When planning to start a business, it is all about the frustration of making a big sale. As you have to pay revenue for this as big fees. In this case, you can do one thing: maximize your return as per what you are paying for.

In recent times, eBay has been the second most visited marketplace across the globe. You can find both types of brands such as emerging and well-established. Do you know why this marketplace is one of the most popular? Because their online marketing strategies are great.

One more thing: when planning to start an online business on eBay, you must know the selling price ranges with selling on the marketplace. In this article, I will discuss how much does eBay take.


How Much Does eBay Take?  

How Much Does eBay Take? 

Do you want to know how much it takes to sell on eBay? Well, there are a lot of hidden costs which are involved in selling on eBay. Below, I am going to discuss how much are eBay fees.

As per researched information, it has been seen that the mandatory fee on eBay for 2022 is 0.35 USD per listing. First, you have to pay an insertion fee, which is for listing products on its marketplace.

This price you have to charge every time you renew a list or create a product listing. Even eBay gives you 250 “zero-insertion” listings per month, or you can even get more eBay store subscriptions.

Also, you have to know that getting 250 zero-insertion doesn’t always mean you can easily list 250 products for free. This insertion fee is charged per listing and as per every category.

I want to give you one example of listing: Suppose you want to sell water bottles, then you must list the Sporting Goods category to reach runners easily, walkers, and even other active folks.

Similarly, you must list products in the Office Supplies subcategory to sell something to young professionals. In this case, people who want something for their office can reach your list easily.   

Do you know you will also submit the fees as you relist every time? In this case, each renewal will count as a new insertion every time. Are you not getting curious about the standard insertion fees? This means you must pay 35 USD per listing across the entire subcategories.

What Are The Final Value Fees On Average To Sell On eBay?   

What Are The Final Value Fees On Average To Sell On eBay?

The fee you must pay on eBay is the “Final Value Fee.” This value represents the amount you will pay for completing every Sale on this platform.

Do you want to know what “The Final Value Fee” is based on?

It varies on:

  • Product category
  • The entire amount of the Sale is the total price, shopping fees, handling charges, and so many others.

If you want to know how much does it cost to sell on eBay? The final value will be charged according to the percentage of your entire sales price plus .30 USD per order.

In case you want to know what percentage eBay takes, just read below, which I have discussed:

  • If you are selling Books and magazines, then you have to pay 14.6% of the entire sales price
  • If you are selling Women’s bags and handbags, then you have to pay 15% of the entire sales price
  • Or else, suppose you are selling guitars and basses, then you have to pay 6% of the entire sales price
  • If you are selling Athletic shoes, pay 8% of the entire sales price.

Now Let’s Talk About The Step-By-Step Guide To Selling On eBay   

Now Let's Talk About The Step-By-Step Guide To Selling On eBay

I have already discussed how much does eBay take per sale. Now it is the time to know the steps to start selling on eBay. Below, I will discuss the step-by-step guide to selling products on the earliest eCommerce platform, eBay.

1) Pick Your Product Assortment   

First, you have to decide how to position your eBay store so that you can complement your existing eCommerce site. In this case, there are various options that you will get to set up your eBay store, such as resale items, end-of-line remainders, or just simply part of your regular merchandise.

On the other hand, make sure you have defined a clear and purpose goal for launching products on eBay. Also, remember that this online marketplace has its unique audiences, quirks, paths, and so on to achieve success.

2) Create Your eBay Account   

No matter on what eCommerce site you will start selling products? However, creating an account on those platforms is mandatory. You can see prompts to create a new eBay account.

Alternatively, you will be able to create an account from eBay, and you can easily connect it with later. However, by signing in through Wix, you will automatically receive a high range of zero insertion listing fee, and this exact limit depends on your product type, sales history, and several other factors that deems the importance of eBay.

3) Set Your Shipping Policies   

When planning to start an online eCommerce business, you have to plan for the target audience for your business. In this case, you can assign a flat fee or even calculate the amount based on the weight and dimensions of the entire package. On the other hand, you can also specify the handling time.

4) Set Your Return Policies   

You can set the return policies of your online marketing as per your choice. This means you can decide whether you can automatically accept and easily process returns or approve manually.

5) List Your Products   

Once you complete the previous steps, you must list products you can sync with eBay. This means you won’t have to enter your products into eBay manually and then manage two sites separately.

In this case, you can simply select the products you want to upload to eBay and then click on the option “Publish.” If, for any reason, your listing is getting rejected, then you can find the record of that unsuccessful listing. After that, you will be able to see the requirements that you need to solve the issue.

After that, you have to launch your products. Once you complete launching products, you have to promote your products. Then, you can simply monitor your business products closely.

In Conclusion   

I have discussed how much does eBay take to sell the products above in this article. Starting a business on eBay means you don’t have to purchase annual or monthly subscriptions. However, with the store subscription plan, you can design brand space with eBay to showcase your products.

This doesn’t mean that eBay doesn’t have any subscription plan. In this case, you can pay 4.95 USD per month. Or else, if you want to take the basic subscription fee, you have to pay 21.95 USD per month, and the premium costs 59.95 USD per month.

I hope you found this article helpful, In case you have queries, then please do comment below.

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