Bringing Back the Spark

5 Tips For Bringing Back The Spark In Your Relationship

As time goes on, the spark you felt at the beginning of the relationship can fade. This doesn?t mean that love isn?t there. Instead, it means that life has come in both your ways of expressing it. If one of you feels that your relationship is not working anymore, maybe it’s time for bringing back the spark.

If you want to bring the spark back in your relationship, you should find ways how to rekindle a relationship. Have you ever started a fire? If yes, you know how the tiniest spark can cause a fiery blaze, and once it reaches that stage, you just got to maintain it. 

There is plenty of ways for bringing back the spark, no matter how long you have been together. Sometimes you may feel that after a year, your honeymoon period is over. You may also feel that nothing is left in your relationship after you spend a few years with them. Maybe it’s time you know how to rekindle a relationship and bring the spark back.

Tips For Bringing Back The Spark In Your Relation

Don’t give up on love so easily just because you think your partner is not giving you attention. Trust me, your partner may feel the same. So, why not both of you try some unique ways for bringing back the spark into your relationship? You must know there’s nothing more beautiful than a rekindled relationship. Let’s look at these tips;

1. Be Physically Intimate

Being physically intimate is the best solution for bringing back the spark in a relationship. If you feel the spark is gone, you may notice that you are having routine sex, or not having it at all. But, not having sex only increases the problem. So, if you are going through such a phase, you must find out how to bring the spark back. 

Make affectionate physical contact with your partner. It doesn’t always have to lead to sex. However, touching the right nerve can certainly bring back the margin, and rekindle your love. Just hold their hands, or massage their shoulders, or caress their hair, when you feel they are stressed.

It will give your partner the message that you are still there. You can’t expect to jump on the bed and have animal sex if they feel you don’t love them. Just start with these affectionate gestures, and you’ll be bringing back the spark in no time. 

One way to arouse the intimacy of your partner is by making your physical appearance attractive. In the past few years, novel and innovative procedures like fat grafting can help add more ?curves? to parts of the body that partners feel more desirable about. This is one way that can help arouse the intimacy between couples. 

2. Travel Somewhere Old, Or New

If you want to know how to rekindle a relationship, go on a wild ride with your partner. You can choose to travel someplace old to refresh your memories of that place. If you had your honeymoon in Greece, then flying back to those sandy beaches will help you click again If you have a coffee shop that you used to frequent early on in your relationship, then go back there.

With all the memories streaming back, you will surely leave closer than ever before. You could go for a romantic city break and try lots of different restaurants and bars, or you could rent a cabin surrounded by beautiful nature. The excitement of exploring a new place will reignite that excitement you once shared for each other. 

3. Resolve Conflict With Humor

For bringing back the spark in your relation, you must go back to the past. Just, try and find the roots of the problem. Yes, sometimes it happens that too many unresolved issues pile up in your partner’s heart, and they stop sharing their concerns with you. Just because your partner is not fighting with you, that’s not a good sign.

It means there is nothing left to fight for, so don’t entertain such situations. Whenever there is a fight happening, try to diffuse it with humor. You can dress up in a funny way to cheer them up or talk in a cartoon voice. Remember, if they laugh with you, they are here to stay with you.

Sometimes, people also block their partners when they are having a fight. But, just because they blocked you, you don’t give up. You can mail them, or turn them up on their doorstep to make them smile. So, don’t look for new ways how to rekindle a relationship, instead just go back and deal with the old issues.

4. Dress To Impress

After living together for many years, you might fall into the habit of ignoring your appearance when you?re around them. If your partner only ever sees you in your pyjamas and dressing gown, it may bore them. They won’t say you anything obviously, but, it’s human psychology to get bored with things you see every day.

So, find a killer outfit, spend some time on your hair, and wear a scent that drives them wild. Tell them to dress up, too, and you can enjoy a date night while both looking your best. Dressing up occasionally for your partner will remind them how sexy you still are. 

Don’t go lazy with your outfit choice. You can consult a fashion expert also if you are confused about what to wear on your date night after such a long time. Just remember, you have to confidently carry yourself no matter what outfit you wear. It will be bringing back the spark instantly. 

5. Write Down Your Fondest Memories

When you?re cleaning up their left-out dishes or moving their shoes for the millionth time, your annoyance might override your fondness. Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it?s easy to forget all the beautiful memories.  

Take some time out of your day to write down all the best memories you?ve shared, and then show your partner. The goal is to spark a lengthy, funny, and heart-warming conversation that takes you down memory lane. By the end of it, you?ll both remember why you are sitting in front of each other, and you?ll never want to leave their side. 


There is nothing more beautiful than a rekindled relationship. It reduces your chance of engaging in an illicit affair because you know how much you love your partner, and how much they love you. So, follow these ideas if you want to know how to bring back the spark in your relationship. For further queries, ping us in the comment section.