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Choosing the Best Blog Name

Starting your own blog is an exciting adventure. For many, it means the culmination of much time spent deciding what to blog about, where to host the blog, and how to manage the content going forward.

Most bloggers like to write, or they wouldn’t be writing a blog. However, when it comes to choosing a name for the blog, many prolific writers get very, very stuck.

This is because they realize that choosing the best name for the blog is so important. It will define the reach and the marketing ability of this endeavor. Following are some ideas to consider when naming a blog.

Keep it Short

Most bloggers realize that if they want their audience to thoroughly digest their content, they need to focus on brevity. The same concept applies to naming the blog. Thankfully help is available.

Namify is a website dedicated to helping people choose the best names for (among other things) blogs. Simply input descriptive keywords, and Namify will produce a list of blog name ideas.

One or two words are more than enough when creating a name for your blog. Remember, if readers don’t have the attention span to read your blog’s title, they are much less likely to read your posts.

Keep it Relevant

Although it may be tempting to let your creativity go wild in creating a name, it may serve your blog better to keep its title relevant to the blog’s topic or topics.

If you love butterflies but your blog is about your furniture-repair business, it may not make sense to include references to butterflies in your blog title.

Relevent Blog Name

Similarly, if you are a fan of alternative music, but your blog is attempting to draw more customers to your fine china store, you may want to leave out references to bands in your title.

Bloggers tend to be creative folks and yes, it can be appealing to go wild with a blog title. However, utilizing a relevant blog name can go a long way toward driving more traffic to your site.

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Keep it Catchy

Regardless of the topic and audience, a catchy blog name is important. Again, Namify can help by generating catchy blog name ideas that you may never have conceived.

When potential readers are surfing the internet or scrolling through search results, a catchy name is far more likely to stand out. And when the name stands out, readers are more likely to click on it than on other, less catchy titles. If you have exhausted your creative resources in your first few posts and cannot think of a catchy title, Namify can help.

As a blogger, you want your blog name to reflect your ideals and your creativity. If your blog is about your business, you want its name to reflect your business goals and marketing strategy.

If you are blogging to drive social change, you want the blog’s name to reflect your goal. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing an appropriate name. This name is essential for driving the maximum traffic to your blog, which makes your blogging efforts more worthwhile.

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