When you watch season 4 of the Next Great Baker series on TLC, you will become a fan of Lia Holter! With all her amazing baking recipes, she has earned a lot of love and appreciation worldwide.

She has recently launched a cookbook called Made by Lia’s Christmas Cookies. For your Christmas celebration, you must bake a cake that will make your family happy and feed them! Many people love cake, and it helps them create amazing memories, which adds to their baking journey.

You can learn a lot from the book because several Christmas recipes will make it easier for you. With her appearance in season 4 of the show, she has become a household name. She has one of the best cookie recipes and makes them with her great-grandma, grandma, mother, and sister!

The preparation that is required during Christmas time is difficult, but it is important because it brings all your loved ones together. In 2012, Lia started her Facebook page, and it was to share her recipes with her family and friends. What she did not realize was that she would become so popular!

Her popularity grew overnight as she made cakes and cookies in her little apartment. She finally won in 2015 in the Next Great Baker competition but could not keep up with the demands of cakes and cookies. She also started getting orders for weddings and catering.

In the middle of the COVID pandemic 2019, the individual opened her first brick-and-mortar! It has been about three years since they have been there! So, if you want to learn how to start a baking business, you can follow Lia Holter. Her cookies have become quite popular. You can also read her recipes accordingly and make your cookies. Your family will be jubilant and overjoyed with the delicious cookies.

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