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Top 20 Content Marketing Tools For Maximum Reach!

After writing the content, ensure you have improved the quality by using several other content marketing tools. In this case, you must write better to reach many target audiences. Above all, this drives a better result with this type of content.

Recently, consumers have been thirsty for reading and using great content. But if you are crafting such content out to the right platforms, then this is easier. Content marketing tools have recently been feasible to handle these content writing jobs.

There are multiple grammar checkers, which are AI-driven software and content-optimizing tools. Aside from that, many handy options will help your content to sing. There are several main content writing software tools and several other alternatives, such as Canva alternatives, Grammarly alternatives, and so many others.

What Are The Top 20 Content Marketing Tools To Maximize Reach?

Multiple content marketing tools will help you get a lot of mileage from your content marketing program. Below, I will discuss the top 20 content marketing tools that will maximize reach.

1) SEMrush


In recent times, one of the most powerful tools has been SEMrush, which makes it hard to describe all the capabilities in a few paragraphs.

If you need to clarify what keywords or topics to target, you must examine competitors’ sites. The keywords that rank inside SEMrush. At the same time, SEMrush also gives users a precise understanding of competing.

In this case, it will give me an actionable list, which you must start creating content immediately. You can use SEMrush for content marketing program rests. You can use this for keyword research tools like backlinks and traffic audits. Before uploading to the content management system, you can use this SEO writing assistant for the final checking.

One of the favorite features of SEMrush is the keyword gap tool. This will help you to fill the content strategy. Within minutes, you can quickly rethink the content approach towards generating relevant content.

2) Question DB

Question DB    

Another one of the best content marketing tools is question DB. This is an easy-to-handle interface that can quickly come up with multiple blog ideas. To use this, you must enter the topic you want to write about.

Question DB will scour the web for multiple questions that people usually ask about this topic. With the help of Question DB, you can sort down the questions by popularity. This is quite helpful. Sometimes, you want a high-level overview of what people want to know about such a topic. This can easily organize the results into several other categories.

Question DB is quickly becoming one of the favorite applications that will help you find new blog posts and several other YouTube topics. This would be worthwhile if your site focuses on the monthly question-based keywords.

3) BuzzSumo


If you are looking for an advanced content marketing tool, you can use BuzzSumo. This content marketing tool will help a user from brand monitoring to topic research. This is an all-in-one content marketing toolkit that is packed with many features.

This is not easy-to-use software, but it needs to be clarified as easier-to-use software. Several other features will be geared toward professional SEO and content marketers.

It would help if you learned everything about BuzzSumo for content research. Despite that, several other features will work best and help create the best content. If you are serious about content marketing and SEO, I recommend using BuzzSumo.

4) Mixkit


If you are looking for a free hundred stock videos, then Mixkit is one of the best options. If you want an incredible clip to feature in your latest Facebook or YouTube videos, this software would be the most suitable option. Above all, there is no need to hire a camera crew. In this case, you will be able to get access to about 100 HD videos, especially for free.

One of the best parts of this software app is that there are ten new videos that any user can see every week. This software app is a collection of videos organized into several categories. This makes it easier to find the new video you want to see.

5) TopicRanker


Another one of the best easy-to-rank keyword software tools that will help you win SEO quickly is TopicRanker.

With the help of this software app, you can easily do keyword research and link-building. Aside from that, TopicRanker can take away the guesswork from keyword research by providing an in-depth list of ranked search items sorted by several other things.

On the other hand, TopicRanker can easily scan the domain, which will help you understand its niche and give you a report. Inside this report is also an actionable list of keywords highly relevant to every niche.

TopicRanker will help you to give ideas by unlocking new keyword ideas. This software app does a heavy lifting by suggesting several other relevant topics to my enterprise.

6) SquidVision


Another one of the best analytical software tools that will help you gain more traffic is Squidvision. It is much more challenging to equate every post with actual revenue numbers. At the same time, SquidVision is an exceptional tool that offers granular insights into such aspects of your landing pages. Other blog posts will also result in being credible to new customers.

Did you know SquidVision will help you identify underperforming CTAs that users drop off? A few weeks later, you can immediately boost the content marketing program’s quality. However, this new software will easily generate more considerable revenue with a breakdown of several other clicks, revenue, and trial sign-ups for the button.

7) CoSchedule’s Headlines analyzer    

CoSchedule's Headlines Analyzer

There is no secret that your headlines are much more critical across the entire article. But how do you manage headlines? Before publishing any article le, you must use the headline analyzer of this software. On the other hand, CoSchedule’s headlines analyzer will give you a score to find the differentiators.

8) SimilarWeb


Are you looking to use such a tool to help you analyze competitors’ websites? Then a similar web is one of them. With the help of this software, you can quickly get to know how much traffic your competitors get every month. Aside from that, similar websites give you insider data on top pages, keywords, and competitors’ traffic sources.    

9) ShareThis


If you are looking for high-quality social sharing buttons, ShareThis is one of the best options. Through this experience, this is an easier way to get more shares on Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media platforms. ShareThis is a sharp-looking social button that you can easily customize to match the look and feel of your online site.

10) Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Another one of the most business-oriented versions of Google?s suite is Google Workspace. These tools are mainly feasible and valuable for distributing to the teams. The cloud-based tool members can easily collaborate effectively online. On the other hand, they are also useful, ensuring the handling of multiple stakeholders. These can provide such feedback without even creating version control issues.

11) Canva


Another content marketing tool you can use to create such visual content is Canva. With the help of this software, you can either work as a professional graphic designer, or you must learn about several other fancy image editing software tools. On the other hand, with the help of Canva, you can easily make the procedure of creating such visuals that are more accessible.

12) Content Idea Generator

Content Idea Generator

Content Idea Generator is one of the best options if you are looking for such brainstorm content ideas. If you want to write something about the Paleo diet, you must split that suggestion.

Tooltips are one of the most unique and feasible features you can use through a content idea generator. In such way, this software tool keeps the suggestions the same. This will help you outline why there are several other pieces of that headline to work.

13) Followerwonk


If you are looking for several other influential Twitter users, Follower Wonk is one of the best software tools. Eventually, with the help of this software, you can easily connect with it. Even with this software tool, you can generate a list of highly connected people in such a space.

14) Aweber


If you are looking for a simple email and content marketing tool, then Aweber is one of the best options. This is still one of the best options which you must use. After researching the face, it has been seen that over 123,647 email subscribers are there on this platform. If you want a thousand features and developed segmentation, you are nicely off with something like ConvertKit.    

15) Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

Are you looking for something to help you write the coach review? In this case, the Hemingway app is one of the best software options. With the help of this software, you can use a copy of passive voice or if it has sentences that are hard to read out. One of the best features of Hemingway Editor is similar phrases.

16) Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another of the best content marketing tools you would have heard about. This is one of the most-used content management systems for website creation. If you are currently using this in your projects, then using YoastSEO plugins would be one of the must-have options.

What are the pros and cons of Yoast SEO?


  • Firstly, this has an easy-to-use SEO checker tool.
  • Secondly, this is a free software tool to use.
  • Finally, the suggested on-page SEO improvements are also there. 


  • This is not a replacement for SEO keyword research.
  • This doesn’t include technical SEO.

17) Alltop


Did you know that Alltop is not a traditional content marketing tool? Well, this is more than an interactive software tool you can use over popular blogs of over 50 niches. This includes photography, SEO, and food. One of this software tool’s most significant benefits is that it’s free. Do you know about the most user-favorite feature? This is viral.    

18) SocialBlade


If you want to work like a spy in the YouTube channels of competitors, then SocialBlade is one of the best software. With the help of this software, you can get an inside look at the YouTube studios of competitors. Aside from that, socialblade is a special tool through which you can collect the channel’s stats over time. Even if you can even see the number of subscribers and views someone gets monthly.    

19) ClearScope


With the help of this content marketing tool, you can easily optimize your content in a modern way. Above all, you should probably use keywords in your title tag. In particular, with the help of this software tool, you can use your keywords in your title tag. This gives you the list of keywords you must use in the post.

20) Airstory


If you want to cite research and data efficiently, using Airstory is one of the best options. In this case, with the help of this software, you can quickly pivot the full-fledged content writing platform to the Chrome and Firefox extensions, which will help you cite sources in your content.

One of the best features of history is tags. Using this feature in several other categories would be functional, such as blogging stats or content curation. If you are writing highly-sourced and data-driven content, then history is one of the best content marketing software tools.

The Additional Content Marketing Tools

The Additional Content Marketing Tools

While crafting the compelling content, it is often easier to say this has been done. Below, I am going to discuss the additional content marketing tools.

1) Wordable


If you publish an article through WordPress, you can post directly from Google Docs. If so, you know that porting the content over WordPress is a giant pain. After all, Wordable can push your Google docs into the WordPress site. Ultimately, this is a massive time-saving software. Moreover this is one of the most significant features of Wordable is Post or Page. If you are trying to copy or paste past the content into WordPress, you check out the Wordable.

2) Buffer

If you are looking for another social media marketing tool, it will empower you to grow your audience. This will help to engage users with several other compelling content, and in this way, you can track the social media content performance. What are the primary features of Buffer? Aside from that, there are several other features, such as social media content scheduling, social content analytics, content marketing workflows, and so many others.

In Conclusion

I have already discussed the top 20 content marketing tools for maximizing the reach above in this article. In this modern marketing landscape, content marketers must often wear several other hats that will help them do their jobs effectively. Above all, content is such a lifeblood of any digital marketing strategy. In this case, this will help you establish your brand through a digital presence.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have queries, please comment below!

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