Mods are a great way to make a decent car look great and a great car even better. You also have cars that are begging to be modified and were designed with mods in mind. However, mods can get out of hand very fast and it’s easy to get carried away. You don’t want to spend more on mods than the value of the vehicle. Also, sensible mods are more likely to give you a return and won’t make the car too niche for certain buyers. Let’s take a look at a few simple car mods you could consider.


What Are The Best Car Mods To Consider?

If you love to restyle your vehicle, what better options there are than some cheap cosmetic car mods. Car modification is not everyone’s expertise, so you have to appoint a professional to do the best job at it.

Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows

This is probably the first mod many people will think about. Tinted windows will elevate any ride instantly. If you find the right people, you can have the job done in a few hours and have a completely different-looking car. If you’re looking for a great shop, we suggest you give a try.

They can tint your windows to fulfill certain needs such as UV and heat protection. Tinted windows are not only great for appearance but privacy as well. However, make sure that you know the laws in your jurisdiction as you may have a limit on how dark your tints can be.

The Price

If you are looking for cheap cosmetic car mods, tinted windows should probably be the first on your list. even for high-end cars, tinted windows won’t cost you much. On average, this car modification will cost you around $100 to $400 for your whole car.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are the perfect accompaniment for your new tints and they also serve a function. They allow you to enjoy fresh air in all conditions by channeling rainwater and wind away from open windows. Not only that, but they can help reduce sun glare and drag. On top of that, they are car wash friendly.

If you are looking for cheap car upgrades, wid deflectors are your best option. People also refer to them as rain guards because they will prevent the misting of van windows. When you add this cheap cosmetic car mod to your vehicle, it will make the car look more aerodynamic. It also helps reduce sun glare, and winder condensation from your car windows.

The Price

It is one of the cheapest car mods on our list today. Some side window deflectors are sold individually, while some are sold in sets. Big brands like Auto Ventshade, Ford, and GM make the best wind deflectors. The cheapest ones of them cost $20-$50, while the expensive ones will cost around $50-$150.

Racing Car Stripes

Racing Car Stripes

If you have a sporty vehicle and you want to give it a fresh look on a cheap budget, we also suggest you go for the racing car stripes. These are rather simple to install and you could install them on your own too. On the list of cheap cosmetic car mods, these racing car stripes deserve a spot. It is also one of the most sensible mods because it enhances the curvy look of your vehicle’s surface.

so, if you want a sporty-looking car, make sure you add an extra bit of flair to your vehicle. It is also one of the easiest car mods to make, and you don’t even have to hire a professional to do that. As the old adage goes, the racing car stripes make the car look faster.

The Price

You can go to any auto body shop, and pain the car with these racing car stripes. It will cost you from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. But, if you want the stickers of these car mods, it will cost you approx $8.91 for one piece.

Performance Tires

Now, let’s look at some car modifications that go beyond appearance. If you want some cool car mods, performance tires are the best option for you. Good tires will impact your driving experience in so many ways. If you have to deal with rain or snow or come out of busy traffic, these tires will give you superior control over your driving.

Performance tires will affect everything from the way you accelerate to your gas consumption, so consider these car mods if you’re looking for a good return on your investment. Furthermore, you will have an improved grip on your car, and it will also last longer than the budget tires. They help your car consume less fuel.

The Price

If you are looking to add performance tires to your car, some brands like Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, and Bridgestone are your best option.  If you are looking for moderately-priced car tires, you’ll have to spend $100-$300. But, if you are looking for high-end tires, your budget will rise from $300-$1000 for each.

Top Quality Seats

Top Quality Seats

Did you ever notice how hard you try to keep your body in place every time you hit the brake or change the lane? That’s why top-quality seats are our next recommended car mods that you should consider this year. When equipped with harnesses, these will provide maximum stability to the driver. This allows them to make adjustments to the steering well, accelerator pedal, and brakes more easily.

When you use quality race seats with harnesses, they ensure you an optimal level of safety. Even if you crash your car, these seats will lessen your injuries. So, it is one of the most sensible mods that you can make for your vehicle, and it also makes the car look premium.

The Price

The entry-level racing car seat may cost you arou7nd $150-$300. If you go for some medium-level car seats, they will cost you $300-$500. Finally, the premium-range car seats will cost you around $500-$1000.


If you are satisfied with our ideas of car mods, you can skip this portion. But, more than often we have found people getting stuck with some other questions too. That’s why we have curated a few more questions for you in this section. Let’s have a look;

1: What Mods Can I Add To My Car?

Ans: For interior car mods, you can add interior lighting, seat covers, interior trim wrap, car door lights, car mats, etc. But, for exterior car mods, you can add headlight tinting, HID4 upgrade, roof wrap, wing mirror wrap, de-chrome, car stickers, and rim protection, etc. You may also choose to upgrade your fuel system, NOS system, supercharger, air intake system, etc.

2: Are Engine Mods Illegal?

Ans: The legality of car modifications varies from one state to another. In the U.S., California has got the strictest modification laws, but engine mods are not illegal there. Some of the illegal mods are extra loud exhausts, neon light licenses, laser jammers, radar detectors, license plate covers, etc.

3: Are Mods Bad For Your Car?

Ans: You need to know how much your car has been modified because it may increase the expense of your car insurance, or invalidate it. Some modded cars also look extremely attractive to the vandals, and thieves. If you make modifications to increase the performance of your car, it may increase your chance of having a crash or even make it more dangerous to drive for beginners.


These are all the great car mods that you could consider. They are all relatively simple and could improve both the performance and look of your vehicle. But, the best part is you can afford all of these cheap cosmetic car mods because they don’t cost much. If you have any further queries regarding more car modifications, you can definitely ping us in the comment section.

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