If you love to eat, you must be checking out the best restaurants in the world from time to time. Well, as a foodie, I often check out the best restaurants. But, do you know what are the most expensive restaurants in the world? It’s time to take a look at them.

We will mention here the top seven most expensive restaurants in the world. The food and drinks always play a crucial role in the customer’s magnetic attraction. Apart from the food and drinks, there are many more things which are working as the prominent and memorable feature of these restaurants. So, when you will be looking at the restaurants’ infrastructure, you will feel it is worth the price.


13 Most Expensive Restaurant In The World

These restaurants are famous because of their high-quality interior and world-class services as they recruit top-notch stars as their employees. We are making a list according to the entrance fare and the per-person meal value. 

As per the customer’s feedback, the customers address the restaurants as expensive when the meal value per person is more than $300.All the restaurants which are on the list are famous for their cost and ambiance.

Here is a small list of restaurants which are expensive and famous for their outstanding gesture and services.

1. Sublimotion (Spain)

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée (Paris)

This restaurant is located in Ibiza, Spain and it is the most expensive restaurant in the world. The winner of 2 Michelin Stars Paco Roncero operates this restaurant. There is a 20-course dinner menu for people so, if you come to this restaurant, you won’t have any lack of options. Unfortunately, this expensive restaurant is only open for a few months during the summer

This restaurant was established in 2014. Apart from the amazing food quality, the restaurant has also got illusionists, and award-winning music composers to entertain the guests as they eat. Even the dining room frequently shifts from one VR-simulated ambiance to another. The restaurant charges almost $2,000-$2,380 per person.

2. Per Se (U.S.A)

The French Laundry (California)

If we are talking about the world’s most expensive restaurants, something from NYC has to be there, right? We think Chef Thomas Keller does not need any introduction. This famous chef is the winner of 3 Michelin stars. The main attraction of this expensive restaurant is the French techniques in nine-course tasting meals and nine-course vegetarian meals. 

This expensive restaurant was opened in 2004. Since it specializes in both American and French cuisine, the price was bound to be a bit higher, right? This eatery charges almost $680 per person. However, there are only 19 tables in total at this fanciest restaurant, so you better book in advance if you want to dine here. It also has a fantastic wine collection of more than 2000 bottles. 

3. Ultraviolet (China)

Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville

Located in Shanghai, China, this expensive restaurant is also one of the most elite restaurants in the world. The French chef, Paul Pairet, designed this restaurant with a single table that can only accommodate 10 people. There are 10-12 tasting courses here, and it charges you $570-$900 per person for that. This price does not include the taxation charges, so by the time you pay your bill, you may get a bit of a shock. 

There are three patrons allocated for each guest, so you can guess the quality of the service you will get once you sit to dine here. The chef had in mind a Sci-Fi concept for this expensive restaurant before opening it in 2012. There is no extraordinary furniture in sight, but once you sit at the table, you will go to a kaleidoscopic environment. Apart from the food, high-quality audio-visual plays in the background appeal to all human senses.

4. Masa (U.S.A)

Maison Pic - Drôme, (France)

So, there is another contribution of NYC to this list of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Massa Takayama is the owner of this restaurant, and it is a three Michelin star winner. It is a simple sushi tasting eatery where they charge you $595 per person excluding the tax and drinks. The best part is that there is no menu here, but the chef prepares an exclusive menu every day depending on the season. 

This expensive restaurant was opened in 2004. The use of seasonal ingredients and 2 hours of dining experience will make your money worth it. You have to book your reservation here  3 weeks before your plan. Even if it is located in New York, the restaurant does not shy away from its Japanese customs. 

5.Maison Pic Valence (France)

Masa (USA)

One of the few female chefs in the world who has three Michelin stars on their name is Anne-Sophie Pic. This expensive restaurant charges you $445 per person. However, when you taste the nine-course menu, it will indeed make your money worth the experience. It is a family restaurant that has been running in the market since 1889. 

Some of the most famous dish options of this easter’s menu include Banon goat cheese berlingots, candied turnips, deer marinated in sake lees squab, and Mediterranean Rouget in a saffron broth. The chef also experiments with her food and adds seasonal flavors to make the dish taste a bit unusual. It is currently reigning in its 130th year of business. 

6.Restaurant De L’Hôtel De Ville (Switzerland)

Chef’s Table (USA)

How can the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world be complete if we don’t add a Swiss touch there?  If you are a foodie and don’t look at your pocket while tasting some amazing dishes, you must try this place out. They charge you $415 per person. It was established in 1953, and the head chef of this eatery is Franck Giovannini. 

You can taste the eleven-course tasting menu in this dining place. Some of the most exclusive dishes here are lamb fillet, mussels with saffron, Scarlett tomato, etc. They also have an extensive wine menu of 40 pages. It is a winner of three Michelin stars.

7. Ithaa Undersea ( Maldives)

Ithaa Undersea ( Maldives)

The Maldives is famous for its beautiful blue seawater. Dive under the five miter from the sea level and enjoy the view of the world’s first underwater restaurant. Ithaa is an expensive restaurant that will give you dazzling food taste flavor.  While dining you can enjoy the view of the deep blue underwater sea animals and fishes.

The restaurant is famous for its unique location. There are fusion menu options here accompanying fine wines. It is the best dining place for special occasions like a wedding or is also a good place for private dining. The per person will cost around $390 per person


These Top thirteen restaurants are not only expensive but are also some of the fanciest restaurants in the world. When you make your visit to one of these places, you will see how much dollars the hotel authority is spending for their restaurant’s interior beautification. So, the next time you plan your visit to any of these countries, make sure to check these expensive restaurants.

8. Kikunoi Honten, Japan

If you are looking for pure, delicious delicacies, you can visit one of the most expensive restaurants globally, Kikunoi Honten. This restaurant has been under the guidance of expert chef Yoshihiro Murata. For his excellent contributions, he won an award for “Kyoto-fu Bunka Korosho.” 

On the other hand, he carefully selected every aspect of this costly restaurant. His tradition is the key, but his willingness is about innovating a reputation behind this. In just one word, he is the heart of the restaurant’s luxurious cuisine. 

9. Ultraviolet, China

Another one of the high-end restaurants that often offers something extraordinary and unique is Ultraviolet in China. This has a true culinary concept, making you feel like you are on a thrilling journey. The person behind the unique creativity is Chef Pali Pairet, who works across every aspect of Ultraviolet. On the other hand, his efforts and work helped this restaurant become one of the best Michelin Star restaurants. 

10. Forum Restaurant, Hong Kong

Regarding luxury restaurants, the Forum restaurant is one of the best and, of course, the most expensive. The 60 years of tireless efforts of Master Yeung Koon created a signature dish which is known as the dish Ah Yat Abalone. This is all about the tireless dedication of everyone who enjoys this luxury restaurant. This is one of the top restaurants worldwide and also an icon of static and standard culinary quality. 

11. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Japan

If you are searching for sharp knife edges, come to this custom with the costly restaurant Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama. This expensive restaurant is located in Japan. The best ingredients and the chef’s effortless and boundless motivation help make the perfect dish. Even some traditional flavored dishes serve an unparalleled dining experience, which aims to have the delicacies please. 

12. Ciel Bleu, Netherlands

If you want a traditional French restaurant with international flavors, you must visit Ciel Bleu. This is one of the most costly restaurants that love to convey every bite of their original dishes. Aside from that, the 23rd floor of the Hotel Okura Amsterdam enjoys the guests and scenic views through supreme hospitality. This is all about celebrating one of the best restaurants globally where people can meet with supremacy. 

13. Restaurant Guy Savoy, France

Another one of the most costly restaurants which is located within the 18th-century architecture of the Monnaie de Paris is Restaurant Guy Savoy. In this restaurant, you can experience hand-in-hand with the designer Bruno Moretti, who helps you to find the most shared desired harmony in dishes.

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