eBay, which is one of the oldest and most recognizable eCommerce platforms across the globe, and also an important place, especially in the online marketing place.

This platform is going strong because of has more than 10.2 billion USD in revenue and more than 1.5 billion USD in active listings. However, if you want to start a business on eBay, then this can be tricky, especially for beginners.

When you are starting an online business, you must show your products to the new shoppers. Otherwise, it is tough to achieve goals. On eBay, this is easier to do.

Apart from that, you can even reach a global audience of more than 100 million active buyers through eBay. Below, I will discuss how old do you have to be to sell on eBay.


How Old Do You Have To Be To Sell On eBay?  

How Old Do You Have To Be To Sell On eBay?

Well, if you want to start a business, then it means you have to be at least 18 years old. If you are just 17, then it is not possible to start a business on eBay. As per eBay’s policy, rules, and norms, a candidate must be 18 years old or 18 in the current year to get an opportunity to start a business on eBay.

What Documents Do You Need To Sell On eBay?  

What Documents Do You Need To Sell On eBay? 

If you want to start a business on eBay, you first have to register as a seller. This means you must provide complete details, including email address, phone number, etc. Apart from that, some specific documents are necessary to submit, such as:

  • First name and Last name
  • Email address
  • GSTIN Number
  • Pan Card
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill)
  • Cancel Cheque
  • Digital Signature With Company Stamp

Importance Of Selling Products On eBay   

Importance Of Selling Products On eBay
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If you want to know how large eBay is? Then, I would like to answer in just one sentence: Few companies will be able to compete with this eCommerce platform.

By 2021, we could see that more than 160 million eBay buyers are there just across the globe. Don’t you have doubts? Can you sell on eBay under 18? No. You can’t start a business on eBay under 18.

This online platform is one of the largest eCommerce platforms featured, with probably more than 1.3 billion products on any given day. Below, I will discuss the multiple importance of selling products on eBay.

1) Marketplace Across The Globe   

eBay serves customers across the globe. As a retail seller, this means you can easily list products for several nationalities. Suppose you are selling products from the U.K. while you want to target customers in India.

This condition might not be applicable to any other eCommerce platform. But eBay makes this possible. Even this online platform solves shipping problems easily with global sellers.

2) Fixed Price Listing And Auction Listing   

While it is sometimes hard to stick with the fixed-price listing. If you have a bulk stock of products, you can easily use the eBay platform to fix the price listing.

I am telling you another condition: if your stock is limited and demand is higher, you can get so many benefits from the auction while you are selling products on eBay.

3) Trust Factor   

There are so many rumors about the eBay online platform. There might be many rumors about eBay, but many people still prefer to purchase inventories on this online selling platform than other merchant sites. Some loyal customers prefer to purchase on eBay like other popular sites.

This can also happen that customers prefer to purchase from merchants rather than other sites where they land for the first time.

4) Lower Fees   

Do you know that eBay charges lower fees for product listing? Yes, that is why business owners don’t have to pay much to start their business on this platform.

This is low, but it depends on the total amount of sales. Do you have to be 18 to sell on eBay? This is a frequently asked question. Well, you have to be 18 to start a business on eBay.

5) Great SEO Benefit   

Yes! You heard right that eBay has a great SEO benefit. In this case, if you are running your own eCommerce business, then it is a must that you have to try for ranking. First, you have to list your products on eBay. Then, you can easily grab their SEO benefits for your products.

The Top-Selling Items On eBay In 2023   

The Top-Selling Items On eBay In 2023

One of the most beneficial suggestions that I would like to give you, which is of course business related, is to know the best and top selling products according to the current market.

Why am I telling you?

You can easily boost your business revenue once you can recognize the most popular and trending products. Below, I will elaborate on the top-selling items on eBay in 2023.

1) Mobile Phone And Accessories   

One of the best things you can sell on eBay is mobile phones and accessories. Yes! I know this might be thought-provoking. Why would mobile phones and accessories be among the best products to start a business on eBay?

With the fastest-growing technology, people across the globe are constantly changing their phones because technology is getting updated regularly.

This means the technology that you are using today might not be relevant the day after tomorrow. After researching the matter, it has been seen that you can sell more than 666 items in this category as per the listing.

2) Video Games   

One of the top-selling products on eBay is Video games. Researchers have shown us that eBay sold, on average, more than 118 items in the video game listing. Do you have any idea about the price range of products? It starts from 4.99 USD to 88 USD.

This is because video games and consoles are one of the best-selling products on eBay. One more thing is that most common brands’ game controller inventories come from large console producers such as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and so on.

3) Home And Garden   

Another one of the most liked products by consumers is Home and Garden products. This is also one of the best-selling items of all as well. One of the top-selling and most-sold products in the Home category is the set of Egyptian bed sheets.

Other popular products you can keep for business on eBay to sell are LED light strips, gas-powered generators, a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, etc.

Apart from the product mentioned above category, which you can keep to start your business on eBay, there are some more categories, such as Computers and Tablets, Fashion-related products, Crafts, and so many others.

In Conclusion  

We have discussed how old do you have to be to sell on eBay above in this article. eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms where people can’t just buy or sell products and services across the globe.

eBay is the second marketplace across the U.S. Moreover, eBay is one of the most popular online platforms where you can sell arcade products to many customers.

I hope you found this article helpful.

In case you have doubts, then please do comment below Thank you for reading my article till the end.

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