turning your Instagram and other tiktok social media posts into several clickable images.

What are the top-notch features of Later?

  • The smart hashtags suggestions feature is extremely excellent.
  • The user-generated content search feature is also flexible and exceptional.
  • The shoppable Instagram feed is also attractive.
  • The free LinkedIn.bio tool is feasible to use.

5) ContentStudio


If you plan, find or track the trending content, then this can make or break your content marketing strategy is ContentStudio. This pulls everything under one roof, providing you an unjust benefit in digital marketing.

Aside from that, ContentStudio is one of the perfect alternatives that will simplify social media management by using such implemented solutions. This also has several other features that Hootsuite has. Additionally, you can get this at a lower price.

What are the top features of ContentStudio?

  • The 24/7 customer support is exceptional.
  • The unified social inbox is another significant software.
  • The team collaboration is also awesome.
  • AI content generation is a great software tool to use.

6) Keyhole


Another social media management platform and a great Hootsuite alternative is Keyhole. This has been integrated with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube platforms. This will assist you in several tasks, such as keeping track of the brand’s online presence and finding the influencers for marketing, and this also offers insights into social media performance.

What are the key features of Keyhole?

  • The brand Monitoring feature is another exceptional feature.
  • Influencer marketing is one of the most significant features of this alternative.
  • Campaign Monitoring is another one of the most exceptional features.
  • Profile Analytics is also another feature that you must use for several benefits. 

In Conclusion

I have discussed about every detailed of Hootsuite and other alternatives of this above in this article. This is also one of the oldest software and social media marketing tools to help you get a better ROI from your social media business. By using this right social media tool, you can create an efficient strategy that will allow you to make wiser decisions.

I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below!

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