These days, getting a tattoo is trending. And for tattoo enthusiasts, finding a good design is difficult. I can remember when I got my first tattoo. I took two months to decide which design I wanted to be done. There are areas, designs, and meanings of a tattoo. And when all three of these are aligned in a single line, then we can decide. In this article, our full focus will be on the heartbeat tattoo. 

The design of a heartbeat tattoo is unique in its way. And people can add so many different designs to that. Suppose you and your partner want to get a heartbeat tattoo, but you both like different designs. Then what is the solution to it? You both can come to a solution where the main design will be the same, and you both get a variation of other designs. Here, we will be talking about different variations of the same heartbeat tattoos and will be talking about different things that you must know. 


Heartbeat Tattoo Meaning

Heartbeat Tattoo Meaning

People also call it an EKG line tattoo. The tattoo looks similar to a wavy line. From different perspectives, there are different meanings of heartbeat tattoos. Some of the meanings are- remembering someone special, celebrating of love, and making your love feel special. Before getting a heartbeat tattoo, you should know the significance of the tattoo or what meaning it resembles. 

There is a friend of mine who has a heartbeat tattoo that is for her girlfriend, who died years ago. Though the tattoo looks simple, people got attracted by looking at the tattoo. There is a heartbeat, and it cuts the name of her girlfriend. So, from his perspective, he tries to tell that she will be alive as long as his heartbeat runs. The tattoo is on his chest. 

I have seen a tattoo where a couple makes half of the tattoo on their hands. So, one half doesn’t make sense, but when they attach their hands together, that makes sense and fulfills the meaning. But one thing is clear, heartbeat tattoos resemble your loved ones. People also get a tattoo for their pets as well. Heartbeat tattoos mean that you are giving someone appreciation for their existence. 

Though a heartbeat tattoo is simple to design, there are beautiful elements that a person can add to it. But where should you get this tattoo? Most people get a wrist heartbeat tattoo. One of the main reasons is that the wrist area is visible. Also, you can make the tattoo different from others by adding two or more colors. But to do that, you will need an expert tattoo artist.

Heartbeat Tattoo Cost

Heartbeat Tattoo Cost

The price of a tattoo depends on several things. First of all, from which studio are you getting the tattoo? This is the first thing that will tell you how much you have to pay for the tattoo. The rest things are the quality of the ink, the location of your body, and how small or big your tattoo is. Also, how professional your tattoo artist is is also a reason that you have to pay a lot of money.

So, there is no proper amount that I can say to you. But for an idea, an average 3*3 inch tattoo will cost you between $100 to $300, depending on the above matters. Also, there are people who add small pictures, dates, messages, and so many different things to the tattoo. And these things will decide how much you have to pay. A name heartbeat tattoo is trending these days.

Heartbeat Tattoo Placement

Heartbeat Tattoo Placement

Also, there are people who make this tattoo on their backs. Getting a tattoo in the back is a good idea if someone has a small wrist. If you have a fair complexion, then a red-colored heartbeat tattoo will be a good one. And for dark complexion, you can get a black heartbeat tattoo. That will be cool also.

But I will suggest that a wrist tattoo is better than a back tattoo. The reason is simple, first of all, people will get to know that you have a tattoo for someone you love. Secondly, a back tattoo will take place over your spine, and that will hurt you more. Also, the tattoo will not be recognized by your loved one most of the time.

Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas

Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas

The most trending heartbeat tattoo is on the wrist’s back side. First, you need to understand that the placement of the heartbeat tattoo is important. As you place the tattoo, that depends on the significance, meaning, and importance of the person to whom you want to give preference. Now, here are some ideas that you can implement.

  • Name Heartbeat Tattoo
  • Beautiful Heartbeat Tattoo
  • Infinity Symbol and Heartbeat Line Tattoo
  • Small Heartbeat Tattoo
  • Meaningful Heartbeat Tattoo
  • Watercolor Heartbeat Tattoo
  • Aesthetic Heartbeat Tattoo
  • Sun Heartbeat Tattoo
  • InitialsHeartbeat Tattoo
  • Matching Heartbeat Tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. What Does The Heartbeat Tattoo Symbolize?

Ans: A heartbeat tattoo symbolizes loved ones, life, and vitality. The tattoo also tells that two persons are connected. Those persons can be parents, partners, friends, or family members. Most heartbeat tattoos are small in size and innovative in their own way.

Q2. What Is The Heartbeat Tattoo Called?

Ans: Heartbeat tattoos are also called EKG or pulse tattoos. EKG means electrocardiogram, this is the method to measure a heart’s electric activity. As long as the line moves up and down, a person is alive. The moment it shows a straight line, that means the person is no longer alive. 

Q3. How Do You Tattoo Your Heartbeat?

Ans: Normally capturing a heartbeat is safe, painless, and quick. And the process needs an ultrasound for 2 to 3 minutes. A professional diagnostic medical sonographer performs the sonography. An ultrasound machine takes the measurement. It is an FDA-approved service provider. And with the result, you can make your tattoo.

To Conclude 

So, what are you waiting for? As you get to know almost everything about a heartbeat tattoo, decide which one you want to make. There are a couple of ideas that I have already given in this article. If you want to improvise your tattoo, you can do that, also.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment sections below.

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