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5 SEO Trends In 2022 For Higher Ranking

SEO has become essential for businesses to draw customers to their online platforms. However, search engine algorithms are always evolving. If you want to maximize the results of your SEO strategies, you must stay abreast of the latest optimization trends. SEO companies like Sure Oak can help you drive more organic traffic and increase conversions so you can grow and scale your business.

Since there are several SEO trends, it could be challenging to pick the ones that are gaining the limelight in 2022.

Fret not; we have done all the legwork for you. Read on to find out about the top SEO trends for 2022:

1. Passage Indexing

Passage Indexing

If you have written long-form content before and been disappointed by the lack of traction it generated, passage Indexing could be your cup of tea.

Google has recently announced that it will utilize the natural language processing feature to understand each section within a page. So, even if your article only touches on a small portion of a larger topic, a chunk of your article will appear in search results for relevant search queries.

For instance, if someone is looking for information on how to install energy-efficient windows. Now they do not need to dig up a host of pages to find the answer to their query. Thanks to the passage index, Google will show you the passage that answers your specific question.

Digital marketing experts are lauding this feature. They are calling it a logical approach because a specific question necessitates a “needle in a haystack” strategy for finding the correct answer.

If you have never worked on passage indexing before, consider working with an SEO agency for some time to better grasp the concept. Finding an SEO agency is a cakewalk these days. Let?s say you live in Singapore. Then, typing ?SEO Singapore? on Google will show you many agencies.

2. Video Content

Video Content

The recent video marketing boom has been enormous. Following well-documented research, more than 80% of businesses would like to put more videos on their online channels. With the help of video content, entrepreneurs can use the power of visuals to grow their businesses. If you have yet to leverage this medium, it is the ideal time to get started.

Indeed, it is great to come up with a visually appealing video that is loaded with information and entertainment. But you need to optimize the video as well. One way to do that is to add a video transcription. Because search engine algorithms cannot crack video, including a transcript is an excellent way to enable the search engine to decode it.

Luckily, you do not have to type the transcription manually nowadays. Several reliable transcription software will automate the process for you.

3. Long-form Content

Long-form Content

An effective long-form content strategy will help you draw in more website visitors. It is a great way to offer your readers a more in-depth perspective on the respective topic. Statistically speaking, content with a word count of at least 3,000 gets more traffic and shares than content with a lower word count.

To keep website visitors interested, use H2 and H3 subheadings to break up your content into smaller sections that can be easily scanned. Many readers find large blocks of text intimidating.

Besides, they can overwhelm a small screen on a mobile device, accounting for a poor user experience. To further improve SEO, make it easier for your readers to share the content by including visible sharing buttons at the beginning and end of each piece.

Voice Search

Due to the ever-increasing prominence of AI, voice search has become an important entry point in SEO trends. The dramatic rise of voice searches also has a lot to do with the popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the U.S., 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers engage in voice searches daily.

The figure indicates that site owners should be on the lookout for voice-search-friendly content in 2022 and the following years. Following are must-have steps while optimizing your website for voice search:

  • Target your customers? questions: Question-based searches make up the majority of voice searches. So instead of plainly incorporating keywords into the content, make a question out of them. Suppose you are in the fast-food business. It is best to avoid using the word “burger” in your content and instead use more detailed phrases like “Where can I get a hamburger near me?” This will increase the likelihood of your website showing up on top when someone asks this query.
  • Focus on long-tail keywords: A website’s schema markup should contain actionable keywords. Providing more information to search engines will help the website rank higher in specific searches. Long-tail keywords are ideal for this job as they add extra details.
  • Gest listed on Google My Business: Many business owners assume that Google My Business is only a part of local SEO. However, it is also instrumental for voice searches. Customers use voice searches to get important information about your business, such as your phone number, address, and hours of operation. That is Google My Business listing comes into play.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile Friendliness

In 2022, you must continue to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. For a website to be user-friendly, its design should focus on keeping things as simple as possible. Start with navigation.

The hamburger menu has been gradually phased out over time, and it has now been replaced by icons that can be found at the top or bottom of the page. Thus, an icon-based navigation system on your mobile site will make it easier for users to get around the site quickly.

In addition, you must tailor the information on your website to meet the specific requirements of your visitors. Eventually, Google will disregard your desktop site in favor of your mobile site when deciding how high you should be ranked.

SEO is a fast-paced industry; you want to stay on top of the latest trends to keep your rankings stable. This post has put together hot SEO tactics that are nailing 2022. Stay one step ahead of your competition by implementing them on your website.