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How To Fix Macbook Bluetooth Issue Within 2 Minutes

Some of you may wonder does your Macbook Air has Bluetooth or does your MacBook Pro has Bluetooth or not. Let me clear it up first. All the MacBook variants such as Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or iMac-everything comes with an in-built Bluetooth option.

So, you don?t need to use anything special to use the MacBook pro Bluetooth or the MacBook air Bluetooth. There are MacBook Bluetooth speakers available in the market, too, so you can use them also.

How To Fix The Connection Issues In MacBook Bluetooth Quickly?

Sometimes your MacBook air Bluetooth or your MacBook pro Bluetooth can disconnect easily if they are not being used for a long time. In that case, you can check the battery because low batter may develop connectivity issues.

There is a Bluetooth icon on your menu bar which will likely warn you if your battery is running low. So, put it on charge immediately to avoid connection issues.

Turn the Bluetooth on and off repeatedly for some time. It may seem like a childish solution, but it works in some cases if there are no internal issues in your MacBook Bluetooth speaker. 

Often people forget to turn on the Bluetooth option in their MacBook. It is a fundamental step, but many people seem to overlook it. 

Keep the device closer to your Macbook. If you want to connect a Bluetooth speaker to MacBook, make sure it stays within 30 feet at least. Also, make sure no external interferences are obstructing the connectivity of your MacBook Bluetooth speaker. Things like baby monitors, microwaves, wireless networks can create connection issues.

Sometimes your system may need optimization if the Bluetooth shows connection problems. If you see your MacBook Pro Bluetooth is not available nearby, clean your system. It will delete all the cache files, login details, malware, language logs-everything from your device. So, scan your device, and clean your system junk to boost up your MacBook?s performance. 

If your MacBook Air Bluetooth is not available nearby, you may want to delete the property list files. Sometimes these property list files become corrupted, and they start hampering your Bluetooth connectivity. They are called .plist files. You can find them in the library, and once you delete them, shut down your MacBook. It will most probably resolve your connection issues.

How Do I Reset My MacBook Bluetooth Module?

If you need Bluetooth to connect your keyboard to your MacBook, it will lose a temporary connection when you opt for the reset Bluetooth option. So instead, press the Hold+Alt key on your Macbook keyboard, and click on the Bluetooth symbol at the top of your window. If the Bluetooth icon does not appear at the top, make sure you check it from system preferences. 

A pop-up list will appear with the debug menu. Once you find out the debug menu, you need to move your cursor on top of it, and a list will appear.

The reset option for the Bluetooth module will appear on that list. So you need to tap into that option.

Now, you can restart your MacBook.

What Are The Other Ways To Fix MacBook Bluetooth Connection Issues?

If, after following these steps, your Bluetooth connection issues are not resolved, there are other steps too that you may follow. You can also opt for the factory reset option in the debug menu because it will start your Macbook Bluetooth from the initial stage.

If you have already tried all the options mentioned earlier, you may try out this reliable option too. It will likely solve your MacBook Bluetooth connectivity problems because it takes everything back to the factory setting.

Sometimes when you try to move your MacBook keyboard or MacBook mouse to other MacBooks, the Bluetooth connectivity issues persist. In that case, if you opt for the remove all device options, it can be helpful. You can remove the devices one by one from the MacBook operating system too.

Removing all devices does not mean you have to remove all the devices attached to your Mac. For example, if your device has a MacBook Bluetooth speaker, it is better to keep it attached to the device.

What Are The Benefits Of A MacBook Bluetooth Speaker?

A MacBook Bluetooth speaker is portable and wireless, so it is pretty user-friendly. They come in a lot of size options, so you can choose them as you deem fit. They do the same work, no matter which size they are. Therefore, it is a good solution for traditional wired counterparts.

MacBook Bluetooth speaker is energy efficient. You can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or other variants. They have rechargeable batteries, so they don?t consume a lot of energy. If you listen to music on any of these speakers for 48 hours constantly, its battery won?t drain out.

It is also a great option when it comes to power saving attitude. The audio quality of these speakers is pretty excellent, so even if you use them at a conference, the sound will reach all corners of the room. 

Finally, there is no need for extra installation when it comes to the MacBook Bluetooth speakers. You will connect it via the Bluetooth option. So you don?t need to have additional knowledge of technology to be able to connect them. 

Signing off

As we have mentioned, MacBook Bluetooth has many benefits, which is why when they display connection issues, it bothers us. We have outlined a few solutions here that can help you identify the common misconceptions of Bluetooth issues.

Some of these solutions are relatively simple to implement, and some require a bit more technical knowledge. However, we have mentioned the stepwise guide of each of these solutions here. So, apply them now, and get rid of your MacBook Bluetooth connection issues today. 

Frequently Asked Question  (FAQs)

1: Is There Any Way To Fix The Sound Delay Option In My MacBook Air?

Ans: You can remove all devices from the debug option. Once you do that, it will take your Bluetooth to its factory settings. Now, you reset the Bluetooth once again, and your sound delay issues will disappear.

2: What Version Of Bluetooth Does MacBook Pro Have?

Ans: You can find the version of your MacBook Bluetooth in the hardware settings. The latency of your Bluetooth will likely vary from 4.2 to 5.0. If the MacBook Pro version has lower latency than 4.0, it will probably display connection issues.

3: What Are The Possible Issues With The Macbook Bluetooth Speaker?

Ans: It can have connection problems. Your MacBook may not display Bluetooth even when it is on and kept within 30 ft of the device. The sound of the speaker may keep on cutting in between. with

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