Foods have been openly used in skincare products since the very beginning. Yes, the same foods that we consume to keep our bodies healthy and full of energy are also used in cosmetics. With the rising demand for beauty products made with natural ingredients, food-based products also gained consumers’ attention.

There was a time where DIY beauty products were the hottest trends. Unfortunately, your safety and the benefits you can get from it cannot be guaranteed when you use DIY beauty products. Let beauty companies do their work to avoid unexpected skin damage and irritation.

Healthy foods have always been beneficial for our overall health, but who would have thought they could also benefit our skin? One Korean beauty brand believed in the power of food to help us nourish our skin and keep it healthy. Skinfood is a unique brand that offers food-based Korean beauty products. They have earned a cult following for these products all over the world.

Let’s dig into these products, along with the benefits we can get from particular foods we never even knew. Who knows, you might do a significant shift in your beauty cabinet.


1. Carrot Carotene Calming Cream:

Carrots are delicious and highly nutritious. This vegan calming cream contains beta carotene from carrot seed oil. Beta carotene is known to provide vegetable colors orange, yellow, and red. Once consumed, b-carotene turns into Vitamin A (retinol), which can help the skin prevent breakout, encourage rapid healing, and improve skin’s overall health.

Skinfood uses a steaming method to extract carrot ingredients as the process retains most of the nutrients. Just apply this calming cream to the troubled skin to provide instant relief to the skin. This product is dermatologically tested.

2. Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder:

Peaches are an excellent source of Vitamin C. On the other hand, Vitamin C is a protein naturally present in our skin that helps prevent our skin from sagging. Our skin produces less collagen, but applying Vitamin C to our skin can stimulate collagen production. Nourishing beauty products are not limited to skin care products because this finishing powder possesses a formula beneficial for the skin.

This powder contains peach and sake extracts to provide soothing comfort even for sensitive skin. It comes with a micro-silica powder that absorbs sweat and oil to keep your makeup throughout the day. We recommend you this finishing powder for acne-prone and oily skin.

3. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off:

Salt and sugar are typical scrubs used in the body and face. However, sugar scrubs are known to be gentler than salt—making them better for the skin. Black sugar is an excellent source of glycolic acid (AHA) that quickly penetrates the skin to remove impurities that clogs your pores. It also helps in treating signs of aging and sun damage.

If you love sweets, do not be tempted to eat this wash-off mask. This mask comes with a self-heating formula that can open up your pores for the skin to absorb the nutrients better. It can effectively yet gently remove any impurities in your face without irritation. The sugar grains melt as you scrub, but avoid scrubbing too hard as it can still damage your skin.

4. Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam:

Egg whites are the most favorite DIY face mask ingredient. Eggs are not the most delicious-smelling food globally, but it sure is a crucial ingredient for most staples and favorites that we eat.

When not appropriately prepared, you might risk your skin getting infected with bacteria, and you can even get salmonella when you ingest even a tiny amount of egg whites.

Prevent this from happening by trusting cosmetic brands in producing well-formulated skincare products. This cleansing foam is Skinfood’s best-selling cleanser. It effectively diminishes large pores and provides your skin a smoother texture. The rich foam quickly gets rid of dirt and impurities to transform your dull skin into brighter, renewed skin. They also offer this in a cleansing oil version.


Exploring different products and brands can be good for you and your skin. If you haven’t tried any of these food-infused products, you are surely missing out! Opting for natural, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free products will always be better for our environment. Give these products a try, and share your thoughts with us!

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