Shopify might win, but Big Cartel has its sparks. People are eagerly waiting to see the fight between Big Cartel vs Shopify. Online business has recently become one of the most significant ways to earn money. In this case, users should fill their online business store with many useful features and tools.

Shopify is one of the top-notch e-commerce builders across the global market. After all, it beat Big Cartel by a few miles. That is why Shopify scores scored slightly higher in every category users have tested, besides ease of use.

Big Cartel might have its merits, but Shopify has many features. Above all, Big Cartel has its virtues. After all, before heading with any ecommerce software, make sure you have gone through the reviews such as Big Cartel review or Shopify review, and so on.


Let’s Discuss The Quick Comparison Of Big Cartel vs Shopify

Let’s Discuss The Quick Comparison Of Big Cartel vs Shopify

After thorough research, I found many e-commerce platforms marketers can use. In this case, Shopify and Big Cartel are not the only ecommerce platforms available. Below, I will discuss a quick comparison of Big Cartel vs Shopify.

1) Ease Of Use

Shopify is fairly simple to use. But, it takes a while to learn how to navigate several other interfaces. Meanwhile, Big Cartel always offers super useful prompts, which are fairly easy to use. But you will need to know the HTML coding to edit themes.

2) Sales Features

Shopify has some of the most robust features set across several builders and users have tested. On the other hand, Big Cartel is fair, but the basic features cover products, shipping, and payments.

3) Design Functionality

In Shopify, users will get nine free themes that offer something for every user. On the other hand, Big Cartel has 18 clean mobile-optimized themes with limited features. This is one of the major reasons for the fight between Shopify vs Big Cartel.

4) Apps & Integrations

Shopify has more than 6000 applications. On the other hand, Big Cartel has more than 15,00 applications.

5) SEO

Shopify has great SEO practices, including clean URLs, headers, alt text, and robots.txt.files. Even Shopify gives helpful hints to product upload, ensuring you check all other SEO boxes.

Meanwhile, Big Cartel has great SEO tools, including simple navigation, clean headers, and anchors.

6) Pricing & Value For Money

Shopify has three paid plans ranging from $29 to $299 monthly with unlimited products. Also, you don’t have to pay any transaction fee if you use Shopify Payments.

Meanwhile, Big Cartel offers just one free plan and three paid plans. This ranges from $9.99 to $29.99 monthly with 300 product limitations.

7) Customer Support

Shopify provides 24/7 live chat support, social media forums, and email. Meanwhile, Big Cartel provides Email support from 9 AM to 6 PM. However, it received the lowest help and support score of builder users already tested.

Why Shopify And Big Cartel Are One Of The Most Useful Ecommerce Platforms?

Why Shopify And Big Cartel Are One Of The Most Useful Ecommerce Platforms?

In recent times, people have only used Shopify and Big Cartel ecommerce platforms. After thorough research, I have found information about why these two are the most helpful ecommerce platforms. Below, I will share the positive sides of Shopify and Big Cartel.

Big Cartel Positive Sides:

Big Cartel Positive Sides

1) Big Cartel is one of the most helpful ecommerce platforms that lets users sell indefinitely for free. Many other users have a free trial, but Big Cartel’s free plan works well for other sellers who want to test the waters. Aside from that, this also limits how much you can sell. But you can also take advantage of this platform’s themes, inventory management capabilities, and custom domain.

2) You will get several useful ecommerce platforms where you have to set up your online market independently. But Big Cartel gives you such helpful prompts that you can set up reminders to complete every part of your online shop.

Not only that but before heading to sell on this platform, you will get the website optimized. However, this website builder can present a challenge if you want to make advanced changes to your online store. On the other side, you will also have to know the coding, which is beyond the primary requirements to open up an online store.

3) Recently, Big Cartel offered more than ten themes for your ecommerce site. After all, every theme in Big Cartel is optimized, which will help the search engine rank and allow customers to shop further from their device without any extra work on every part. This positive side is quite similar to woocommerce. 

4) Recently, Big Cartel has focused on artists and creators. On the other hand, Big Cartel makes this easier in terms of displaying your artwork. Even big cartel plans are quite favorable.

Shopify Positive Sides:

Shopify Positive Sides

1) Do you know that Shopify’s positive side is its simple interface? It makes it easier for you or any user to customize the theme from where you have started. Apart from that, this platform requires no coding knowledge, and you can even choose among 70 other templates, including many free ones.

Above all, this website builder makes your online shopping easier to automatically gain high security while establishing your ecommerce site on Shopify. Even shopify is one of the most feasible woocommerce alternatives.

2) Shopify knows well that multiple industries have multiple requirements. That is why this offers specific resources dedicated to several types of products, including the target market. On the other hand, this shows you one of the best ways to open your online store with the right consumers.

3) Shopify has a large selection of branding tools you can use with minimal effort. This case includes a business name generator, logo, and business card maker. On the other hand, this platform also comes with industry-compatible themes, stock photos, and many more to build your image.

4) Regarding business management, Shopify is one of the most convenient ecommerce platforms. Do you know why this is so? Because this platform will keep everything in this platform organized. Therefore, you will be able to fulfill orders and manage refunds quickly. In addition, this has its most advanced package.

5) Shopify has multiple built-in tools that can reach across every platform. In this case, you can sell using TikTok Instagram, where you can sync your catalog to your social media accounts.

In Conclusion

I have discussed Big Cartel vs Shopify in this article. While deciding on Shopify or Big Cartel, you must consider your business intentions and long-term goals. If it is to sell occasionally, then Big Cartel might be a better fit. When this is about launching an ecommerce platform, I strongly recommend Shopify.  I hope you find this article helpful. If you have queries, then please comment below!

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