Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Are Trending With BTS' Jungkook's 3D For View

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Are Trending With BTS’ Jungkook’s 3D For View 

The latest trend to grip TikTok users are the Ray Ban Meta smart glasses. With so many people wearing digital glasses and dancing to the same beat the viral craze features a catchy song and a range of stylish shades. BTS’ Jungkook’s record-breaking digital single 3D comes as a collaboration with Jack Harlow. It is currently dominating the background music scene while easily complementing Meta’s smart glass vision.

The question however arises whether the trend was simultaneous or a carefully chalked out promotional campaign designed by the companies involved. Whicher it may be, one thing can be said for certain– Ray Ban Meta has managed to reach the zenith of digital success. They have brought back the long-lost cool factor that accompanied technology before.

One of the videos stand out with a whopping 123 million views while many others have collected millions more. Many of these videos have showcased its users wearing glasses and lip-syncing to the 3D music. All of it hints at a collaborative effort. The glasses not only exude an ultra-cool vibe, they also have a chic factor working for them with the tinted lenses and interesting color coding.

AI is rapidly advancing and these glasses from Ray Ban exemplify the advancement as a great everyday AI tool. The official website says, ?With a few words, the new smart glasses can make calls, send texts, control features, and find answers for those random questions that pop into your head throughout the day.?

Features Of The Ray-Ban Meta Glasses:

  • Two classic silhouettes.
  • Over 150 lens and frame combinations.
  • Suitable for every individual style.
  • Discreet, ultra-wide 12-megapixel camera in each lens.
  • Produces bold images and videos.
  • Improved cameras record 1080p videos.
  • Up to 60 seconds duration.
  • Shareable with contacts through AI and quick voice commands.
  • Hands-free livestreaming feature.

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