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Always make sure to choose one trail at a time as the task can be tiresome. The best you can do is complete a booking. It can help you avoid all journey-related hassles. But, for now, you can go through the places.


Best Places To Go For Hiking In The USA- The 2022 List

Here are the best trails for hiking. If you are new to it, always try to choose an easy trail. Keep reading to check the details:

1. Burroughs Mountain Hike


Location: Washington State

Are you the one desiring to celebrate the early summer in the mountains? Well, visit the Burroughs Mountains for a hike, and you can get a chance to walk through heaven.

The Burroughs is one of the best hikes in the US, and you can witness the incredible Mount Rainier here. All the hike routes are set up around the mountain itself. You can easily camp here in the jungles and have a good time exploring the river valleys.

2. Billy Goat Trail


Location: Maryland

If you are a beginner, the best hiking trip can be the Billy Goat Trail. It is a minor route appropriate for beginners and people with time constraints. However, booking a hike at this place can be a big deal due to its popularity.

While hiking, you can rejuvenate for some time beside the Potomac River. Moreover, you can witness the beauty of the great falls here.

3. Nugget Fall Trails


Location: Juneau, Alaska

The Nugget Fall Trails start from the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center in Alaska. If you are expecting to get the best trekking experience, this is the right place where you can go. Yet another best part of this hiking trip is that you can expect the wild animals to accompany you.

While you have some safety measures, you can easily spot bear cubs, bald eagles, and sockeye salmons.

Moreover, you can witness different landforms like meadows, dense jungles, and caves. So, you can set a route according to your preference.

4. South Rim Trail


Location: Arizona

The South Rim Trail hiking route falls in the Grand Canyon National Park, a world-famous location in the US. Here, you can hike to the canyon’s edge to get that outstanding view. Another advantage you can get is the brightness and freshness of visiting the location on a bright summer day.

If you visit the South Rim trail, do not forget to set up the hiking camps anywhere by the fast-flowing Colorado River. Expect it to be a rejuvenation session in the middle of the hike.

5. Grinnell Glacier Trail


Location: Montana

The Grinnell Glacier Trail can be the best hiking trail for beginners.  So, if this is your first hike trip, make sure to choose this place blindly. You can get some outstanding headwaters here and take many photos while enjoying the journey.

To your knowledge, the streams of the Grinnell Glacier Trails all flow to the Pacific Ocean, Hudson Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, this place is yet another wildlife hotspot. You can get a lot of reptiles to spot here. So, if you are staying for the night here, make sure to take proper safety.

6. The Rim Trail


Location: Utah State

The Bryce Canyon National Park is not as big as the Grand one, but you can expect a memorable hiking trip here. As per the views, you can find a lot of  Hoodoos here. These are nothing but the tiny pillars that have taken such a shape due to erosion.

If you are one of those looking for bucket list hikes, you can visit this place for a night hike. Even you can get to this place on a road trip. However, you should have an experienced guide throughout the journey. Wildlife spotting at night can be yet another outstanding experience that you should not miss out on.

Finally, you can go for easy hiking to the rim trail because it has easy and tough trails. So, you can easily choose a route according to your experience as a hiker.

7. Half Dome Day Hike


Location: California

If you reside near the state of California, you must go on the Half Dome Trail for hiking. This is situated at the Yosemite National Park. You can complete the entire trek within two days.  The total distance every hiker has to cover is 16 miles. Therefore, consider it one of the best things to do in summer.

Yet another thing you need to remember is to take some proper hiking boots. It is vital as the trail is quite rough and exclusively for experienced travellers. The best part of the trail is its elevation, where you have to get along to some 4800 feet.

If you are a rapid hiker, you can complete the entire trip within 10 to 12 hours. So, a two-day trip can be enough for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is The Best Hiking Trail In The United States?
The Yosemite National Park and the Tongass National Park are the best hiking trails in the US.
2. What Destination Is The Best For Hiking?
The Inca Trail and Indian Himalayas can be the best destinations for hiking.
3. Where Is The Best Place To Go Backpacking In The Us?
Grand Canyon is the best place to go backpacking in the US.
4. What Is The Most Popular Trail In The Us?
The Ice Age Trail is the longest and the most famous in the US.

Final Words

In the US, both amateur and professional hikers are increasing daily. Therefore, you should always take proper gear while setting out for a trip. If you are a woman, you can buy hiking boots for women.

Yet another thing that you need to check is the weather of the place where you are going. Do not choose a trail where there is humid or rainy weather. At times, the hikers can face fatal accidents while indulging in the activity in harsh weather.

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