Spell, enchantments, magic circles, or whatever you call it, has always been something that everyone finds interesting. Magic movies are not limited to only kids. Today, teenagers and even adults love to watch magic movies.

Being in a world of imagination where anything is possible gives a new perspective to the world we see every day. With those 60 mins or 90 minutes, magic movies make us forget everything and let us enjoy a new world.

Such is the power of magic movies, which is why magic movies have become one of the entertainment industry’s pillars.


Best Magic Movies In 2021

The history of magic movies is as old as the entertainment industry itself. Initially, magic movies were only considered for kids. However, with the trends and technological innovation, magical movies become more enchanting. This attracted the attention of age groups. Today, magic movies symbolize a movie that is liked by every age group.

With that being in mind, I have jotted down the best magic movies of 2020. The list is prepared after going through several platforms and doing an analytical analysis of most-watched movies.

 1. The American Fable

The American Fable

American Fable is a story where the modern-day world and fantasy world interconnect. It is a story about a girl called Gitty who encounters the supernatural phenomenon on her farm. Gitty lives away from the city life with her family on Wisconsin farmland. The girl’s life is pretty much normal and boring as she has no friends to play with.

The only joy Gitty has is that her dad tells her bedtime story. As you will continue with the movie, you will find about the hardship they are facing with the farmland. The hardship is to the point where they are even thinking of selling the farmland.

While Gitty was going through her house, she found a man locked up inside the house. She soon gets to know that man can grant wishes. The man asked Gitty to free him up. That where the real story begins.

 2. The Mummy

The Mummy

If you are a magic movie lover, there is no way you will not recognize this movie. The Mummy is a remake of a movie in 1932 with the same. The story unfolds with a group of American explorers coming across a map towards the city of the dead, Hamunapatra. The movies start off with an ancient Egypt scene where you will see the main villain has fallen in love with the king’s only daughter. However, the king is against the relationship.

Soon the story has given to 1926 showing the American explorers coming across the map. The story has many twists and turns. You will even come to know about the secret of the American explorers.

This movie was a box office hit, and the popularity of this movie was so high that the audiences were able to watch its sequel with “The Mummy Returns.”

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 3. Bright


It is one of the best magic movies I have come across. Bright depicts people living with all kinds of other beings like Orcs, Elves, Monsters, Lizards, and everything you see in an Isekai genre. You will find that magic is common in these movies; however, performing magic is something that only a few are capable of.

The story features Will Smith as the lead character. He is a police affiliate with LAPD. He has assistance (first ever Orc police). While investigating the area, they come across a group of people who have vowed to bring back the dark lord on the Earth. This is where the story starts getting interesting.

 4. Stardust


Stardust has one of the best magic movies adopted by a novel. This magic movie adapted from a novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. The story is about our main character who wants to bring back a fallen star for his beloved.

However, when he enters the fairy realm, he soon realizes that the stardust he was thinking of as an object is a girl named Yvaine. When Tristan was behind to hear the girl’s story, he realized how much trouble she is in. The story has well adopted and it appreciated by the critics.

 5. Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

Next in the list is also a novel adopted magic movie. The writers of the novel are Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The story follows a teenage boy who lives in a small town. The story shows him falling in love with the only daughter of the town’s most powerful man.

Despite being in the same town, he had no idea that this girl is not a normal human being. Where she goes, she has followed by the dark forces. As the story unfolds, you will be able to see what this magic movie has to offer. Despite the fact that this movie received mixed reviews, the actors were appreciated for their great performances.

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 6. Spirited Away

Spirited Away

Nobody was expecting to see animated movies on the list. Well, if you have ever watched this magic movie, you will certainly agree with me adding Spirited away to this list. Spirited Away following a girl named Chihiro. And it gets lost in the spirit world.

The story starts with Chihiro’s parents and it transformed into pigs by a witch. To help their parents get back to their original form, Chihiro worked in the bathhouse. Though this movie looks only for children, trust me, this movie will blow your mind.

 7. Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings

If you don’t know about the Lord of Rings, then you are not welcome here. How can you say you are a magic movie enthusiastic when you do not know one great magic movie series.

Lord of the ring, directed by one of the greatest directors, Peter Jackson. With his great direction skills, she was able to show us something new. The story revolves around two characters: Frodo and Elijah Wood. This magic movie is all about adventuring through the mystical world and finding the Ring, which they came across in the past by mistakes.

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 8. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

We just saw how amazing this year’s Halloween was. If you know what I mean, Hocus Pocus is one of the best Halloween magic movies for children of all age groups. This movie caters to some of the best costumes you will ever see in any Hollywood movie. The whole setup of this magic movie takes you back to the 1900s.

This movie has something new to give to its audience. However, you might find acting on the sober side. However, if you have ever watched Halloweentown or Sabiran, then you will like this magic movie as well.


Every magic movie on the list is a movie that I have personally enjoyed watching. All the movies on the list give you something new to experience. If you think that all are magic movies and will have the same setup, that is not true. Every movie in the list has a different setup and has unique and innovative stories to capture your attention.

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