Meaning Of Dreams

Meaning Of Dreams And How To Interpret Them

With rare exceptions, everyone has dreams. According to the most common hypothesis now, while sleeping, the brain processes the thoughts and events of the previous period of wakefulness. It means the images that appear to us are not without sense. Read below how to unravel the dream meaning and what things people dream about most often.

Meaning Of Dreams

There are many approaches to what dreams might mean and how they should be read. For example, Sigmund Freud viewed them as a visualization of our hidden desires; and Carl Jung saw the manifestation of unconscious archetypes in them.

Traditional culture representatives believed the Universe, ancestors, or even God talks to us through dreams. Currently, scientists don?t have an answer to why we have dreams, but their importance and usefulness for our body is undeniable.

Whatever concept you hold, it?s safe to say that dreaming is a somewhat subjective activity. It means that each of us is individual, looks at the world and perceives events differently, and therefore sees different dreams. That is why various dream books should be treated with a certain degree of caution.

You can take the basic theories and put them through your perception. It has been scientifically proven that in our dreams, we re-experience the events that happened to us during the day. The dream plot can be fully or slightly related to the experience gained. However, all this can manifest itself differently, even if two people were involved in the same activity. Some images are still quite common and work for many.

Frequent Dreams and Their Meanings

Searching for hidden meanings in dreams is an excellent tool for self-reflection. Dreams can have a fairly coherent plot or be just a collection of scattered images.

Here are some common things almost everybody saw at least once:

  • Fall. It may mean losing control over something meaningful to you if you dream that you are falling from a tall building or into an abyss.
  • Chase. Regardless of the conditions in which chasing occurs and no matter who is chasing you, it usually hides an unwillingness to face a problem and avoid making decisions.
  • Someone?s death. If you see your significant one (or even yourself) dying, you are probably afraid of global changes.
  • Exam, test, or performance. All this can mean that you feel judged and blamed in real life.
  • Pregnancy usually indicates the beginning of something new. It can be an actual pregnancy, the launch of a new project, or a change of profession.
  • Infidelity. Such a scenario is usually seen by those who cannot establish healthy communication in relationships, which means they do not trust their partners.
  • The inability to move suggests that you either lose control of events or mark time.
  • The inability to speak usually means you want to share your experiences in real life, but you can?t.

Images of animals, food, and water are also often present in our dreams. Their meaning largely depends on the environment, other details, and the emotions you experience regarding all these elements.

Please tell us in the comments about your attitude to dreams. What do you dream about most often? Do you try to interpret these images?

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