Reddit means this is in talks with probable investors for (IPO) or an initial public offering. Based on the early reports of Bloomberg, this social media company is considering an IPA as early as the first quarter of 2024.

Reddit Inc. is about having talks with possible investors for an (IPO) initial public offering for the social media business, as per the people familiar with the matter. Bloomberg reports that this social media giant has once more started holding talks with possible investors, along with positiveness rising about the possible way for public debuts.

Recently, Reddit has been considered as high as $15 billion in value. Many decisions could hinge on the success of the pending IPO from the Shein. This fast fashion company filled confidently with its last valuation of $66 billion. However, the figure could have changed later. If it is about Quora vs Reddit then there are some question marks regarding the power of these two social media platforms.

Reddit has been one of the top IPO candidates for two years now. But this has remained as the market, which has yet to be conducive to the big public debuts. To go public in 2024, Reddit filed for an IPO in December 2021. This was expected to go public in March with an almost $15 billion valuation. In June, Reddit announced it would begin enforcing the data rate limits on the free access tier of its software application programming interface, which is known as API. This software tool, which powered the popular third-party services, gave users an alternative way to browse Reddit’s forum.

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