how long does a conch piercing take to heal

How Long Does A Conch Piercing Take To Heal?

When I saw one of my friends getting a conch piercing, I said, “wow, that must’ve hurt!”. Moreover, how long does a conch piercing take to heal? That was another question that rang in my head. 

While my greedy alter ego was desperate to get a conch piercing, I did a little research and found some facts about it, which I will share in this article. This is your 101 conch piercing guide. So, don’t drop it in the middle. 

What Is A Conch Piercing?

The conch piercing is a cartilage piercing named after the spiral conch shell-like appearance the ear takes. It is the inner cup part of the human ear. If you are thinking of getting them pierced, you have two options. No, make that three. You can pierce the inner conch and the outer conch, or you can go for both.

You are likely to have more space on the higher gold of your ear. (perfect for studs, I know). The lower fold makes up the best space for hoops. This piercing is done focusing on the acupuncture points. Because of those help in muscle relaxation. Some experts also add? that conch piercing can help combat chronic pain. So I think you have another excuse to take the pain. 

Remember, if you get this type of piercing, you should rely only on experienced professionals. This is because professionals can do the piercing hygienically and reduce the risk of infection. 

How’s Conch Piercing Done?

Regardless of where you want it, you can get conch pierced through only one of two painful ways. Here are two of those ways ?

  • Piercing needle: the use of piercing needles is the most common practice. Professional piercers clean the area where you want the piercing done and make a point on both sides of the ear. Then they will use the needles and jewelry to piece. It only takes a few minutes. 
  • Dermal punch: this way depends upon the type of jewelry you want to wear. If you want to go for larger jewelry, the piercer might recommend getting a dermal punch. They use a small device and remove a tiny part of the cartilage. Trust me; this will hurt. 

How Bad Does Conch Piercing Hurt?

When I said, “how bad,” you should have figured it hurt. But how bad? It depends upon you. Pain is subjective; it might hurt you more than your friend. When getting pierced, the needle will move through the hard palate of cartilage. So, the pain you are going to feel will be more than what you felt when you got your earlobes pierced. 

The pain will come and last in three stages.

  • During the piercing: it will hurt when you get pierced. The extra sharp pressure only lasts for a few seconds. 
  • After the piercing: feeling a hot and throbbing pain is quite normal. This may last for a few hours. But, in the worst-case scenario, this will last for a few more days. 
  • While healing: the pain may continue as the area of the conch piercing heals for months. 

If you have pierced your helix or tragus, you can expect a similar pain. Afterall, you never know until you get pierced. 

How Long Does It Take For A Conch Piercing To Heal?

Now, the most important question is how long does a conch piercing take to heal? At best, it will take the conch piercing around 6 to 9 months to completely heal. That is if you get pierced by a needle. But, if you get a dermal piercing, the healing process will take almost a year. 

How much do conch piercings cost? The piercing will cost you around $40 to $100. Although it might take some time to heal, you cannot miss out on aftercare because that is the key to healing your conch piercing as soon as possible. 

What About The Aftercare?

You should use a super mild soap or salt water to clean the area during the healing process. Also, if you are thinking, “can I wear earbuds after a conch piercing?” well, that’s a no. But, if you have already got them pierced, then here is the care routine you should follow ?

  • Clean them twice a day, using salt water or super mild soap
  • Before you touch your piercing area, get your hands a wash. 
  • Give a sea salt bath to your piercing at least once a day.
  • Use gauze or paper towels soaked with saline to gently wipe the area. 
  • Don’t rotate the piercing at any cost.
  • Is the piercing area fully healed? If not, don’t remove the jewelry. But always ask your piercer when to remove them. 
  • You cannot use headbands, in-ear headphones, or hats over your piercing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you got your conch pierced, these questions’ answers might help. 

1. Is Conch Piercing Harmful?

Ans: Conch piercing does not harm you if it is done by a professional. Due to hygiene issues, conch piercing might put you at certain risks. It may cause infection during the healing phase if not properly cleaned on a regular basis. You need to maintain a strict aftercare process if you want to reduce the risk. 

2. Does A Conch Heal Better With A Stud Or Hoop?

Ans: The healing process depends upon the jewelry your choose and the material of the jewelry. Of course, hoops are a better choice because they facilitate movement. Also, selecting the right material for your jewelry will help minimize irritation and risks. 

3. Is A Conch Piercing Unprofessional?

Ans: Lobe ear piercing is common among men and women and is acceptable in workplaces. Also, most workplaces hardly have any problem with more complex ear piercings like conch, helix, and tragus. However, the choice of jewelry for the different piercings might be of some concern. 

Final Words

So, if you are thinking, how long does a conch piercing take to heal? 6 to 10 months is the answer. But it also depends upon the type of piercing you get yourself. You also need to think of a regular aftercare routine to keep the area clean. 

Did you find this article helpful? I hope you did. If you have any similar questions, you can put them in the comment box. We will not keep you waiting for long.

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