Poe application by Quora compiles many famous chatbots on one platform so that users can easily switch between them. This launched publicly in February, and since then, it has added a lot of chatbots to this platform. Now, this also has added a desktop application for Mac.

The AI Chatbot platform Poe has added some sorts of updates in terms of Mac application. It can have multiple conversations, which can happen simultaneously with the same AI Chatbot. This app is also planning the enterprise tier so that companies can manage the platform for their employees based on an email recently sent to Poe’s users.

Quora’s Poe aims to be a web browser for AI chatbots. The POE’s parent company, Quora, is also on the board regarding OpenAI. The number of AI bots will keep increasing, and Poe wants to be the one place where you can find them.

In terms of additions, Poe now lets you conduct multiple conversations. Poe is also considered as the bot creation platform by its application, and now this will allow developers to adjust in terms of the “temperature” of prompts.

Based on the company’s information, “Higher temperature values create more varied but less predictable replies and lower values create more consistent responses.” This also allows searching for bots to subscribe to explore a page and hold many conversations with the same bot.

Poe’s home screen is like a search engine, but the difference lies in the AI bots’ visibility, which is above the search bar. If users do not specify any bot to use, then Poe will answer every question using its own Assistant.

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