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Ducktales Cartoon: Ducktales characters

The 1987 television series of the same name was revived as DuckTales. The emphasis of the revamp is on fresher components and more in-depth character narratives, including greater Donald Duck involvement. 

A 44-minute pilot episode marked the series’ August 12, 2017, Disney XD debut. 

The whole second season of the show and the portion of the first season that had yet to be shown were relocated from May 2018 to September 2019 to Disney Channel. Finally, on March 15, 2021, a 67-minute finale brought everything to a close.

In this cartoon movie, the ducktales characters Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s uncle Scrooge McDuck ask Donald Duck to watch them. 

Scrooge rediscovers his spirit of adventure after unintentionally unleashing and defeating a few legendary demons. He invites Donald and the triplets to move in with him at McDuck Manor. 

The family engages in several new treasure hunts and transatlantic journeys while fending off adversaries like Flintheart Glomgold, Ma Beagle, and the Beagle Boys.

Let us explore all the ducktales characters and travel down memory lane?

1. Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck
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He is one of the main ducktales 2017 characters. Scrooge McDuck is the elder brother of Matilda and Hortense McDuck and the son of Fergus and Downy McDuck. 

He is the maternal granduncle of Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, as well as the maternal uncle of Donald and Della Duck.

Scrooge is a mystery multi-trillionaire and an adventurer. His money and unbridled confidence have spawned an unpredictable character and the conviction that everything is possible if you put in the effort. 

He doesn’t love money out of avarice; he loves cash because he knows how each dollar was acquired and represents a memorable experience.

Scrooge is stern yet kind-hearted. This is one of the ducktales characters who carefully plans his routes and uses the information he has accumulated over the years to keep himself safe and out of harm’s way. 

He cherishes honesty and integrity; despite his advanced age, he still puts forth a lot of effort. His biggest regret is being unable to stop his niece Della from taking her fateful space trip.

2. Donald Duck

Donald Duck
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One of the best characters in ducktales 2017 is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. He is Della Duck’s elder twin brother, the nephew of Scrooge McDuck, and the uncle to Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. 

Donald, a fierce, dedicated, independent, and the caring duck, has taken on the role of guardian for his sister’s children. 

Donald can be unpredictable and a “financial risk,” as Huey, one of the ducktales characters, called him in Who is Gizmoduck?!, despite his generally good intentions. 

His explosive temper might be sparked by impatience, annoyance, and usually when things don’t go his way.

Because of his exploits, Donald is a survivor, which his nephews admire. Despite his flaws, Donald is a positive person who is devoted and persistent and shines when he sacrifices all for the people he loves. 

The House of the Lucky Gander! It does a wonderful job of illustrating this, with Donald’s terrible luck bringing him down and his cousin Gladstone’s good fortune giving him everything. 

In The Shadow War, Donald demonstrated remarkable leadership and initiative when his confidence was there.

3. Louie Duck

Louie Duck
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Uncle Scrooge would be proud of “The Mouth’s” outrageous, outlandish moneymaking plans. But, on any given journey, his sharp improvising abilities are a welcome advantage. 

Louie is a little, white preteen duck with side-swept hair wearing a green sweatshirt. He wears a light green T-shirt underneath a front-open green and white sweatshirt.

Louie tends to be lazy and irresponsible, yet he also has moments when he’s daring and kind. 

Louie is frequently the triplets’ bright, clever, sarcastic, and sardonic one. He thinks that most adventures include finding riches, but he will go if nothing is useful to him. 

He occasionally exhibits a touch of pessimism, like in “The Lost Harp of Mervana!”

Then he devised a plan in “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!” to get rid of a dishonest “Tenderfeet” and protect his family. 

His seeming indifference and laziness are revealed in “The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!” as a frightened little child who attempts to talk himself out of trouble. 

This demonstrates how insecure and cowardly he is, putting on an air of casual confidence to mask his genuine sentiments.

4. Dewey Duck

Dewey Duck
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Dewey, the second brother, has been experiencing the typical middle-child syndrome since birth. He is one of the ducktales characters 2017, who is often called “The Guts.” Dewey is eager to prove himself by impulsively putting himself in perilous circumstances. 

He worries that he’s simply a regular duck, so he’s always eager to distinguish himself. Dewey, according to Webby, is “kind, sensitive, and full of secrets.”

Of the three, Dewey is the bold, attention-seeking explorer. To stand out, be seen, and have fun, he loves to explore and do daring and interesting things. 

Dewey’s compassion is seen in “Daytrip of Doom!” when he defends Webby. Even after discovering that Mark Beaks was a phony, he promised to save him.

Dewey is a little preteen duck with upward-sticking hair who typically wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt underneath a dark blue t-shirt. Donald and Scrooge frequently compare Dewey to his mother. 

Dewey says in “The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!” that his siblings would suffer the same fate as he did if they learned the truth about their mother.

5. Huey Duck

Huey Duck
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A little, white-feathered juvenile duck named Huey wears a red polo shirt and a red baseball cap. 

He wears a red shirt with white lettering underneath a red jacket with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He also wears a red cap with a white and red (#) pattern. 

Huey believes he is frequently correct because of his intelligence, organizational abilities, and Junior Woodchucks’ training. In addition, he enjoys using well-organized checklists to accomplish his goals since he wants to be in charge of the issue. 

When things don’t go as he had expected, Huey might go crazy and often react out of rage or anxiety. 

Huey’s chaotic side’s wrath, lunacy, and general gloom are embodied in The Duke of Making a Mess.

6. Della Duck

Della Duck
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One of the nine main ducktales characters 2017 is Della Duck. She is Scrooge McDuck’s niece and the younger sister of Donald Duck. She is similar to her brother in attitude and impatience, up to the point that she uses his catchphrase, “Aw, phooey,” although Della has a clearer voice than Donald. 

Della Duck is a white anthropomorphic duck with swoop bangs and shoulder-length hair. She is dressed in a brown flying jacket, a sea-green blouse, tan shorts, black goggles, and a light blue scarf. Her legs, feet, and beak are yellow-orange.

After one of Louie’s plans goes too far and threatens to lose him and his family, she musters the strength to be firm with him in “Timephoon!” 

Della is an incredibly motivated person and determined as well as almost fearless in the face of death and peril. With the help of oxygen gum and her desire to see her children, she managed to live on the moon. 

She created a strict security system in “GlomTales!” to keep Louie in his room throughout his punishment. Della is skilled at calculating plans and finding shortcuts throughout their excursions, according to Scrooge.

7. Webby Vanderquack

Webby Vanderquack
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Webby, one of the ducktales characters, has been alone and by herself at Scrooge’s house for most of her life, brooding about his previous deeds. 

Webby is eager for every adventure the world (and being a regular kid) has to offer now that she is out in the world. Before “Woo-oo! events, “‘s Webby had hardly any social interaction.

Webby, unlike her 1987 self, is an action girl. In addition to being adorable, Webby is a sweetheart who genuinely cares about everyone around her. 

She is a huge admirer of the McDucks. She is essentially a “walking encyclopedia,” Webby had longed for in a companion until she met the triplets and realized all of her fantasies.

Webby, a pekin duck, frequently sports a bob cut and wears a pink shirt with rolled sleeves, a purple skirt, and a blue sleeveless vest. 

She wears a purple blouse and pink overalls in “Quack Pack!” Instead of her signature bow, she dons a yellow flower with a purple center.

Start Watching Ducktales Now!

Now that you know all the ducktales characters in 2017, it’s time to go through each episode and enjoy their adventures. 

In syndication, DuckTales made its premiere on September 18, 1987. The program was a visual treat from beginning to end during its 100 episodes. 

The primary need for creating original animated shows for broadcast and syndication was that they were aesthetically on par with the films.

DuckTales’ opening theme makes it difficult to think about anything else. Even the series premiere of the relaunch was given the passionate tone connected with the show’s name by its makers. So allow yourself to become engrossed in it.

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