How To Ban Someone From Facebook Page

How To Ban Someone From Facebook Page?

Facebook is the most popular, and versatile social media platform. If we ask you which social media platforms you are currently using, almost 70% of people will fix on the choice of Facebook. But, sometimes you may want someone to restrict commenting on your profile. So, let’s find out how to ban someone from Facebook page. 

For the individual user or the business Facebook page users, the banning is possible. Every time there is a chance that someone is interfering in your social media page. Keep commenting and share the negative feedback.

This is a pervasive difficulty when entering into the challenging digital mode business and the rivalry field. For the business page handlers of Facebook, this is a prevalent problem. So better know how to ban a person from a Facebook page.

But, first, let?s see why should you ban people.

Why Should You Ban People From Facebook Page?

When you have big fan followers and a significant number of audiences, getting offensive messages becomes a common issue. Within five to six simple steps, you can ban someone. And you will get relieved from the spammy, offensive, and trolling messages. Spam comments may include advertising about a specific product, posting phishing links, asking for money, inciting trolling, spreading rumors, etc. 

Even sometimes people also share inappropriate content on your Facebook business page. It makes your profile looks less professional. Sometimes people also post nonsense letters and numbers on the page, and it is essential for you to block these people.

However, we are not saying that when people post something negative about your page, you havwe to block that user. you must learn to accept criticism. You can address those issues politely. But, when you see someone is constantly posting hate speech on your profile, you must ban those people from your business page.

When you want to know how to ban someone from Facebook page, you can just follow these six simple steps and ban the people who are causing trouble. 

How To Ban Someone From Facebook  Page-Let’s Know The Steps

You can apply different ways when you want to know how to ban someone from Facebook page. 

Sometimes even when you know how to ban someone from Facebook page, the trouble doesn’t end there. If you ban someone from your Facebook page, will they be notified? This is another query that confuses you, and you cannot take your head out of the dilemma. 

Do not worry. You can ban someone without making them notice. So, don’t think that they will be notified, and will disturb you on other social media platforms.  

Now, let’s hear about the easy steps:

Step 1:  Firstly, start with logging in to your Facebook account. It can be your business account or the personal one.

Step 2:  Now, open your Facebook business page or any Facebook page and open the page settings option.

Step 3:  Then, on the left side of the settings column, you will find the people and other page options. First, open the choice of the people and the other page from the column.

Step  4:  After that, you will find the check box beside every person and the other pages. Choose the people and the pages who you want to ban. Then click the selective checkbox.

Step 5:  You can use the search bar to find the right people or the page. Just click on the right side of the search bar, where you will find the small gear sign. The drop-down menu will be open.

Step 6:  Finally, choose the right name from the drop-down menu and confirm the task. This is the simple way which you can apply to ban someone or some page from your Facebook profile.

Let?s see how to ban someone from a Facebook page and block them from posting on your Facebook page.

How To Ban Someone From Posting On Your Facebook Page

When you are handling a professional Facebook business page, hence it is never going to be possible. So that you can satisfy everyone from your posts and your individual opinion is always welcome by others.

If you do not want to ban someone from your Facebook page. But you want to stop the page or the person from posting on your page, then follow the steps below and band the specific page to post on your page.

Here is the step-by-step guide to ban someone from posting on your Facebook page.

Step 1:   Start by opening up your Facebook page. Login to your Facebook profile first.

Step 2:  Open the Facebook posts option.

Step 3:  Then open the visitor?s posts option from the column.

Step 4:  When you open the visitor posts option, you will find three dots on the top right of the posts by the person you want to ban.

Step 5: Open that option and click on the banning from Facebook.

This is the most straightforward five-step process to block someone from posting on your Facebook page. The best part of this is you will get rid of the negative comments.

Along with the negative comments, if someone keeps posting any harmful content and the posts on your Facebook page, you will block them from posting on your Facebook page.

How To Unban Somone From Facebook Page?

If you know how to ban someone from Facebook Page, you must also know, how to unban them. That’s because maybe the person who was troubling you before ends up being friends with you. So, you won’t want to continue keeping them banned, right? Let’s follow a few steps to unban someone now;

Step 1: Go to  Settings. You will find this option at the top of your page.

Step 2: Go to your left, and click on the ‘People and Other Pages’ option.

Step 3: Click on the ‘People Who Like This Page’ option. Now, go to the ‘Banned People and Pages’ button.

Step 4: You will find the name of the person whom you want to unban in the list. Now, tick the checkbox next to that person’s name.

Step 5: Click on the Settings option once again, and select the ‘Unban from Page’ option.

Step 6: Click on the Confirm button.

Sum It Up:

Now you know how to ban someone from Facebook page. Running any business page or the social media business page is a little bit of strategic work. If you are currently working in a field like social awareness programming, this article will be useful to you. The negative comments and the negative postings always trouble us no matter how popular we are. When you apply this process, you will get rid of these spammy and negative comments once, and for all. 

Sp, how did you like knowing how to ban someone from Facebook page. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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