Increasing your home’s value can put you in a better position if you come to sell in the future, but it also means that in the short-term, you can benefit from a home that you love, that is functional and modern.

You can increase the value of your property in 2022 by adding single-storey extensions to create a whole new space, giving the front of your home a facelift, as well as modernizing your appliances and fittings.


Here Are 4 Points To Consider In Improving Your Home Value:

Improving Your Home Value

Below, we will look at why you should consider making the changes to increase the value of your home this year.

1. Increases sale value

The most obvious reason you should look at improving the value of your home in 2022 is so that you can make back the money you spend on it and even a bit more if you decide that you’d like to move.

If you think you’re likely to move from your current property in the future, taking the time to increase the overall value of your home means that your equity will increase too, and you can take advantage of a wide range of financial options like receiving a lump sum payment or exploring properties that are a step up from your current home.

Improving your home’s value may seem like a lot of effort to go through – you’re going to have to find ways of adding new features and spaces, as well as more modern additions like energy-efficient appliances and lighting – but don’t let it put you off! You can benefit from improving your home before you put it on the market, and we’ll look at why this could be a good project to take on below.

2. Modernises your home

Improving your home value means that you can take the opportunity to modernize your home. When you purchased your property, it may not have been exactly what you had in mind – so improving it allows you to benefit from a home that is more suited to your needs before you choose to sell. You can do this in a range of ways.

Think about the features you’d like in your home, whether that’s a new, modern kitchen with high-tech, energy-saving appliances, or maybe you’d prefer to create a modern look with your aesthetic, by adding glass features, natural materials, and embracing open plan living. By taking the time to add more up-to-date features and designs to your home, you will increase the value, as well as create a more attractive, functional space for you.

3. Creates extra space

Your family may have expanded since you bought your home, or maybe you’re long overdue a new kitchen so you can cook and socialize with ease. Adding or creating extra space within your home means that you can increase the value, and benefit from a more functional home in the short term.

You could choose to add an extension for a whole new space to design how you’d like, whether that’s another bathroom or office space, or add to a space within the home by creating an open plan space, to make a room look larger and airier.   

4. Improves kerb appeal

Improving your home from the outside can increase the value and means you can correct any niggling issues that may have become apparent over the years, like chipped paintwork or brick.

They are many ways you can improve the appeal, no matter the size of your budget. Addressing any smaller issues like chipped paint is a good place to start, this makes your home look more attractive, you could also improve the garden or driveway.

If your budget is on the larger side, you could upgrade your windows or front door, or relay your patio. This helps to boost your home’s value, but also makes it a more desirable property to live in for the short term.  

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