Avast is one of the most potent and affordable antiviruses in the market. As with the popularity, many types of different errors are showing when the avast setup is already running. Fixing the errors is possible but make sure all the files are entirely scanned. Before Avast uninstalls, the setup is already running.

The users are facing many troubles when they want to uninstall the Avast setup that is already running. And in maximum cases, the users see a popup message saying, you can not uninstall the setup as it is already in the running state.

So most of the users are asking how to uninstall? While the avast setup is already running. How to uninstall avast is a more usual question than this. As you can uninstall the Avast in a smoother way while the Avast is not in the running state.


Why Avast Uninstall Hangs?

When you want to uninstall the Avast app while the avast setup is already running, you want to run the installer, but after a few seconds, you start getting the popup messages. And your Avast uninstall operation is getting hanged.

When you are clicking on the uninstall options, the.exe files of the Avast uninstaller files are running in the background of the running process. When you are trying to end the process from the task, you start to get the message. 

And your permission is getting denied as the whole operation is not completed. When your setup is already running, uninstalling the process task manager is showing the denying massages.

When you want the straight answer to your question, uninstalling while avast setup is already running never has a straight and clear solution. You have to apply some tricks to uninstall the avast setup that is already running. From these trial and error methods, one is going to be successful.

4 Solutions To Fix The Problem While Avast Setup Is Already Running:

If your avast won’t open or you can not end the process during the avast antivirus installer running. You are not going to get a straightforward answer. You have to use some trial and error mechanisms to correct the errors while the avast setup is already running.

Here are the five solutions if you are facing your avast setup is already running cannot uninstall.

1. Check For Corrupted Files

The first solution to your question is to check for the corrupted and virus-affected files in your system. Do the check-up to find the corrupted and virus-affected files in your system. If your Avast antivirus is scanning the system and updating the files, then sometimes the command prompt is showing the massage.

Your virus scanning and file checking are all-time active while the Avast setup is already running. To perform the checking, follow the simple steps.

Step-1: First open the command prompt box.

Step-2: Type cd\ in the command prompt. And enter Chkdsk.

Step-3:  Then start the testing lines.

Step-4: Copy-paste the command in the command prompt. And press enter.

If you do not scan any virus-affected files and the windows are showing the confirming scanning messages. That means you are out of danger. 

And all the files are scanned into your system. If your windows are not showing this message, you have to give all the total scanning time.

2. Disable Self-Defense 

Sometimes the self-defense mechanism of the vast antivirus is causing serious trouble during the Avast setup that is already running. If you want to try out this method, you have to disable the self-defense mechanism of the Avast.

To disable the self-defense mechanism, follow the simple steps below.

Step-1: Click on the Avast launch application.

Step-2: Then open the settings option from the Avast application.

Step-3: Select the troubleshoot options from the settings.

Step-4: From the troubleshooting options. You have to choose the self-defense option. From the first time when you are opening up the troubleshoot option. You are going to find the self-defense option is active.

Step-5: Click on the check box to disable the self-defense options.

After disabling, restart your system to get the security.

3. Kill The Running Process From Task Manager

Many users are asking for the solution to the can’t end Avast process. Ending the process during Avast setup is already running is tough, but it is not impossible. To fix these errors, you can simply kill the running process from the task manager.

To kill the running process, you have to follow the following steps.

Step-1: Launch the task manager to kill the process. Which is running in the background during the avast setup is already running.

Step-2: Relocate the instup.exe files. After the relocations of the files. Choose the option of the end task from the options.

Step-3: After all virus scanning of the files, this running process kill is only possible. If still, your scanning is running, you are getting the massage your process is still running.

4. Uninstall Avast

I can’t uninstall Avast, is this your question? After three times failing, at last, you want to know the solution of can’t uninstall avast setup is already running. After you are getting the three unsuccessful results, uninstalling is the ultimate option for you. Uninstalling during avast setup is already running is a simple process.

Just you have to follow the simple steps:

Step-1: Click on the control panel of your PC.

Step-2: Go to the features and program parts.

Step-3: Choose the Avast option and do the right click on the options.

Step-4: Then choose the uninstall option from the lists.

Step-5: If your uninstallation is completed in an uninterrupted way after the uninstallation restarts your computer.

Step-6: Choose any authentic Avast package from the online Avast community. And then reinstall the package again.

If you do not want to uninstall the Avast. Hence you also can apply the Avast repair method. 

Wrapping It Up:

Sometimes removal or fixing the errors during Avast setup is already running is becoming really challenging. If these four techniques are not giving you the desired result. And in the end, you want to uninstall your Avast. Hence, taking the help of the avast removal tool is a smart and fast process. You are getting two options from Avast. One is home-based and professional avast removal tools. Choose as per your requirements. So how are your Avast experiences? Do not forget to comment back to us?

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