Top 7 Best 120GB And 240GB SSD In 2021- Latest Update

The Solid State Drive (SSD) used to be quite expensive earlier. That is why most people did not even think to afford them. But, with the gradual changes in technology, SSDs are now pretty standard in laptops to ensure an upgrade and a high-speed performance.

It boots up the computer in 15 seconds and improves the file opening speed by 30%. The SSDs introduce a new pace for transferring files, finding files, and data access time. The application start-up time is much shorter in SSD, so it is becoming a new favorite for all the laptop users out there. 

Which One Is Better?- SSD Or HDD?

SSD is comparatively lightweight than HDD. It includes a spacer tray to fill up the gap of the HDD because the HDD takes up more space. In addition, the power usage ratio is more than 6W in HDD, whereas, in SSD, it is less than 2W. 

HDD consumes a lot of storage space, so it creates pressure on the battery. But, SSD is so lightweight that it ensures an even longer life of the battery. HDD makes a sound while the machine is on, but SSD is silent. It has flash memory chips that dissipate the heat, and thus SSD does not overheat the laptop when it is working. 

However, HDD has a moving disk platter, which makes it less durable. But, SSD does not have any moving parts, and the flash memory is soldered into the circuit board, making the device shockproof. Even the application startup time is longer in HDD, while it is much shorter in the SSD. 

Since SSD is better than HDD in every sphere of performance, let?s find out the top 7 240GB SSDs of 2021.


With 10 years of warranty and a price of $249.00, this SSD is 250 GB and is the best suited for 2.5 inches laptop measurement. It is available in 240 GB and 120 GB variants. This is a unique drive because it is based on the 32 layer 3D VNAND flash. 

The speed, endurance, and energy efficiency of this SSD are more than any other conventional one. 478 MB Per Second / 341 MB Per Second is the max sequential read-write speed, making it a performer. In addition, it can manage the battery storage power efficiently, so it is considered a more reliable choice in the market for 240 GB SSDs. 

2: SanDisk Extreme Pro

For 120 GB and 240 GB SSDs, the Sandisk Extreme Pro ranks 2nd on our list. 469 MB Per Second / 433 MB Per Second is the highest sequential read-write speed of this SSD, and for random read-write speed, the maximum is 27.5 MB Per Second / 71 MB Per Second. 

This SSD has lightning-fast NvME technology that increases file transfer speed to 1050 MB/Second. You can edit your documents directly from your drive. In addition, it has the IP55 technology to make the SSD dust and water-resistant.

3: Samsung 850 EVO 

With its mind-boggling storage ability and energy efficiency power, this SSD is another good option for the 240 GB SSD range. It has the TurboWrite Technology that makes the read-write speed of this SSD exceptionally fast. It is an ideal SSD to keep all your data safe and secure.

In addition, there is a rapid mode feature that doubles the speed during data processing. As a result, 478 MB Per Second / 341 MB Per Second is the highest sequential read-write speed. That is why for gaming, graphic design, and data processing, this SSD is quite popular in the market.

4: Kingston SSDNOW V3000

Another good option in the 240 GB SSD category is the Kingston SSDNOW V300, which is optimally designed for the 2nd generation of users. The highest sequential read-write speed is 335 MB Per Second / 206 MB Per Second, and the maximum random read-write speed is 20.6 MB Per Second / 57.8 MB Per Second. 


In addition, it has flash memory that makes the SSD work faster than any 7200RPM hard drive. This is also a good choice for 120 GB SSDs, and the digital storage capacity is 480 GB in this one.


This SSD is a good option for a 120 GB SSD, and 240 GB SSD. It has the maximum sequential read-write speed of 550 MB Per Second / 510 MB Per Second. It comes with a three-year warranty period. The SSD can protect itself from overheating, and it can also maintain a moderate temperature while the PC is on. 

Starting from increasing the boot time of operating systems to loading applications faster, this SSD brings everything along. In addition, it does not weigh much and is a perfect choice with its additional power management tool.

6: Crucial M500

In the list of best 240 GB SSDs, the Crucial M500 deserves this rank. The highest sequential read-write speed of this SSD is 476 MB Per Second / 261 MB Per Second. Moreover, the highest random read-write speed of this SSD is 20.3 MB Per Second / 64.9 MB Per Second. 

This 240 GB SSD is here to transform your PC?s performance to a new level with a new interface and multitasking technology. This SSD comes with a 3-5 years warranty period. It has a P2 and P5 drive that ensures smooth performance and faster speed.

7: SanDisk Ultra II

This 240 GB SSD comes with a maximum sequential read-write speed of 434 MB Per Second / 361 MB Per Second. It is also available in the 120 GB variant, but it is only compatible with desktops and not with laptops. 

In addition, it has a top random read-write speed of 25.8 MB Per Second / 65.9 MB Per Second. As a result, it takes almost no time to boot the machine and takes comparatively less time in loading applications. Enhanced speed and highly high endurance capability make this SSD a good combination for users. 

The Bottom Line

As we all know, the best way to upgrade a computer is to upgrade its memory. That is why SSDs are more preferred by users nowadays over HDDs. The laptops we purchase are already equipped with HDDs, and though they have a good storage ability, SSDs provide a much higher speed. If you are into gaming, then also you will prefer SSDs over HDDs. So, go through this list carefully if you want to purchase any 120 GB or 240 GB SSDs for your laptop.

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