The global pandemic has taught the importance of virtual meetings without having everyone physically present in the same room. But before one starts planning a meeting, one should pause and ask the tricky question: Does this need to be a meeting, or could it be stated by email?

Of course, if the agenda is to pass mere information, that can be done without scheduling a conference. But at times, you cannot avoid a group meeting; there?s no other way around it. For times like these, here are some pro-tips on how to organize the perfect virtual meet-up.

Set The Goal:

Set The Goal:

With any meeting, be it virtual or face-to-face, one must have a clear goal in mind and stick to it. Without a proper plan, the conference will feel unnecessary as it is likely to waste people?s time. Therefore, setting a tangible goal is crucial for a successful meeting.

In addition, the meeting organizer should let everyone know the topic of discussion beforehand if possible so that people are prepared for the meeting. When everyone knows the issue at hand, they are more likely to put forward their ideas during the session.

Encourage Video Conferencing:

Some people are camera shy; it?s natural and nothing new. But the key to a successful virtual meeting is when everyone can see the person they are communicating with on the monitor. Body language plays a massive role during group discussions and communication in general.

Therefore, a host or the event organizer must encourage people to turn on their cameras during the discussion, but it should not feel like a mandate. People should have the choice to opt for an audio-only option. Providing choices will make everyone feel included, especially those who don?t want to come in front of the camera. When one feels comfortable with their choices, they can better communicate with others.

  • One must select a venue for a face-to-face meeting; similarly, one has to choose the correct virtual application for an online discussion. One might think that virtual event planning is a piece of cake, but the truth is quite different. A good organizer must know which platform to choose for their online meeting.
  • Before the meeting starts, be sure to check the platform yourself to find out about possible glitches. The virtual planner must assist the guest in navigating the platform on which the meeting is being organized.

Limit The Length Of The Meeting:

Limit The Length Of The Meeting:

Any virtual event, including online meetings, should not take more time than it?s supposed to. An organizer must remind people of the time frame of a particular session. People cannot concentrate on one topic for long; therefore, even if you think there?s more to discuss, try to do that at the following meeting. Be sure to stick to the previously set time frame without delay.

Limit Participants:

No one can expect to run a successful online meeting with too many people. The number of participants will mostly depend on the company itself. But as a rule of thumb, you shouldn?t conduct an online meeting with more than 20 people. The goal is to have clear communication, but that is not possible with too many people.

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