A couple of months ago, a friend suggested to me that there was a free streaming platform. And from that time, I started researching free platforms where people can watch free live sports. As a sports enthusiast, I know how difficult it is to watch every sport happening around the world. And there is no possible way to watch every sport.

Though there are a lot of other streaming platforms like stream2watch and sportsurge, this platform is also quite famous among the community. Different platforms have different features and specialties, and if you want to explore a new streaming platform for free, then MyP2P is one of the best free sports streaming platforms that you can use. 




In simple words, this is a streaming platform where people can watch almost anything for free. For sports enthusiasts, this platform is one of the best for them. No matter if you are a sports fan or a casual viewer, this platform is for everyone. But the platform wants people to visit its website regularly. 

Not only sports, but you can also watch sports events. When you open the official website, there will be a lot of different links for different sports. Also, navigating this website is so easy and simple. You can find almost everything without any effort. So which sports can you watch? Here, you will find football, soccer, tennis, basketball, motorsport, and so many other sports. 



So what is MyP2P EU? Basically, it is a MyP2P alternative that can be used in different regions. Because this platform is free, there are some copyright issues that the platform breaks. Suppose there is no problem with streaming in European countries, but watching from an Asian country, there can be a problem.

So, there are different alternatives to watch from different regions. If you still face any problems, then there is a universal solution- use a VPN. If you use a VPN, then you can connect your network to a region where this platform can be accessible. You can also experience hassle-free streaming through different alternatives of the same platform.

Reasons To Use

Reasons To Use

There are a couple of reasons why most people use this platform for free streaming.

1. Different Channels

The first reason is that you can watch so many different sports channels through this platform. If you are a football fan, then watch football. If you are a baseball fan, then watch that; through this platform, you can watch so many different channels. Where there are restrictions on platforms to watch different sports, this platform offers you so many channels at the same time.

2. User Interface

After opening the website, you can see a lot of different links that are added to the list. Also, navigating to different links is too easy and simple. You don’t need to do almost anything to watch live sports, just click a few times, and you can enjoy your favorite sports.

3. New Links

Once you open the website, you can see that there is written “the best streams on MyP2P.” There you will find different links to running and live sports. Also, you can see that new like are added within minutes or seconds. Suppose you open the website at 1:00 p.m. and refresh the page at 1:02 p.m. you can see that there will be new links added to the website.

4. Broadcasting

The platform uses peer-to-peer broadcasting, or, you can say, a networking system, to stream different sports, from UFC to boxing. But the technology was old enough, and now it is outdated. The platform was used to provide email and downloading services, and from that time, the platform got successful and popular. 

5. Process

There is also a method or process used by the platform to stream live sports. This is called the data transmission method. So what is the benefit of this process? Users can share content with each other through this process. So, we can say that a user worked as both a receiver and a transmitter. 

6. Live Streaming

And the best thing about this platform is that it is completely free. There are some controversial and complications with the platform, but its unique quality makes this platform one of the best. Excluding enjoying live sports, you can communicate with other viewers. There is a MyP2P network, and users can share live streams there. 

MyP2P Reviews

MyP2P Reviews

After reviewing different websites, we have come to different conclusions. Before coming to the review, here are some positive and negative highlights.

Positive Highlights

  • Users have been using this platform for many years.
  • The website is safe to use (DNSFilter).
  • There is no phishing or malware (Flashstart).
  • It is also trusted (Trend Micro).

Negative Highlights

  • Recently the traffic has been low.
  • There is no detail when it comes to the founders or makers of the platform. So there is an issue about credibility or trust.
  • One of the negative things about this platform is that there are so many ads that will interrupt your favorite sports. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. What Are The Myp2p Alternatives?

Ans: Here are the top alternatives of MyP2P.
⦿ goATDee
⦿ MamaHD
⦿ Streamcomando
⦿ Feed2All
⦿ StreamHunter
⦿ VipBoxTV
⦿ RedstreamSport
⦿ FirstRow Sports
⦿ Redstream
⦿ fuboTV.

Q2. Where Is The Headquarter Of Myp2p?

Ans: The headquarter is in Samoa.

Q3. What Is The Official Website Of Myp2p?

Ans: Though there are a couple of alternative websites, the website is www.myp2p.ws. There is also a myp2p EU alternative so that people can enjoy it from anywhere.

Our Verdict

First of all, the platform is safe and legit. There is no scam. The only scam that you will face is so many ads. After you open the website, there will be so many advertisements for betting apps. If you click on any of those, the website will take you to a new link. And the advertisements will pop up after almost every click. This is so much irritating if you want to click on different links. But, if you have patience, then you can enjoy your favorite sport without any trouble. 

If you find this article interesting, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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