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What Is The Role Of A Deportation Attorney?

When facing a removal or deportation proceeding in the USA, most people usually think that telling a sympathetic story will do the trick.

Or, someone, who?s not in denial anymore, feels ?I won?t be able to stay here anyway, so what?s the point of hiring lawyers??

While both of these ideas are pretty understandable, they?re somewhat misguided as well.

The first trick generally doesn?t work out, as the judge will always check the facts before getting swayed by your sob story.

And, for the second scenario, being hopeless will never be the solution when you?re getting deported to somewhere else. No matter what you?ve done, it?s always crucial to ensure that you have at least one logical argument beside you.

And this is where a deportation lawyer in Atlanta can help you out.

How Can An Atlanta Deportation Lawyer Help You?

Atlanta Deportation Lawyer

Yes, if you?ve been stuck in the process of getting a visa, opting for a deportation lawyer will undoubtedly be beneficial for you. Nonetheless, that?s not their ?real? job.

Their role generally entails –

1. Taking Care Of A Crime Conviction Case

If you?ve been convicted due to committing a felony, you?ll need to work with a deportation lawyer for your purpose. They can help you take care of the paperwork, ensure that you have your stories straight, and get you out of the loopholes.

Additionally, an immigration attorney is also aware of how criminal and deportation laws overlap each other. Hence, if you want, you can simply stop looking for a criminal lawyer.

2. The Issue Of An Application Denial

If your prior application has been denied for some reason, you?ll need to hire an immigration lawyer to straighten it up. They?ll look through the initial paperwork and determine where you have been wrong in your approach.

Besides, you can also take their help in making another appeal and ensure that you?ve done everything right this time. However, you may have to pay again for the application.

3. Troubled With A Medical Condition

Some health conditions, such as communicable ailments, can prevent you from getting access to another country, especially in the USA. And, if you make an application with that illness, it will be outright denied by the government.

Thus, before you make another effort, it?ll be best if you could talk with an attorney about your condition. They?ll guide you in the right direction.

4. Have Gone Through Deportation Previously

If you?ve been excluded or deported from the USA, handling your immigration paperwork will be a little tricky for you. This is because the tag of ?exclusion? can sometimes mean that you?ve been banned from entering the country.

Thus, before you start thinking about making an immigration application, don?t forget to talk with a deportation attorney first. They?ll check your background and tell if you?ve been permanently banned from the nation or not.

5. Going Through An Unreasonable Wait Time

Generally, it takes quite a lot of time for an immigration procedure to complete correctly. But, if you?ve been waiting for too long, it might be better for you to hire an attorney. As they?re well-versed in the aspect of immigration law, they can tell why it’s taking so much time.

And, through their connection in the law department, they might also be able to speed up the whole process quite diligently.

What Can?t A Deportation Attorney Do?

If you?re living overseas, an immigration attorney won?t be able to hold any conversation with you. Nonetheless, they can work on the necessary paperwork and communicate with the involved consulate afterward.

However, it?s important to remember that a lawyer can?t boost the deportation procedure anyway. Besides, they also won?t be able to guarantee the success of your application. The only thing they can help you with is guiding you through the immigration process.

That?s all.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, though, if you?re uncertain about anything regarding immigration, it?s always better to opt for an attorney instead of trying a DIY. Even a small and minute mistake can lead to the cancellation of the application. So, being careful will be essential for you.

In any case, that?s where we?ll conclude this article today. If you need any other assistance with something else, don?t forget to let us know in the comment section below. We?ll try our best to help you out.

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