River Rafting In The USA? Here Are The Best Places You Should Visit In 2022!

River rafting is one of the best activities you can ever think about doing on a trip. Going up and down the turbulent waters feels thrilling and exciting, whether it is with friends, family, or other trippers. This is the reason why it is such a great sport.

America may be the land of dreams, but it is also the land of great whitewater rivers. From California to Florida, you can river raft in many great rivers of the USA. Therefore, pack your bags and head down to one of these best rivers for river rafting in the USA, as mentioned in this article.

Best Places To Go For River Rafting In The USA

The best places to go river rafting in the USA are:

1. Snake River (Wyoming)


Snake River rafting is one of the most exhilarating things to do in the summer. Therefore, head down to the Snake River in Wyoming to start your watery ride. Filled with many beautiful sceneries on both sides of the river, this is a great place to soak in some beautiful sights.

Visit Jackson Hole to start your journey on the raft. After you get in your seat and start rowing, you will get to see lots of wildlife, hills, and forests all around you. This will make you feel like riding along with the weaves of nature.

2. Colorado River (Arizona)


If you are a water-sport fanatic, then the rapids of the Colorado River will be a great river rafting Colorado experience. With scenic views of the Grand Canyon, your heart will be thrilled by its waters and beauty.

The rapids of this river are pretty easy to tackle, making it suitable for beginners to try their hand at rafting. Therefore, this is a great spot for first-timers.

3. Arkansas River (Colorado And Arkansas)


Grand Canyon river rafting is one of the best activities to do on a small tour. Therefore, it makes sense that the Arkansas River is a popular destination for watersports. Passing through the valleys of the Grand Canyon, this ride is one you will remember for a long time.

You will see lots of breathtaking views of the mountains of Colorado river rafting along the way. In addition, the Class III rapids of this river are a great place for beginners to start rafting.

4. Kennebec River (Maine)


While Northeastern USA might not have many great places for whitewater rafting, the Kennebec River of Maine is an exception. With lots of Class III and IV rapids, this river is welcoming to both newbies and the pros of rafting.

This 12-mile journey has many highs and lows, starting from the Harrison Station Dam. However, the main challenge arises at the Three Sisters crossing, where the rapids become more turbulent. Be careful around the massive drop of Magic Falls, which even experts find to be a challenge.

5. Salmon River (Idaho)


If you live on the western fringes of the USA, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Salmon River in Idaho. This massive area is home to many great forest views and wildlife, making it a great spot for sightseeing.

With many companies organising river rafting services for trippers, this place also has great spots for relaxing as well. From hot springs to trekking campsites, this is a great tour package for trekkers as well, since you can partake in catching fireflies here too.

6. Rogue River (Oregon)


If you have a lot of experience in river rafting at places to swim (not exactly), then the Class V rapids of the Rogue river will be a thrilling experience for you. If you are a sucker for greenery with natural sceneries all around you, visit this place immediately.

Starting from the Cascading Mountains, make a trip all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Beginners should try their hand at the Argo rapids. In addition, the forest around the river is home to many rare birds, making it a great place for birdwatching.

7. Chattooga River (Georgia)

When the Southeast snow starts melting during spring, the Chattooga River becomes a top destination for American river rafting. If you are a pro, then go ahead and challenge the Class V rapids of this river.

Apart from rafting, you can also go for a tour around the place, making it great for going out for some outdoor activities as well. For example, you can get up in a hot air balloon and explore the wilderness in all its glory from high up in the sky.

8. Deerfield River (Massachusetts)


The Deerfield River is just a 2 to 3-hour drive from the tea party of Boston. A great place for experienced pros to go river rafting, the Class IV and V rapids of the Monroe Bridge Dryway will be quite a challenge for seasoned veterans.

While the river flows from Vermont to Massachusetts, it has quite a few frightening drops as it passes through the Rocky mountains. You can also go camping in the Berkshire Forest, full of untamed wildlife and natural beauty.

9. Youghiogheny River (Pennsylvania)


While the name may be tough to pronounce, this river, 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh, is one of the most famous spots in the USA.

This river’s rough and tough Class III and IV rapids are accessible to all, even newbies. Your adrenaline will get higher and higher as you start approaching the Double Hydraulics and the Railroad bends of the river.

10. Gauley River (West Virginia)


Last but not the least comes one of the most challenging river rafting experiences that scene veterans think twice about. Made for professionals who do not fear death and sudden spikes of adrenaline and heartbeat, the Class V and VI rapids of Gauley River are pretty dangerous. Only visit this place if you are experienced in river rafting in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is River Rafting Hard?
Rivers with rapids above Class IV are somewhat difficult.
2. Is River Rafting Easy?
Rivers with rapids from Class I to III are easy and beginner-friendly.
3. Which State Is A Premier Destination For White Water Rafting In The United States?
Colorado River in Arizona is a premier destination for river rafting in the USA.
4. Which State Has The Best River Rafting?
Colorado, California, and Idaho have the best river rafting spots in the USA.

Final Destination

River rafting is one of the most exhilarating watersports that any traveller would love to take part in. From going up and down turbulent waters and chasing the dragon to the bottom, real trekkers will never leave this opportunity.

Great rivers like the Colorado, Arkansas and Kennebec Rivers are also great sports for beginners to chase the Class III and IV rapids. The Rogue, Chattooga, and Gauley Rivers with Class V and above rapids will be a thrilling experience for seasoned veterans. If you want to know more about other holiday activities in the USA, then read our other articles here at TopPreferences!

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