Loteria: How To Play This Game Like A Pro In 2023?

Google came up with yet another Doodle in the year 2019, named Loteria, which is a traditional card game played in Mexico. The game was first published on the 9th of December, 2019. However, the game is available on many other platforms on the internet. And the rules of the game are quite similar to Bingo, with a little twist.

In this article, we will mainly talk about the game called Loteria and how you will be able to play the game efficiently so that you have better chances of winning. Apart from that, we will also know about the various aspects of the game, like how many Loteria cards there are and other factors. To know more details of the game, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is Loteria?  

Loteria is a traditional Mexican card game that you can play with your family and friends. According to the Google Doodle Loteria page ?

?The rules are similar to Bingo in that players mark spots on a tabla, or board, with a token (traditionally a raw bean) and attempt to fill it before all other players. A designated card announcer randomly pulls colorfully illustrated cards like ?La Luna,? or ?El Arbol,? and sometimes improvises poetic descriptions that match spaces on the tablas. A shout of ?¡lotería!? or ?¡buenas!? declares victory for one lucky player, ending the round.?

The first thing that you must know about the game Loteria is that it is not a typical board game that you play with your family. This is a competitive game that can escalate easily, even in friendly situations. Even friendly nighttime get-togethers can turn into a feud in a matter of seconds. However, on the internet, you can play the game with a computer within a controlled environment. The game is also known as Chalupa or Mexican Bingo.

If you know the rules of the game, it can be very interesting and addictive at the same time. If you have played Bingo before, it will be easy for you to understand the game. This Mexican game has images on boards instead of numbers.

The game has a caller who will sing out a riddle or an image name. And then, you will have to place the token on your board if you already have it. If you get four tokens in a row, you can call “¡Lotería!” which means you won.

Why Google Tried To Come Up With A Loteria Doodle?  

Perla Campos, the Global Marketing Lead of Google Doodle writes, in the Google Doodle Loteria homepage ?

?Today, Lotería?s iconic imagery and the shared experience it fosters across people of any generation has become a source of pride and celebration for Mexican culture. Whether you play today with your familia or a new amig@ around the world, we hope today?s Doodle inspires fun, curiosity, and a healthy dose of competencia.?

How Many Cards Are In Loteria?  

How Many Cards Are In Loteria  

Loteria is played through cards. Hence, it is important to know how many cards there are in Loteria. The number is 54. Each of the cards has a different picture and name on them. This is basically a game of chance, and the caller of the game is given the responsibility to shuffle the deck of cards. The names on the cards are all in Spanish.

The caller, after picking a card, one by one from the deck, announces the cards to the players by calling out the name. If the image in the card matches with any of the cards that the player has, then it puts forward on the table or the board. The one player who gets it right four in a row calls out, “¡Lotería!” and wins the game.

How To Play Loteria?  

Before you try out the game, you have to understand that Loteria is basically a game of luck and fully depends on chance. Once you have made this sure, here are the rules that you need to follow to play the game:

1. Make one person the caller of the game, and that person will draw cards from the deck and call out the name of the card. In the Doodle game, there will be an in-game caller.

2. Each player should have one board (tabla). There are 16 images on the board. However, each board is different from the others, as there are 54 different images.

3. You will need 50 tokens based on the number of players in the game. You can use small rocks as tokens.

4. (Optional) You can bet money on the game with the consent of others in the game. However, this option is not available on many online platforms.

5. Once everyone is ready, the caller picks up a card from the deck and calls it by name.

6. If you have the image that is called out, then place a token on the board over that image.

7. Within the table or the board, if you have got four tokens side by side, forming a row, you can call out “¡Lotería!” claiming your victory.

The game is in the Spanish language. Hence, you will need to make sure that you understand every image or riddle in the game. If the caller calls out a riddle, you have to understand the image related to it. Only then will you be able to place a token on that image? Recognition of images and understanding of the riddles is a must requirement if you want to play Loteria efficiently.

Final Thought  

In this article, you learned how to play Loteria, a traditional Mexican board game. However, this game is a game of chance, and the intensity of the game can go very high within a matter of a few minutes. Hence, make sure that you are playing the game with mature-minded people who do not mind losing.

However, you can also play the game on Google Doodle in multiplayer mode and can connect with players anywhere. After reading through the rules of the game, what do you find interesting about Loteria? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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