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Pros And Cons Of Pursuing A Business Degree For Students

As a college student, choosing a major is always a tough call. When you pass your high secondary education, you will find people directing you what to do and what not to. It is one of those situations that every student faces before entering college.

This made me raise some serious doubts about the so-called “Crowd Wisdom.” It made me think that it is necessary to have a business degree to start your own business. Is it really worth it? With that question in my mind, I started looking for the Pros and Cons of a Business degree.

Yes, a business school is worth more than the other degrees, but can I really call it a Holy Grail of all degrees? The answer is no! Like the other educational opportunities, a Business degree is a mere degree, and you care about this opportunity. It is just one of the career doors that you objectively choose.

Pros Of Pursuing A Business Degree

Yes, it is true that with a business degree, you are free to do what you like in the future. Here I have enlisted the pros of having a business degree.

1. Career Progression

One of the major advantages you get with an MBA degree is that you get a career progression. There are companies that want their employees to have an MBA degree. People who lack a business degree find it hard to land a job in a good industrial sector.

A business degree is the best degree if you want to be in demand in the market. Some companies have a minimum requirement for an MBA degree. It has been seen that students with MBA Degrees have been placed in top management or executive positions in large scale enterprise.

2. Opportunity To Switch Careers

Who doesn’t like the idea of switching careers? Well, with an MBA degree, you have this opportunity. Many students pursue business degrees with a mindset that they will be able to change their careers in the future.

Having an MBA degree opens up multiple career paths; the graduate has more options to pursue a fulfilling career. In fact, having an MBA degree means you will be able to land a job in the industry’s most lucrative position.

3. Skill To Start Your Own Business

MBA is not only for entrepreneurs. Not every graduate wishes to start a business after completing their business degree. There are many people who just complete the degree to have a promotion.

However, you can think of an MBA degree as a degree for entrepreneurs who wish to learn sound business practices. The skills and knowledge taught in an MBA program can really help you with your business and its management.

The business degree specializes more on practical learning and helps the students with practical business running knowledge. There are universities that set campus events to give the students hands in training and knowledge regarding the businesses.

Cons Of Pursuing A Business Degree

Despite business degrees having so many advantages over the other degrees, it has its own set of flaws.

1. Cost

MBA degrees are not cheap. Any MBA degree can cost somewhere around $15,000 to $80,000. These costs do not include the housing cost and the cost of the books. If you are already an entrepreneur and running a successful business, you have to stop all your business to complete the degree.

The relatively high cost of pursuing this degree means you cannot tackle this decision lightly. You need to be sure of your career goals and how this degree can help you achieve that goal.

If the cost seems too much for you, you can go to colleges in Dubai. They have some of the best business schools under reasonable tuition fees.

2. Time Commitment

Time is one of the important factors while you are pursuing an MBA. If you are pursuing it full-time, it will take two years to complete. And if you are taking your business degree on a part-time basis, then getting your degree can take even longer.

Take Away

Having a business degree does not guarantee you a successful career. However, it does allow you to enjoy some career perks. That being said, it is true that you can deny the benefit a business degree can bring your career. The network that you develop and the skills that you accumulate will be invaluable in the future.

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