American animated comedy Doug made its television premiere in 1991 on Nickelodeon. The program centers on the early adolescent years of Douglas “Doug” Funnie, who plays the lead role. 

The play includes several imaginative scenarios as Doug reads each narrative aloud from his diary. 

Doug’s efforts to win over Patti Mayonnaise, his classmate and crush, are frequently the focus of episodes. 52 episodes totaled the original run, which aired over four seasons from 1991 to 1994. 

Disney authorized the fifth season in 1996 after Nickelodeon decided not to extend the program for a fifth season. For three more seasons, the program was transferred to One Saturday Morning on ABC. 

It rose to prominence as a program, generating a live song, many books, eCommerce items, fanfiction for the Doug cartoon characters and theater production.

In this article, we shall help you know all the Doug characters and understand them better!


Doug Funnie

Doug Funnie
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Douglas Funnie is a shy, underconfident, and occasionally clumsy 11-year-old boy (12 in the Disney version) with a huge heart and a vivid imagination. 

He may be seen wearing a green-colored sleeveless sweater-vest with a V-neck, a white t-shirt and light brown short pants, white socks, and white and red sports shoes in the first season of the Nickelodeon show. 

A constant aspect of his personality is his love for Patti Mayonnaise and his desire to one day be in a relationship with her.

Doug is a typical young man who frequently comes across as timid and insecure. He occasionally allows his anxiety and fears to rule him, which leads him to imagine terrifying and improbable worst-case solutions to various predicaments. 

He also tends to get angry easily, especially when the Doug characters are provoked or irritated. Doug loses his mind in “Doug’s Brainy Buddy” and snaps at those who tease him. 

He can seem authoritarian and patronizing in this rage-filled condition, yet he is still Doug Funnie, as seen in instances when he is envious of Skeeter’s brilliance. 

He needs to keep in mind his father’s words: “Show me a guy who resorts to violence and I’ll show you a man who has run out of excellent ideas.” when dealing with menacing foes like Larry.

Patti Mayonnaise

Patti Mayonnaise

Patricia “Patti” Mayonnaise (born October 12, 1980), Patti, is an accomplished athlete and Doug Funnie’s covert love interest.

Patti has curly blonde hair and a dark complexion in the original Nickelodeon series. She mainly sports a dark blue short skirt, white stockings, with one being slightly shorter than the other, and purple and white sneakers. 

Her long-sleeved top has purple polka dots and trim. She now has straight hair and a significantly lighter complexion in the Disney adaptation of Doug.

Patti is regarded as one of the show’s kindest Doug characters. She is not just a model student but also a skilled athlete. 

When Doug tries to apologize for dousing her in ketchup, she demonstrates her capacity for forgiveness. But, particularly when it comes to sports, Patti has a fierce sense of competition.

He has a covert infatuation with Patti throughout both seasons of the show, and he frequently imagines her as the damsel in distress in his daydreams about Smash Adams and Quailman. 

The two have previously had fights where they have come to hash out their differences and won’t hesitate to work together.

Skeeter Valentine

Skeeter Valentine

A supporting player in the Disney and Nickelodeon cartoon series Doug is Valentine. The best buddy of Doug Funnie, Skeeter, is well-known for saying “Honk, honk!” 

In both the Nickelodeon and the Disney versions, he is in the seventh grade at Bluffington School.

Skeeter has a blue complexion and a few hairs on his head. These Doug characters appeared in Disney movies wearing the same shorts and red sneakers, a long-sleeved shirt with a yellow zero, and a purple open vest. 

Dale Valentine, Skeeter’s younger brother, and his two parents are all related.

Skeeter is lovable but a fool who always has a positive outlook and an approachable demeanor. 

He exhibits extreme eccentricity and silliness, often acting comically or uttering absurdities. Every time Skeeter speaks to someone, he makes the signature “honk, honk!” sound, which has become his catchphrase. 

Skeeter is shown in Doug’s Brainy Buddy as having an absurdly high IQ, which leads to the opportunity for him to enter college despite only having completed sixth grade.

When Skeeter found out that his family was relocating, he was ready to leave them for Doug since he loved them so much. The only person Skeeter ever has issues with is Roger Klotz, the bully at school.

Roger Klotz

Roger Klotz

The primary antagonist among the Doug characters of the Nickelodeon and Disney animated series Doug is Roger Martin Klotz (born July 20, 1975). 

He regularly goes to great lengths to ridicule or humiliate Doug Funnie in front of his crush, Patti Mayonnaise and subsequently becomes his friend. He is currently in the sixth grade at Bluffington School after being held back many times (7th in the Disney version).

In the Nickelodeon series, Roger lived with his mother, a monster truck driver, and was destitute (Disney kept him affluent). 

He looks to be a nice father and owns a cat named Stinky. Ned Cauphee, Willie White, and Boomer Bledsoe are his closest buddies. 

He also has feelings for Judy Funnie, Doug’s elder sister, in “Doug’s Worst Nightmare.” 

Despite his subpar grades, Roger is both literate and untalented. Due to his talent in the arts, including painting, acting, and ballet dancing, he has been likened to a Renaissance man. He is so skilled at painting that he can compete with Doug.

Due to his bullying and rude conduct, Roger is despised by the majority of Doug characters. However, except when he tries to impress a girl, he doesn’t appear to mind this and even seems to like it. 

Most of the time, Roger calls Doug by his last name, “Funnie,” but when he needs his assistance, Roger plays it nice and calls him Doug. In addition, Roger frequently pesters his buddy Patti Mayonnaise for assistance so that he might succeed in his studies.

Bud Dink

Bud Dink

Doug Funnie is friends with a middle-aged guy named Bud Dink. He made his film debut in “Doug Bags a Nematoad.” Bud, or Mr. Dink as he is more well known, likes purchasing pricey new technologies and equipment for his personal use. 

He is wed to Tippingdale Dink, also known as Tippi, who has been his patient wife for a very long time.

Mr. Dink, an oddity through and through, is frequently the first to think of bizarre inventions or awful jokes, along with his terrible spelling. 

Despite this, he has a lot of good intentions and is eager to assist others, as seen by the fact that he arranges a dance party. 

This is of the Doug character who certainly makes an effort to be a decent husband and is very loyal to his wife, Tippi. He even went so far as to cut a hedge in her likeness.

A flyball destroyed Mr. Dink’s personalized grill, which featured a portrait of him. Doug sought to earn enough cash to purchase a replacement. 

At some point, he admitted to Doug that he had damaged his grill, but Dink wasn’t upset since he believed Doug had learned his lesson. Instead, he offered Doug and Skeeter employment at a nighttime barbecue.

Judy Funnie

Judy Funnie
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Approximately 16 years ago, in Bloatsburg, South Africa, Judy Anastasia Funnie, one of the Doug characters, was born. She is Doug Funnie’s older sister and is frequently portrayed as being (overly) theatrical. 

Judy seldom takes her beret or sunglasses off and often exclusively wears purple and black.

Judy, who is 16 years old and the oldest kid in her family, is quite theatrical but never very rebellious. As a result, she is occasionally asked to perform or oversee productions at Bluffington Elementary. 

In the beginning, Doug dreads these occasions out of concern that Judy will humiliate him (as she has in the past), but her shows typically end up being favorably received.

Jim Jinkins offered Disney a spin-off series that would have highlighted Judy, but Disney declined. 

She wears black sunglasses and has red hair that is covered by a purple beret. She is dressed in purple boots, a purple sweater dress over a black top, and black tights.

Beebe Bluff

Beebe Bluff
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Beebe Bluff is yet another name among the list of Doug characters. The town of Bluffington has her family’s name, so she is the richest child there. 

Despite being quite snobbish, Beebe is well-liked by the female students. Throughout the whole series, the late Alice Playten provided her voice.

When Beebe mistreated someone, she acted with humility toward them. She expressed regret to Doug for ruining the Beatcracker audition. She has a tense relationship with Betty Bluff, her mother. 

As she did in the movie when she witnessed her father threatening Doug and Skeeter, she did not fail to stand up for her friends when required.

In the episode Doug’s Secret Admirer, Beebe Bluff was previously said to have a crush on Doug Funnie. They remain close friends now, and Beebe regularly invites Doug to her gatherings and celebrations. 

Because of Roger Klotz’s unpleasant nature, she hates him. She develops a fear of him as he grows wealthy.


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Porkchop, the Doug character dog, a pet dog owned by Doug Funnie, has been able to speak to his owner since he was a year old. 

He communicates using body language, facial emotions, hand gestures, and a succession of dog-like sounds like barks. He is far more extroverted than his owner and doesn’t hesitate to embrace challenges.

In the Disney adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon, the dog named Porkchop resides in both a tepee and an igloo. 

Porkchop’s best friend is Doug Funnie, but he typically gets along with everyone—apart from Roger Klotz and his cat, Stinky. He could be modeled after Snoopy from the Peanuts comics and animations.

He is the only other character from the program, along with his owner to appear in practically every episode. 

Since he cannot speak any languages, Fred Newman, who voiced him on the program, provides his barks and other noises.

The Beets

The Beets
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A well-liked band in Doug, an animated television program, is The Beets. All the major Doug characters love this band. Munroe Yoder, Chap Lipman, Flounder, and Wendy Nespah make up the band.

Their most popular song, “Killer Tofu,” encouraged youngsters to adopt a healthy diet and featured catchy yodeling. 

The group was modeled after British bands The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Beatles.

Throughout the run of the show, Doug and his pals encountered the band very frequently. It was my first experience seeing what it was like to be a superfan and the outsized effects bands have on young youngsters.

Watch Doug! A Classic Exception…

Many youngsters had their first opportunity to examine the various personality types they needed to get familiar with, thanks to the well-known 90s cartoon Doug— 

For example, there was Roger Klotz, a bully among the Doug characters and an antagonist who pretends to be tough to cover up some obvious vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, there’s also an attractive girl you never had the nerve to attempt asking out Patti Mayonnaise. Skeeter was the person you confided in from the beginning, the one you told everything.

There are several ways to understand Doug’s attraction. You may feel understood as a youngster, and it could be quite emotional, but it could also be delightfully ludicrous and a lot of fun. 

The program never catered to assumptions about what a young audience may or might need help to grasp. Instead, it was a delightfully ridiculous way to pass the time, and it served as a good reminder that having feelings is entirely okay.

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