Car insurance companies generally need every licensed driver within a household to get enlisted on the auto insurance policy, excluding the unlicensed teenagers and youngest members under 14 years of age. You can know more about California Car Insurance Coverage by contacting the best vehicle insurance company in the State.

You need a comprehensive insurance policy against your car, covering everyone driving in your household, including those who are not residing with you but driving your car occasionally. It includes spouses, roommates, older licensed kids, live-in nannies, and other family members.

Some people do not know who needs to be enlisted in the policy. However, never worry as there are people to help you out. The guide here breaks down all you need to know about listing the drivers within the California car insurance coverage, which is the decision you should take for your family.


Does your car insurance cover every household member?

Update your car insurance company about every household member; however, they need not get listed for drivers as it depends on your situation. For example, if your son is 16 and does not have a license and does not drive, they require that you list them on the policy; however, they will not rate him as licensed.

Whom should you list on your policy?

Typically, some insurers will ask you to list every household member while applying for an auto insurance policy. Car insurance policy excluded the younger kids. However, there are other people within your household whom insurance policy owner should disclose, and it includes:

  • Your Spouse
  • Kids of driving age, if your insurer needs
  • Roommates
  • Other family members who reside with you

Therefore, if you ever wonder whether you should add your kid to your car insurance or if you need to place your roommate in the auto insurance, then you are aware that your insurer should know them. You need to speak to your insurance company about the specific driving condition allowing them to categorize each household member and offer you the exact quote.

Let us check out the examples of categorizing different household members to your policy!

1. Rated

There are rated drivers who are people existing on your policy. Whom insurance premium affects them. It involves the insured being the rated driver. However, every other household member of age can qualify for the driving or learner’s permit because those things insurer considered for the rated driver unless they are falling under one of the specific qualities.

2. Listed

Listed people are noted on the policy. However, they do not affect the premiums. For instance, the teenager who is licensed soon is known by your insurer. However, it will not affect the rates till they get their licenses.

3. Other Insurance

If you reside with a licensed driver with an insurance policy, they can easily fall into the other insurance categories. The insurer may need proof of insurance to ensure that the people have adequate coverage.

4. Non-Drivers

If one resides in your household and does not have a license, which does not plan on getting one or ever intend on driving, they are categorized as “non-driver.” The group may include household members with impairments that prevent them from driving or elderly people who no longer drives and have turned over their license.

Can I add my kid to auto insurance?

If your kid resides with you and there is a licensed driver, they need to get enlisted on the policy for you to be covered under California car insurance coverage. You must list them on your policy as they must get their vehicle insurance if your kid has moved out of the residence.

If your kid is not residing with you, you are driving your vehicle occasionally, and you need to inform your vehicle insurance company. Your insurer might not need you to get occasional drivers on the car insurance policy, which relies on the insurer’s internal guidelines.

Do all drivers in a household needs car insurance?

Only those car insurance policy owner wants to include are driving and need coverage during an accident. The insurer will ask about the driving age of everyone in your household. If you do not include anyone on your policy, then insurer won’t cover them. Additionally, a car insurance company wishes to know if they can potentially drive your car.

Why does your insurer need to be updated by every household member?

There are car insurance companies offering auto insurance at the cheapest affordable cost. For this reason, they need to know if anyone can potentially drive your car. The insurer cannot calculate the risk properly and charges them prices against the insurance policy without any information about your household members.

Final thoughts

You can avail of California car insurance coverage offered by the insurance companies who need the policyholder to be the primary driver to drive the insured vehicle. The insurer bases their insurance premiums on the driving history, credit score, and the car’s make and model of the policyholder, and insurer considered this as fronting.

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