Are you waiting for October’s Prime event to earn some extra cash? Then you are in luck. Amazon offers multiple promotions where you can add up to 24 USD in free money.

What are the key points that you should note:

  • You have to reload an Amazon gift card; then you have to purchase Amazon Go. Or else, if you wish, you can add a credit or debit card to your Amazon wallet to earn extra cash.
  • Another one of the best things about Amazon’s October Prime event is adding a credit or debit card where you can get up to 5 USD.
  • Just spending 30 USD on buying movies or renting or even buying TV shows, you will earn up to 6 USD free credit.
  • Just spend 10 USD at Amazon Go stores, and you will get 3 USD credit for every future visit.
  • If you can add 100 USD to every Amazon gift card balance, you can easily earn a free 10 USD shopping voucher.

If you are already an Amazon Prime member who normally uses Amazon gift cards, then you could be eligible to get 10 USD for free. Amazon then reloads and will credit 100 USD to your gift card balance. Also, remember that this offer is only available to Amazon Prime members.

On this October Prime event, Amazon is offering four such ways where consumers can get a bit of cash and earn $24. Those four ways are: reloading an Amazon gift card, buying videos on Prime Video, or even, if you want, you can purchase from Amazon by renting. Or else you can add a credit or debit card to your Amazon Wallet.

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