Truth And Dare Bot Discord

How To Use Truth And Dare Bot Discord In 2022?

Discord has been one of the best social media platforms for gamers for quite some time. It allows users to either text or voice chat with other people on the same server and channel. The use of Discord by competitive gamers for maintaining in-game communication has always been one of its highlights.

However, Discord provides the unique functionality of allowing users to add bots in the server, which automates various requests and commands made by users. Bots offer multiple functions, like playing music for you and many other functions.

However, the truth and dare bot are one of the most requested Discord bots that people want to use. So if you’re going to chill out with your friends on Discord and want to know their deepest secrets, then the ?truth and dare bot discord? is perfect for you.

But how do you add this bot to your server? Keep on reading to find out how!

What Are Discord Bots?

Before we dive into adding the truth and dare bot discord, let us first gain some insight into the use of Discord bots.

If you want to automate several chores of Discord, like playing music and making simple calculations using a calculator, Discord will have a bot designed for you. A Discord bot is an artificial intelligence that will heed users’ commands. So any user that has access to your server can type in commands to let the bots do what they do best.

All you need to do is add the bot to your server and type in specific commands on the text channels of your server. Yes, it all sounds straightforward because it is. First, however, you need to remember some of the main commands and type them whenever you want to.

What Is The Truth And Dare Bot In Discord?

The ?truth and dare bot? is one of the most famous bots in Discord. If you want to know all the secrets of your friends by playing a simple game and forcing them to do naughty and embarrassing activities, then the ?truth and dare discord bot? is exactly what you are looking for.

Truth and dare are one of the most exciting and fun games that everyone loves to play with their friends. Just ask a question or give a command, and that’s all you need to do. No teamwork and strategy are present, making it simple and easy to understand for everyone.

Having this bot in your server can liven up the entire channel because it allows friends to have exciting and revelatory conversations. This is perfect for casually passing the time and getting rid of boredom while no one is gaming. Such bots like the plasma bot discord and the truth and dare bot discord can make boring servers pretty interesting by giving them the spark they need.

Features Of The Truth And Dare Discord Bot

Features Of The Truth And Dare Discord Bot

The main features of the truth and dare bot discord are:

1. 1500 Questions

The user gets access to hundreds of questions and dares that the bot has prepared for unfortunate souls in advance. For example, when a user starts commanding the bot, you can ask one of the pre-prepared 1500 questions that the bot has in store for you. The same goes for commanding other users to commit to hilarious acts on camera using video chatting.

2. Simple UI

The bot interface is pretty simple compared to other Discord bots. Therefore, anyone can simply use the bot to play truth and dare with their friends. Its simplicity does well to attract more users to use the truth and dare bot Discord.

3. Make Interesting Conversations

You can hold pretty exciting conversations with your friends with the truth and dare bot discord. Just invite friends to your server, let them in your voice channel (you can video chat also), and let the gin begin.

Start by commanding the bot to ask them questions, which they have to answer truthfully. This is perfect for knowing the dirty little secrets of your friends. Also, you can make them dance to embarrassing dares if they choose to go that route.

4. Fast Response To Commands

When you input commands in Discord, mant bots take a long time to respond, with many often glitching out. However, the truth and dare bot discord have one of the fastest response times since it will instantaneously do what it is told to do as soon as the command gets typed.

How To Add Truth And Dare Bot Discord?

To add the truth and dare bot, all you need to do is:

  • Open your browser
  • Search for ?truth and dare bot discord.?
  • Open the first link that gets generated
  • Click on the ?Invite? option near it
  • Select your Discord server
  • Give the bot the permissions it needs access to, and click on ?Authorize.?
  • Solve the captcha puzzle

That’s it! You have now successfully added the Truth and Dare Bot Discord to your server.

How To Use Truth And Dare Bot In Discord?

How To Use Truth And Dare Bot In Discord

Since the truth and dare bot discord has 1500 questions in store for participants, you only need to give it commands. Several commands can be fed to the bot so that it asks appropriate questions or gives embarrassing dares for participants.

However, do note that you cannot manually ask questions to the participants. Everything must happen within the confinements of the questions this bot asks. Otherwise, people tend to ask what they should not and make a simple game turn into a bloody verbal massacre.

Truth And Dare Bot Discord Commands

The truth and dare bot discord have many commands that it needs to. However, while most of them are presented in the image below, not all of them often get used.

Some of the most used commands for truth and dare bot are:

  • /tod: Ask a truth or dare question randomly
  • /truth: Ask a truth question
  • /dare: Force a dar4ec request
  • /help: Displays the list of all commands that truth and dare bot Discord follows
  • /invite: Invite the bot to a different server (you must be the administrator)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How Does Truth And Dare Bot Work?
The truth and dare bot discord work by feeding it the command to ask questions and give dares to other users.
Q2. What Are Interesting Dare Questions?
Some interesting dare questions are:

  • Show embarrassing photos of yourself
  • Put ice cubes in your mouth till they melt
  • Do 50 pushups
  • Send a flirty text message to your crush

Q3. How Do You Play Truth Or Dare Questions?
You play truth and dare by taking turns to ask someone for truth or dare. Then, depending on their answer, you either ask a question they will answer honestly or make them do harmless but embarrassing activities as a dare.
Q4. How Do You Wake Up Bots On Discord?
You can wake up bots on Discord by using the !wake command.


The ?truth and dare bot discord? is one of the most exciting bots on the Discord server. This bot allows you to play the fun game of truth and dare with your friend. First, invite this bot to your server and gather friends to start playing truth and dare! Then feed the bot commands so that it can ask questions.

This bot is a fun addition to your list of Discord bots. Add this bot now to make your server livelier than before!

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