If your question is, “Why am I seeing ads on Amazon Prime video 2022?” we are here to tell you that there are multiple reasons for that. Furthermore, in this article, we have talked about many different ways to eliminate ads on Amazon Prime Video or at least reduce them for a better viewing experience.


Why Am I Seeing Ads On Amazon Prime Video 2022?

Why Am I Seeing Ads On Amazon Prime Video 2022.
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You might already know that Amazon Prime video is one of the best platforms for watching movies, TV shows, and live to stream of videos. It does not matter whether you are a casual user or a Prime subscriber. You love watching Amazon Prime videos. However, some Amazon Prime subscribers get shocked after knowing that even some of the Prime video content also include advertisements.

Amazon offers you the ability to lessen the number of ads you see between your videos. You can avoid advertisements that are in your Prime videos by just upgrading your subscription. If there are sponsored brands on Prime videos, you can skip them after a few seconds. You even have the chance to remove special offers as advertised by Amazon.

Types Of Amazon Prime Videos Where You Can See Ads

If you are watching any Amazon Prime videos, you might have noticed that they are not very distracting and are mainly short. However, if you are watching something interesting on Amazon Prime, and you see an ad at the start or in between, it is obvious to feel annoyed. Before you see the interesting part, you will have to wait for a few seconds before you can skip the ad.

The following are the Amazon Prime video ads that you come across often:

Amazon Prime Video Commercials

Amazon Prime Video Commercials
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One of the primary reasons why you are coming across commercials and ads on your Amazon Prime Video is that Amazon is trying to promote other Amazon Prime shows and videos. Amazon also promotes other Amazon Prime offerings like Music, Audible, and Kindle Unlimited between Amazon prime videos. In some cases, subscribers also noticed ads from IMDB TV, which comes with different movies and TV shows.

If you are watching any movie or TV show on Amazon Prime video, you might have come across commercials before and after the show that you are watching. In some cases, many people have complained about an advertisement in the middle of the video. Although it is annoying, it is pretty rare. By upgrading your Amazon Prime video services, you can avoid watching such commercials.

Why Am I Seeing Ads On Amazon Prime Video 2022?Third-Party Videos

Why Am I Seeing Ads On Amazon Prime Video 2022 – Third-Party Videos
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One of the significant reasons for you coming across ads on Amazon Prime videos is that you are watching third-party content. If you are using Amazon’s Prime video app on your phone or Smart-TV, you will get to see those ads mainly on the right sidebar when your video is running. 

Despite its reputation for providing video content free of ads, Amazon seems to be promoting ads nowadays on its videos. You will find such ads on Amazon Prime videos too, and you might also feel interrupted by such videos.

These ads mainly promote other digital services that are offered by Amazon. Furthermore, you can also get to see different seasonal offers on these ads. In other cases, you can also come across some advertisements that are related to the content you have just watched on the Amazon Prime video platform.

If you watch third-party content through Amazon, which includes shows on IMDb Tv, then ads will also come on your screen. This is because IMDb Tv’s content still uses ads on their platform, even though they are premium content. 

However, you can control what types of ads you want to see by going to the ad preferences page. In such cases where third-party video content is involved, you will not get the option to skip ads. However, you can choose which ads you want to see on your videos.

Amazon Freevee Ads

If you are a subscriber of Amazon Freevee, you will have to see ads there as well. According to Amazon, “Amazon Freevee content includes advertisements that run while watching content on Freevee. These ads allow us to provide a premium selection of movies and TV shows for free. At this time, it isn’t possible to turn off or skip any advertisements that appear while watching content on Amazon Freevee.”

How To Avoid Ads In Amazon Prime Video?

How To Avoid Ads In Amazon Prime Video

If you see ads along with your Amazon Prime videos, or a third-party service that you access through Amazon Prime, you have the option to get rid of some of the ads. Read through this section to know the best ways to avoid ads on Amazon Prime videos.

The first way you can avoid ads on your Amazon Prime Video is to stop using Google as a search engine on your device. If you are searching for streaming content, use websites like JustWatch. You will get to see a list of ad-free video content on this website.

The second way to avoid ads on Amazon Prime video content is to upgrade your subscription to ad-free content. Amazon Prime video services offer you the option to subscribe to ad-free content too. To remove ads from your video content, you will only need to pay a few bucks more. 

Furthermore, if you use Amazon’s ad-free streaming services for watching videos, you can stop ads altogether. If you are still coming across ads even in ad-free streaming services, you can call customer service at Amazon and ask them to resolve the issue.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful in answering your question, “Why am I seeing ads on Amazon Prime video 2022?” A really great way to remove ads altogether on your Amazon Prime video is to get a subscription to ad-free video content. Despite that, if you come across advertisements on your Amazon Prime video content, you should contact Amazon Customer Services immediately and ask them to resolve the issue fast.

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