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How To Play Pac Man? User Review In 2023

Pac Man is one of the most popular games that is loved by children and adults alike. However, many people still do not know about the game. Hence, many people come up with questions like, ?How to play Pac Man??, ?How big do Pac Man frogs get??, ?Who created Pac Man?? etc. The game comes in various forms, as there is Google Pac Man, MS Pac Man, and many more.

In this article, you will mainly learn about how to play Pac Man. Apart from that, you will also know about Google Pac Man, as well as various other details regarding the game. Finally, we will also prove to you why Pac Man is a great game, as you will get an exciting review and guide of Pac Man.

Who Created Pac Man? When Did Pac Man Come Out?  

As discussed before, this is a popular game worldwide. This is basically a video game that came out in Japan more than forty years ago, in May 21, 1980. And within a few months, the game was very popular in the United States. The game was created by an animation company named Namco, and the game was released in the United States by Midway.

As per data offered by Midway, Pac Man got so popular in the US that by the end of 1981, almost 250 million Pac Man were played in the country. After that, every video game platform started to come with Pac Man, as well as similar versions of the same game. In the year 2010, Google Doodle also came up with a 30th-anniversary version of these. After you type ?Google Pac Man? in the search bar of Google, you will be able to play the game.

Pac Man App  

Pac Man App

There is also a popular game app, which you can download on your smartphone and play. It is released by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. There are more than 100 million downloads of the game. The app makers say, ?Play PAC-MAN, the retro arcade game you know and love! Featuring new modes, mazes, power-ups, and more! Join millions of fans eating PAC-DOTS and chomping GHOSTS in this exciting arcade classic, updated for mobile!?

How To Play Pac-Man?  

Pac-Man How To Play Pac-Man
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Pac Man is one of the best classic video games that are really easy to play. However, if you want to master the game, it can be hard. This is because, as you go through the levels of the game, it becomes exceptionally hard with each level.

The best part about the game is that you will have the chance to score as many points as you want. You can collect points by eating the dots in the game. Each dot in the game consists of 10 points, and there are 240 dots. In each game, you will find four flashing dots. By consuming each of these dots (also called Energizers), you can collect 50 points. At each level, you will be able to collect 14,600, and you can add more if you consume a few fruits.

In regards to the fruits, the points vary from 100 points to 5000 points as you go to higher levels in the game. If you are on energizer and you eat the monsters that run away from you, you can earn points from 200 to 1600 per monster.

Simple Rules To Win This Games  

Simple Rules To Win Pac Man Games 

Although Pac Man has simple rules, winning gets difficult as you advance through the levels of the game. To win the game, you will need to outsmart the intelligence of the game if you want to go to the higher levels of the game.

The following are the steps that you must follow if you want to win games in Pac Man:

Step 1: Know your opponent’s behavior and keep a close eye on them. Always watch those enemies that are nearest to you in the game. The Blinky (Red) and Pinky (Pinky) are the fastest and most skilled monsters in the game. Since you can move faster than the monsters, they can only catch you if you make a mistake and take a wrong turn in the game.

Step 2: The monsters in the Pac Man game might come closer to you, but they might even take another direction. If you think you might get cornered by the monsters in the game, you must try moving in the direction of their movement, and in some cases, they might even change their route in the game. There are many chances where you can get lucky in the game. Try to stay in areas where there are many routes available to escape.

Step 3: Focus more on collecting points rather than saving yourself from monsters. There are many cases where you will have to eat up monsters as well to move forward. Focus more on collecting points rather than chasing the monsters.

Step 4: Once you eat up a monster in the game on a power-up, it becomes something like a pair of eyes, which gradually come to the center of the maze to become a monster again. If you are near the center of the maze, do not come near the entrance of the jail when a monster regenerates.

Step 5: The movement of the monsters is not fully random. There is a particular pattern. Find that pattern. Basically, the Blinky goes to the top right to start, and the Pinky goes to the top left. When they make a full turn, you will understand that they have changed their tactics to catch you. From time to time, the monsters will continuously change their tactics throughout the game.

Summing Up 

Hope this article was helpful for you in giving you a basic idea of how to play Pac-Man. Whether you are playing on your computer or your phone, make sure that you follow the steps as mentioned above. This will help you to win better.

However, you need to focus on common sense and have the reflex to make quick changes in your gameplay if you are in trouble. What do you like the most about Pac Man? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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