Ontarians’ Favorite Drink In 2023 Was Tequila

Ontarians’ Favorite Drink In 2023 Was Tequila And It Keeps On Increasing

The list ?What Ontarians Were Drinking in 2023? was released by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) on Wednesday, where it was informed that Tequila has been trending in 2023 in Ontario.

The information and data that the liquor company has collected from 6 November 2022 to 4 November 2023! The list showcases all the information regarding the trending drink across all provinces in Ontario.

The media release by the Liquor company informs that in 2023, Ontarian made respectable and mindful choices regarding their purchasing behavior. These conscious choices helped the Ontarians earn a little more as the dollars went further in their growth.

Some customers did go for value-based purchases. However, most customers have stuck to their loyal brands. Through the findings and surveys, it has been informed that out of six Ontario regions, five loved Tequila; thus, it has been highlighted as the most popular alcoholic beverage.

It is being called a frenzy, but in reality, it is just something that has been ordered a lot, and it has continued since 2022! The rate has been slower, almost 16%, yet the overall growth of Tequila?s demand has been quite good, especially with the 44 % growth in the past two years.

The trend has also disclosed that most people have been buying or ordering Tequila from bands with innovative finishes backed by celebrities and eye-catching packages! Of course, many customers have rated their drinks from the list of 100 percent agave!

Apart from Tequila, even mainstream Canadian beer was in demand as craft beer and premium services increased by ten percent. There are also IPAs (India pale ale), which are quite in order, especially if you enjoy fancied craft beer.

Ready-to-drink (RTD) products such as coolers and pre-mixed cocktails are also in demand. Their orders have significantly increased by ten percent. Seltzers hold the largest shares in the industry.

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