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Money And Twitter: How Does Twitter Make Money?  

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms of this decade. It has millions of active users from all around the world on this platform. Twitter offers its platform to members to interact with others, get updated on new trends and news, and exchange ideas.

Members can connect with a large group of people by sharing their thoughts and ideas about any topic and exchanging their ideas and thoughts. This platform helps create a community where people from various regions and professions communicate on a serious topic.

They give their perspective and personal thoughts about the topic. This was why this platform was so popular among all age groups. Anyone can express their thoughts on this platform, from Presidents to common people.

This platform’s last market valuation of 2022 was 31.4 billion dollars. This can make anyone wonder, ?How does Twitter make money?? from its platform. Here we have listed ways in which this platform makes its money.

How Does Twitter Make Money?  

How Does Twitter Make Money? 

Twitter has two ways to earn money, the first being through advertising services and the second through data licensing. Since this platform has one operating unit and a reporting structure, it accumulates the money together. However, the revenue is divided into two categories, data licensing, and advertising.


Twitter generated 89% of its income through advertisement, 4.5 billion dollars. Since 2020 the revenue from advertising has increased by 40.5% for Twitter. Twitter?s majority of advertisements help promote goods. This platform’s majority of ads include promotion ads, follower ads, Twitter Amplify, and Takeover ads.

The business model of this platform utilizes an algorithm that offers personalized advertisement chances. This ensures ads appear on the timelines, Twitter conversations, profile pages, and search results of appropriate users.

Advertisers get to choose various audiences based on different factors to promote their services or products through ads. The platform also offers many tools for marketing purposes that help create and develop followers of a company. These followers need matches with the products or services sold by the advertiser?s company.

Advertisers can also purchase advertising above the timeline and popular topics list. This social media platform advertises products from third-party publishers on its website, like mobile apps and other products.

Data Licensing  

While the majority of the revenue of Twitter comes from advertising services, data licensing accounts for 11% of the total revenue of Twitter. This amounts to 571.8 million dollars, with a slower growth rate than advertising services at 12.3% in 2021.

Even if the growth was more gradual than the advertising section, it still contributed to the overall revenue growth of Twitter. After acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk intends to include a monthly subscription fee for verification services. This means a monthly fee for keeping Twitter’s Blue Tick or Twitter Blue.

Can You Make Money On Twitter?  

Can You Make Money On Twitter?

If you think making money from this platform is possible, then you are right. There are many ways you can make money on Twitter. And you can promote your business to gain more customers and revenue through this platform.

You can sell your products through the platform, do affiliate marketing, and post sponsored tweets. You can create a community to increase followers, resulting in more customers for your company?s services. Then you can also build an email list through Twitter to get more clients.

If you want to know more ways on how does twitter make money for you?? then keep reading this article.

How To Make Money On Twitter?  

How To Make Money On Twitter?

If you want to know how to make money on Twitter?? Here are ten ways you can try to make money on Twitter.

  • You can become a ghostwriter on the platform. A Twitter ghostwriter writes content on the platform in tweet form or creates threads for a company or person. These tweets or threads get written in exchange for money that is given to the ghostwriter. In this way, the platform can help you make money.
  • You can create affiliate links to increase a company’s sales when people click on the affiliate link created by you. This is affiliate marketing, through which you get a commission for every click and purchase from your link.
  • You can build your email list. All your subscribers get a direct link to every content you create in their inbox through this list. This helps you earn money when any purchases happen through the link.
  • The best way to make money from Twitter is to promote your business so that your product and services can reach millions, increasing your chances of getting more money.
  • You can earn money by posting sponsored tweets on the platform.
  • You can earn monthly revenues from this platform?s ?Super Follows.? But this feature is only available for those users with 10000+ followers on the platform.
  • Utilize ?Ticketed Spaces? on the platform that enables live audio conversations. This helps provide information about the product or services you want to promote to the audience.

This helps increase your customers as they know more about the product and become more sure about its benefits. Since they know why they need the product, they are more likely to buy it.

Can You Make Money From Twitter?  

A few more ways you can make money from this platform are:

  • Build a community on this online platform that helps you get customer feedback, recruit new members, and promote your business.
  • Start using the platform to sell your products/services to the people. This platform is mostly free, so why not utilize it to your benefit?
  • This platform can increase your number of customers or clients. Prompting your business on the platform will attract more customers as several members are present.


So to answer your question, ?Can you make money from Twitter? I would say Yes. This platform like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Threads, Reddit, and more can help you increase your revenue through different promotions.

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