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7 Key SEO Tips For Your Self-Storage Service

The self-storage business provides a unique service, and it is thriving. From Alaska to Alabama, around 50,000 self-storage units are present in the country, including new entrants and giant companies with mature operations offering their services.

According to the Self-Storage Association?s 2020, Self-Storage Demand Study, 10.6% of all households in the US rent a self-storage unit.

For someone starting a self-storage business or trying to make a mark in this industry, it can be pretty challenging if they don?t know how to leverage the power of the internet to their benefit. The internet can help self-storage companies promote their operations and increase their visibility among current and potential customers.

Not all self-storage unit facilities offer high-quality services. In fact, some of them might be giving below-average services. Then why are they popular? They are popular because they can engage with their customers and appear at the top of search engine results due to effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Among the wide range of marketing tools provided by the internet, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a notable one. So, if you want to capitalize on the power of SEO, then learn more about self-storage SEO strategies that can rank your business website among the top search engine results.

Here Are Top Seven Key SEO Tips For Your Self-Storage Service:

SEO Tips For Self-Storage Service

1. Have a responsive website

Often, very attractive websites fail to get new customers. Why does this happen? It happens when your website is not responsive. It fails to deliver a high-quality user experience because of functionality issues or because it is not a good fit for all types of devices.

Integral to effective self storage seo strategies is having a responsive website that customers can access through various devices.

Customers are less likely to complete their purchase if they cannot use your website from all their devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. In 2022, if your website does not have a mobile version, you might be ignoring a large customer base. According to Statista, about 64% of organic searches come from mobile phones.

The more accessible your website is, the more customers it will retain, sending the signal to the search engine that your website provides a better experience to the customers. Search engines such as Google considers user experience when ranking your website on the first page.

2. Focus on local SEO

Local SEO is the process through which a website?s visibility increases for customers in a specific locality. For instance, if your storage unit is in Los Angeles, California, you would want to be visible to customers residing in that city.

To do this, you must get yourself listed on the local business directories and listings. Getting your business listed in directories like YellowPages, Apple Maps, and TripAdvisor is a big step in increasing your website?s visibility to the local customer base.

Additionally, you can also get yourself listed on locality-based and self-storage directories. These will increase your relevance to the location where you want your website to rank, and the latter will augment your niche relevance for self-storage.

When giving information about your business, give consistent, accurate, and updated information, such as an address, contact details, business hours, and days. You can also provide pictures of the interior and exterior of the facility to help your customers locate you easily.

3. Ensure an active social media presence

Several factors, including social media activity, impact your self-storage website’s success. Social media marketing relies on link building to create a network of links from your social profiles back to your website. Followers? activity on your social media pages (likes, comments, shares) affects the SEO of your self-storage website.

Maintaining an active presence on social media can attract this traffic to your website. Various strategies to attract potential customers include discount offerings and coupons.

Be sure to include relevant tags and links to your website. On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter(to name a few), you can post images and stories and run sponsored ads to reach potential customers.

Backlinks are essential for the search engine ranking of a website. Backlinks are links to your website from an external website. If your website is linked to another, it shows that its content is authentic and reliable. Authenticity and trustworthiness are key traits of a website that the search engine considers when ranking it higher.

If getting a backlink from websites such as the local chamber of commerce or any business organization, tells Google that the website is local. This backlinking helps your website rank in local searches.

For instance, if a Boise-based self-storage gets a backlink from a non-profit organization in Boise, this backlink will enable the storage unit to get more visibility by ranking on keywords like ?Boise storage units” or “self-storage Boise.?

5. Ask for help from content creators and bloggers

Creating content to promote your products is a very effective marketing strategy. Create content focusing on short and long-tail keywords on which you want to rank your website. Make sure to mention your city name in the keyword to make it more focused.

You can take the help of content writers and bloggers and write articles that revolve around topics related to storage units. You might write about the utility of storage units for businesses, homeowners moving to a new house, students transferring to dorms, etc. Such topics will help bring traffic from potential customers wanting to use your storage units for various purposes.

6. Get positive Google reviews

The more Google reviews you get, the more chance have to appear higher in the search engine results or on Google Maps. Make sure your reviews are authentic and corroborate your service claims.

It is because Google always wants to bring reliable companies and services to the top of local search results. The more people vouch for you, the higher you will appear in the search engine results.

Getting a Google Review is not difficult. You can humbly ask your customers to leave their comments about working with you and your company?s services. If you have delivered a good service, there is no need to request a positive review because happy customers will leave a positive comment without you even asking for it.

Toxic links are links to websites that Google considers spammy and harmful to its users. If you have backlinks from such websites, abandon them so that you don?t get yourself listed as an unreliable company. Otherwise, Google will think that you are also a spammy worthless website. If you don?t disassociate yourself, your search engine ranking can get a serious blow.


The shift towards digitalization, technology, and gadgets means that a major component of a business’s success depends on its ability to reach its customers online.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the most successful and widely recognized tool for creating a strong online presence. Using a mix of SEO strategies can propel your self-storage solution for businesses and homeowners to the top spot on the search results, where your customers can see you.

Self-storage provides a convenient and secure place for people to put their belongings temporarily. However, getting lost among various mature self-storage business listings is easy if you don?t optimize your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to increase your visibility and appear at the top of the search results of your potential customers.

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