Do you know how Tom Ford Rose Prick is inspired? Well, this fragrance is inspired by the private rose garden of Tom Ford. Well, many people have less idea about Rose Prick. This is a wild, beautiful breed of rose Rose de Mai, Turkish and Bulgarian.

Perfumer launched Rose Prick in the year of 2020. The resource behind this perfume is Guillaume Flavigny. The top notes of this perfume are Sichuan Pepper, the middle notes are Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose, and the base notes are Tonka Bean and Patchouli.

In this article, I will discuss the Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume.

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The Types Of Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfumes  

Rose Prick perfume by Tom Ford was launched in 2020. The top notes of this perfume are incredibly outstanding and astonishing. Below, I will discuss the types of Tom Ford rose Prick perfumes.

1) Soleil Neige Perfume  

Soleil Neige Perfume
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Have you heard about the Soleil Neige perfume by Tom Ford? Soleil Neige inspire this parfum. The new private blend of this perfume will give you a radiance along with light-reflective ethereality, which is like the serene shimmer of snow or sun.

Do you know why is Tom Ford rose prick so expensive? The fresh green petals extracted with addictive orange flowers and the transparent white floralcy will captivate the blends of white blooms. When you wear this scent, it starts melting onto the skin with honey and wood undertones of cistus labdanum and skin-gripping musk.

2) Velvet Orchid By Tom Ford   

Velvet Orchid By Tom Ford   
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Perfumer concealed this scent in a golden and metallic purple glass cap, which is one of the most attractive parts of this perfume. Perfumer designed this clutch-sized perfume, which anyone could follow.

In this case, you can apply this scent directly to control the intensity of the velvet orchid experience, which works like the seductive power of the iconic Tom Ford Black Orchid, along with attractive notes like honey, rum, dramatic petals, and so many others.

3) Costa Azzurra  

Costa Azzurra
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Have you used Costa Azzurra perfume by Tom Ford? This depends on the original fragrance with the aromatic scent of magnified woods. This perfume breathes an air of freshness through the crisp Italian lemon, while the Denzel coastal forest will feel like magnified oakwood cypress and extracts.

Make sure you are applying fresh skin. Also, don’t rub this perfume after applying it to the skin. Be aware of the ingredients used in this perfume because it varies occasionally.

4) Myrrhe Mystere Perfume By Tom Ford   

Myrrhe Mystere Perfume By Tom Ford
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Do you know the perfumer Myrrhe Mystere? He captures the most luminous aura and the sense of powerful grounding myrrh essence along with a modern Ultra Vanille accord.

Do you know the seductive expression after wearing Myrrhe Mystere perfume blends with the most iconic ingredients along with a duo of powerful and exquisite Ultra Vanille accord? It seriously unlocks the modern serenity.

Do you have any idea how to use this fragrance? Well, make sure you have sprayed onto the clean skin, and also make sure you don’t rub this on your skin. After that, this perfume develops the fragrance of this scent.

5) Ebene Fume  

Ebene Fume
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Have you ever heard about this deep, meditative scent? This celebrates the mystical essence of Palo Santo smoke with the warm and soothing elegance of enticing black pepper, cistus absolute, and multiple notes of ebony wood. On the other hand, it captures shiny and sublime notes of leather.

Also, after wearing this scent, don’t rub it onto your skin because this will alter how fragrance has developed.

6) Electric Cherry By Tom Ford  

Electric Cherry By Tom Ford  
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Another one of the best perfumes by Tom Ford Rose that you can use is Electric Cherry by Tom Ford. The notes of this scent are extraordinary, along with exhilarating ginger and jasmine sambac, which gives a mesmerizing aroma. This scent by Tom Ford releases a warm breath and introduces an alluring musk that plays like spicy popping popcorn.

You can quickly get this perfume at any local store in London. Or else you can buy this from an online store. It costs 332.0 euros.

7) Tobacco Vanille Perfume  

Tobacco Vanille Perfume 
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Do you know how the affection of Tom Ford inspired? Well, this scent inspires the affection of this famous perfumer. Tom Ford recalled this perfume after visiting the English gentlemen’s club.

He mainly reinvents this scent after adding the creamy tonka bean, dry fruit accords, and also the sweet wood sap for the modern, and this gives almost a hardy impression to all men. The scent type is Woody Spice. On the other hand, the keynotes are quite fascinating, such as vanilla, ginger, and Tobacco leaf.

8) Tobacco Oud  

Tobacco Oud  

Tobacco Oud is one of the most secret perfumes by Tom Ford, which is rich, addictive, and, of course, regal. This scent helps you to explore the personal history of an addictive Arabic passion after creating the aromatic fragrance from the precious oud wood resin and also smoking aromatic tobacco.

This perfume costs just 255 euros, and you can buy it directly from any street store in London.  

9) Oud Wood By Tom Ford  

Oud Wood By Tom Ford
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Do you know how Oud Wood perfume by Tom Ford was made? Well, this perfume is a blend of rich and expensive ingredients which gives you an Arsenal.

The exotic aroma of rosewood and cardamon gives you a smoky blend of rare wood, Vetiver, and Sandalwood. Additionally, the Amber and Tonka Bean add warmth and sensuality. It costs just 255 euros, and the bottle size is 50 ML.

10) Rose Prick By Tom Ford  

Rose Prick By Tom Ford  
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Perfumer Tom Ford inspired Rose Prick perfume from a private rose garden. This is a fantastic bouquet of beautiful species of Rose de Mai, Bulgarian and Turkish. This is also known as Tom Ford pink. The sharp and pristine hooks onto each other, and perfumer Tom Ford bonds their blooms in pink perfection.

You can spray this perfume onto clean skin once or twice on the desired skin. After applying it to your skin, make sure you don’t rub it on it, which will alter how the fragrance develops.

In Conclusion  

I have discussed multiple types of Tom Ford Prick’s perfumes above in this article. Do you know when Rose Ford Prick’s perfume was launched?

In the year 2020, this fragrance is for men and women. There are so many top notes of this fragrance, such as Sichuan Pepper Turmeric, and the middle notes usually are Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, and so on. The base notes are Tonka Bean and Patchouli. I hope you liked this article. In case you have doubts, then please comment below.

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