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Bonchon Menu | Which Dish To Try First?

Do you know what you do with good food? You relish the test of it; then you share it with others. And the moment you start sharing, you can do business out of it. Such is the story of Bonchon. 

When it comes to chicken or any non veg dish, they will serve you the crunchiest and spiciest food in the whole world. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but my words are not sugarcoated. You can read this article to find out about the delicious taste they boast. I have also listed the Bonchon Menus that you should try out.

Story Of Bonchon: ?Train To Busan!?

Have you seen the zombie film ?Train To Busan?? No, Bonchon has nothing to do with zombies. But it has a connection to Busan. Bonchon is born in Busan. A man named Jinduk Seo started Bonchon in Busan, Korea, to share the flavors that made him drool. 

It was his dream, so he started in 2002. Bonchon chicken is the signature of the restaurant that the founder cannot stop talking about. He loves his own menu. (Isn’t it convenient? Bonchon took their fried chicken and sauce at the heart of New York City and raised them there. 

Although they make the food in the USA, the sauce is cooked at their home in Korea. The chickens are double-fried and hand-brushed. If you are from Asia and order at Bonchon, you can get their food in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines.

Bonchon Menu: Crunchy And Delicious

Here are some of the munchy and tempting dishes from Bonchon ?

1. Chicken Recipe


I know chicken is your favorite, so I will start with the Bonchon chicken menu. The chicken dishes are available in spicy, honey citrus, and crunchy garlic flavor. You should also try the K-classic Buffalo and honey almond butter recipe. Yes, they are yummy and unbeatable.

2 Pc chicken boxed meal ?225
Chicken Chops sandwich box meal ?242
Chicken chops boxed meal ?215
Chicken Chapchae meal ?220
1 PC Chicken Boxed meal ?134
1 PC chicken and rice, fish poppers, drink, and milky Kreme?219
1 PC chicken and rice, half Chapchae, milky Kreme, and drink.?237

2. Bonchon Seafood

Bonchon Seafood

Seafood is just as delicious as they are healthy. Soy garlic, spicy, honey, and crunchy garlic flavors are what you should look for in the seafood available here. You might love chicken, but the love for fish comes from the depth of your stomach. You should keep that love growing and read the delicious dishes listed here ?

Fish and chips boxed meal?220
Crispy squid boxed meal?220
Crispy shrimp boxed meal?220
Crispy fish boxed meal?220
Seafood Chapchae:2pc crispy fish, half Chapchae, drink?220
Seafood k-style feast:2pc crispy fish, half Chapchae, milky Kreme, drink?231

3. Bonchon Beef Menu

Bonchon Beef

If you indulge yourself into the heavy flavor of beef, then the dishes here can fulfill your gut and your heart at the same time. Here are the best beef recipes that you might not have tasted before. Most importantly,  the price is mouth-watering. 

Beef bulgogi meal?210
Spicy Korean beef stew meal?226
Korean beef stew meal?225

4. Bonchon Bibimbowl

Bonchon Bibimbowl

Who does not want something mouthwatering and fulfilling for the stomach? You can have them in their original flavor, you can go for fiery spice or creamy curry. Here are five delicious bowls that you can try from ?

Seafood Bibimbowl meal?217
Beef Bibimbowl meal?217
Chicken Bibimbowl meal?217
Loaded Bibimbowl meal:available in chicken, beef & seafood?220
Loaded breakfast Bibimbowl meal?220

5. Bonchon Side Dishes

Bonchon Side Dishes

There are just enough side dishes as there are main courses. You can order them if you want something to keep your food company. Your foods have to stick together in your stomach. Here are some names that might ring your hunger.

Chapchae?150 for the regular bowl. 
Bulgogi Noodle Soup?77
Kimchi Coleslaw?50
Korean Fried rice ?47
K-fries ?38
Crispy and steamed Mandu?73

6. Bonchon Desserts

Bonchon Desserts

No one is stopping you from having a dessert. After the main course and some delicious side dishes ( k-fries). Chocolate brownies like Bingsu and milky Kreme can be worth sending

Bingsu ?128
Crispy Crepe ?78
Milky Kreme ?66

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I am sure you will order something from the list I have given here. If you are curious to know about this famous restaurant, then go through these questions and answers.

1. Who Owns Bonchon Philippines?

? Scott Tan, a visionary entrepreneur in the Philippines, wanted to revolutionize the food industry there. Where there is a dream, there is action. So, he brought Bonchon to his country and opened the first Bonchon restaurant at the place called Ayala Triangle Garden.

2. Is There A Bonchon In Tennessee?

? Your favorite and famous south Korean fried chicken restaurant chain will open in the Nashville burbs in 2022 ( at least that?s what is reported). The chain will open restaurants in locations such as -Tennessee, Murfreesboro, and Franklin.

3. Is There Bonchon In Korea?

? Yes, the food chain restaurant named Bonchon is based in South Korea. The restaurant is a South Korea-based food chain with their store spread across different parts of the world. They also have restaurants in Korea.

My Home Town

In Korean, Bonchon means ?My Hometown .?If you want some delicious fried chicken with sauce and there is a Bonchon store in town, then you should visit sometimes. You can grab a bite of the goodies I proudly babbled about. I will also suggest having some dessert along with it.

In this article, I have discussed the best menus from the famous Korean restaurant chain. If you enjoy reading, you should also enjoy, do you have any queries about the same? If so, ask them away; I am all ears.

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