In the modern age, most people, irrespective of age and gender, have developed an interest in adventure. In such a scenario, they have chosen various ways to enhance their adrenalin rush. While some activities are highly daunting, the others are quite smooth.

The hot air balloon ride is one of the adventurous activities that has become quite trendy now. You can find a lot of places in the US where the elevation points are there.

Well, here you can go through the places where you can experience the balloon ride in the best way. For now, check out the list.

Top Places To Visit For A Hot Air Balloon Ride in 2022 In The US

Here are the places from which you can choose one to go for the hot air balloon ride. Everything will depend on the type of landform you love. So, check out the places and set out.


1. Quechee, Vermont

quechee vermont hot air balloon ride

Central Vermont is a place where you can find a lot of rolling hills. So, you can consider it to be a place for a hot air balloon ride near me. All you have to do is reach the place and get to the elevation point.

With a hot air balloon ride at Quechee, you can hover by Pinneo Lake. Here, you can check out the birds hunting for their food. Moreover, the Vermont colors will be present there to welcome you.

You need to go to the website and find out the booking panel. Here, you can get all the things related to the booking.


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2. Letchworth State Park, New York

letchworth state park new york hot air balloon ride

Is witnessing the Niagra Falls from the birds-eye view one of your dreams? Well, it can come true if you go for a hot air balloon ride from the Letchworth State Park, New York. You can go for a few hours ride, and the views you get would be a treat for your eyes.

Expect your hot air balloon to hover over the waterfalls. Moreover, you can even witness the magnificent snow-capped mountains from the place. So, if you are in New York for a trip, try keeping this activity in your itinerary. Check out the official website of the tour operator below.


3. Grand Canyon Arizona

grand canyon arizona hot air balloon ride

People of different ages visit the Grand Canyon for a trip every year. However, the youngsters always aim for some adventure in the rugged landform. Well, a balloon ride in the Grand Canyon can be a priceless experience for you.

Things can get even more daunting as you can see a lot of flights passing by your balloon. As you look below, you can check out the wonderful landscape. Expect the views of the canyon rock formations to treat your eyes. So, you should always indulge in this hot air balloon ride in Phoenix if you get a chance.


4. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

lake geneva wisconsin hot air balloon ride

If you are based anywhere near Chicago, you can visit Lake Geneva for a hot air balloon ride. The best you can do is witness the mansions at the shoreline. Moreover, you can enjoy the sun and the wind on a bright day.

So, if you want to witness the beauty of the city from a hot air balloon, the Lake Geneva ride can be the best choice for you.  Like all other entries, there is a website below where you can get to know more facts and the booking process.


5. Newberg, Oregon

newberg oregon hot air balloon ride

If you are thinking about how much is a hot air balloon ride, I can assure you that a ticket would cost you well under your affordability. So, you can always plan to ride it in Newberg, Oregon. The main attraction of the ride is the view of the ten mountains, including Mt. Hood.

Moreover, you can get to see the museum at the place of Herbert Hoover. He was an American President who lived in the city of Newberg as a boy.

6. Asheville, North Carolina

asheville north carolina hot air balloon ride

If you are a mountain lover, there is a chance for you to treat all your senses while going for a hot air balloon ride in Asheville. In this place, you can get an opportunity to witness the Great Smokey Mountains.

Moreover, you would be amazed by the woods. This place is full of trees, and you can get a chance to click many pictures while hovering on the balloon. Like all other entries, you have a website where you can get all the necessary information about the ride.


7. Napa Valley, California

napa valley california hot air balloon ride

If you want to enjoy a warm day in California, the best way you can do it is to go for a hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley. The best you can do is get a ride during the middle of the day over the farmlands. You can get a view of Mt. St. Helena and also the Paradise Cliffs.

You can also expect to get a sumptuous breakfast and lunch before and after the ride from the operating companies.


8. Rocky Mountains, Colorado

rocky mountains colorado hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride in Colorado can be the best over the Rockey mountains. Well, you can witness some snowcapped mountains as you elevate with the balloon. The amazing 3000 miles mountain stretch can be a treat to the senses.

You can also expect to see the hikers and boaters and even some wildlife as tiny dots. Well, these are nothing but the buzz in the Rockey Mountain National Park. So, it is legitimate for you to think that you are in heaven.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where Can I Go In The Us For A Hot Air Balloon Ride?
The best you can go for a hot air balloon ride in the US is in Colorado.
2. Where Is The Best Hot Air Balloon Festival?
The best festival of hot air balloons takes place in Albuquerque.
3. Is Hot Air Balloon A Good Experience?
A ride in a hot water balloon can be an exciting experience.

Final Words

The hot air balloon ride can be one of the unique experiences in life. However, you need to be a very consensus regarding it. There is always a chance for a fatal accident while you elevate. Always check if the balloonist provides you with proper safety gear. No matter wherever you go for the ride, make sure you are physically fit and do not have vertigo.

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