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How To Fix: YouTube Comment Failed To Post?

Youtube is the most visited platform every day. Yes, you read it correctly; it is not google but Youtube. But many times when you try commenting on a post on there, you see you tube comment failed to post. It?s an error that many people encounter either due to adblocking extension interference, or a VPN error.

When you face the you tube comment failed to post scenario, you see a red circling icon when you opt to post the comment. Even sometimes, when a user tries to edit a comment, then also the same error reappears. It is even more troubling because it deletes your previous comment, and you can?t see it once you refresh the page. 

But there are times when you cannot comment on the videos, or simply the you tube comment failed to post itself. If you are experiencing something similar along the lines, this article might be just for you.

Why Can?t I Comment On Youtube Videos?

Comments are a great way to show your support and feedback to the videos. Many video creators thrive on the support and like to engage in the form of comments with their audiences.

Despite commenting is one of the main crucial parts for the video creators; why is that sometimes you tube comment failed to post? We have enlisted some of the reasons that will help you enlighten yourself on why comments failed to post on Youtube.

1. Youtube Creators Have Turned Off The Comments

All the videos that you see on Youtube have a comment section, right? But, if you think you have to comment on every youtube video, well, you are wrong. The comment section is under the creator’s jurisdiction, and if he/she wants, can disable it.

This feature helps the creator avoid nuisance in the comments section, especially when the topic is controversial. Check the comment section on Youtube.  If you can’t see any comments, its probably because that is off. But, if the creator of that channel turns the comment off, you won?t encounter the ?you tube comment failed to post? scenario here. You simply won?t be able to comment.

2. Blocked For Spam Comments

If your Youtube comment is not showing on the screen, then there is a possibility that the channel has blocked your comment. Youtube video creators have the power to block and hide spammy or bad comments.

Youtube is one of the largest online communities, processes millions of comments every day. Hence, they are vigilant on what kind of comments to process. They use advanced filtering algorithms to ensure only good comments are there in the comment scans.

3. Restricted Mode Is ON

Restricted Mode is to ensure that children below a certain age level can experience a clean Youtube environment. However, most parents use this feature who allow their children to have smartphones.

This feature turns off all the explicit ads and videos. Enabling this feature disables the comment column, and hence, you will no longer be able to comment.

4. You Are Blocked By The Channel

Youtube creators have the ability to block individuals on their channels. Therefore, if you find that your youtube comment failed to post, you can assume the possibility of being blocked by the channel.

This kind of scenario is quite common and mostly occurs when an individual uses explicit words in the comment section. The creator can clock the user. Until, and unless the creator doesn’t unblock you, you cannot comment.

5. Expired Cookies

Today, we have different devices from where we log in to our Youtube ID. while sometimes, the cookies just expire. Hence, your actions are restricted, and you can not comment on the videos

Cookie expiration is quite common. To overcome this, you simply need to re-login to your Youtube ID.

6. Using VPN

There is nothing much you can do if the problem is from Youtube’s end. When your comment failed to post on Youtube, use VPN. Connect your system with a VPN and try to access Youtube from a different location.

NOTE: This solution might not help you solve the problem in some instances.

How To Fix – You Tube Comment Failed To Post?

Have you ever tried commenting on Youtube, only to find that you tube comment failed to post? If that is the case, you are not alone. I have many readers sharing their bad experiences with the Youtube commenting feature.

In our research to find the solution for this problem, I have encountered a handful of them.

Solution 1: Change The Username For Youtube

I don?t know how many of you are aware of this Youtube glitch. Youtube has a glitch where auto-generated usernames might encounter errors down the line. This is not a prominent glitch but happens every now and then.

Changing your username will ensure that Youtube gets to know you better. And then allow you to post your valuable comment on the videos.

Solution 2: Re-Login To Your Youtube ID

We all know websites use cookies to store meta-information about the users or visitors that visit websites. Hence, having corrupt cookies can reduce user experience. This issue at hand could also result in a glitch where your comment failed to post on youtube.

In this case, signing out and then signing back in will help you to deal with this issue. You can even use the incognito or private mode to solve your problem.

Solution 3: Disable Your VPN

Every IT industry is aware of the VPN. In fact, using VPN has become a common norm for the IT industry to bypass the international border and through the restriction put by the ISPs. In addition, VPN allows the users to surf the internet without risking their valuable and sensitive information.

However, this very VPN sometimes causes great issues in any online functionalities. If you find that your comment failed to post, VPN might have an influence over it. Sometimes when you use VPN extensions to access youtube channels, you may witness the you tube comment failed to post error. Try disabling your VPN, and then try commenting. You will most likely be fix it this time.

Solution 4: Disable Adblock Extension

Do you know how Youtube makes money? It is by the ads you can see before the videos. Hence, if you are using any Adblock extension, Youtube might not like that. If you are using an ad blocker extension, you might encounter the problems at hand. So, in that case the only way of solving the problem is to disable the Adblock extension.

The following steps will guide you through disabling the extension.

  • Open your web browser and click the vertical ellipse (the three dots on the right top corner).
  • Navigate to more tools.
  • Find the adblocker extension.
  • Disable the extension.

Now, try commenting on Youtube videos; you might be able to comment now.

Solution 5: Trying Posting Comment After Playing Video For Sometime

Comments are the first document or written to prove the credibility of the video. Youtube is trying its best to block spam users commenting on just anything without even watching the video.

Hence, in this context, if something is restricting you from commenting or your Youtube comment failed to post, try watching the Youtube video for a couple of minutes and then post your comment. This might help you get the job done.

Solution 6: Try Another Web Browser

Youtube can be accessed from different web browsers. Every browser has its share of bugs that restrict the web browser from reaching its full potential. Who knows, these bugs are creating problems for you and are the reason why your Youtube comments are not showing on the screen.

Try using a different web browser software to see whether Youtube is running smoothly on that web browser.

Solution 7: Try Another platform

Along with different web browsers, Youtube can be accessed from different operating systems. For instance, if you are using an Android to access Youtube, shift your approach to iOS supported iPhones or try accessing your Youtube ID from a windows operating system.

If the above solutions are not enough to solve the problem, there can be issues with your devices and operating system. Change your device’s operating system to see whether this method is offering a solution or not.

How To Fix – You tube Comment Failed To Post? – For Mobile Users

If you are a mobile user and operate Youtube from your mobile. Then the following two methods can help you fix the problem where your you tube comment failed to post.

Method 1: Enable/Disable The Dark Theme

There is a reported bug in the Youtube application. The report states that the DarkMode in Youtube restricts the user from commenting on their favorite videos. Sticking to the context can solve the problem if you can enable or disable the Dark Theme.

This is how you can do it.

  • Open the Youtube application.
  • Start playing the video in question.
  • Now hit back to come out of the video.
  • Tap the user icon.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Navigate to the General > Dark theme.
  • Disable the Dark theme.
  • Now go back to the home screen.
  • Refresh the application.
  • Now try commenting on the Video.

Method 2: Reinstall Youtube Application

When nothing feels right, and you cannot put your finger on the exact problem as to why your youtube comment failed to post. The best method to deal with this problem is to reinstall the Youtube application.

  • Firstly, go to the mobile settings.
  • Secondly, visit the application manager.
  • Thirdly, navigate to the Youtube application.
  • Now, click to uninstall.
  • After the uninstallation process is complete, restart your mobile.
  • Now, install fresh Youtube applications from the application store.
  • So, this might fix the problem of ?Youtube comments not showing?.

If the Youtube application cannot be uninstalled from the mobile, you can disable it and clear the cache memory. Now restart the phone and start using the Youtube application as if it is newly installed.


There you have it; now you know why your you tube comment failed to post. Here we have tried to lay down all the causes and the possible solutions that can help you overcome this problem. Was this article to your liking, and if you want to read articles similar to this, visit our homepage. We have showcased articles from every niche.


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