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Mailjet Pricing: Everything You Should Know About The Tool

In this era of pandemics, businesses are trying hard to sustain their industries. Aside from that, there is no requirement to take some reasonable and bold steps to keep your business profitable. After all, mailjet pricing has four different pricing editions from $9.65 to $20.95.

On the other hand, Mailjet’s free trial plan is also available. There are bold steps to enhance sales. Advertising techniques have become digital because people are not interested in going through newspapers, pamphlets, etc.

In this case, one of the most essential tools which is used in digital marketing is email marketing tools. After all, email marketing includes sending and creating appealing and attractive emails to potential buyers. In this way, you can make your target audiences aware of new launches, sales, offers, etc.

Let’s Talk About What Mailjet Is?

Let's Talk About What Mailjet Is?

Email is the most crucial way to make customers aware and generate leads. In this case, multiple email marketing tools will help your business to grow. Below, I am going to discuss what Mailjet is.   

Mailjet is considered a trusted email service provider. This means that this email service provides tools to around 130,000 clients across the globe. This includes well-known brands such as DHL, Body Shop, and Microsoft.   

Aside from that, Mailjet gives you several email marketing features, such as an email builder, email analytics, contacts list management, and many others. Mailjet has been certified as ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant. Therefore, they can assure you of your security, especially your personal information.  

In this case, your data has been backed up regularly, which can help you review the critical business data of your trade. SSL and TLS certifications guarantee that your business data will remain encrypted. Therefore, no third-party application can get access to this anyhow.   

Let’s Discuss About Mailjet Pricing:

Let's Discuss About Mailjet Pricing

After long research, I came up with several mailjet pricing options. Below, I am going to discuss mailjet pricing. 

There are two types of Mailjet price plans: basic and premium. In this case, Mailjet’s basic plan costs around $9.65. On the other hand, Mailjet’s premium plan costs around $20.95. These offerings include a free trial, a free/premium version, and premium consulting.  

Now, let’s talk about the free version features you are getting in Mailjet. This includes live chat, forums, FAQs, video tutorials, etc. Through Mailjet, you can send up to 6000 messages per month. However, with the free plan, you can send only 200 emails daily through Mailjet. Every email user can send on this plan has the Mailjet logo, which could look more professional. The Mailjet pricing is quite like convertkit pricing 

On the other hand, users can market their products if the short list of features in the free plan constrains them. Aside from that, the free plan doesn’t include any automation or segmentation. Therefore, users must choose the recipients and manually schedule messages.   

Some standard features such as A+B testing, automation, and multi-user access, need to be added to the essential plan of the Mailjet pricing. Any user can send only 50 K email messages monthly under the essential Mailjet pricing plan.   

In the premium plan of Mailjet pricing, users can create several automated messages to welcome new contacts, target engaged subscribers, and celebrate anniversaries.  

However, this functionality can meet the basic automation requirements where users complain that this could be more convenient. This will only allow them to utilize the further advantages of several other visible workflows.   

What Are the Valuable Features of Mailjet That Enhance a Business?

What Are the Valuable Features of Mailjet That Enhance a Business?

There are several remarkable features of Mailjet. Do you know what they are? Below, I will discuss the valuable features of Mailjet to increase business sales.   

1) Email Builder

One of the most significant features of Mailjet is its email builder. Furthermore, this feature allows you to easily collaborate with your team, especially when building each Email.   

This is applicable just like collaborating in Google Docs. In this way, everyone can comment on the ongoing email-building procedure. Even more, this can suggest changes to create a masterpiece easily.   

2) Enterprise Service   

Another robust infrastructure that can auto-scale to send up to 15 million emails per hour through API is enterprise service. If you send more than 500,000 emails monthly, our email experts can help troubleshoot the deliverability issues. You can also get advice on the best practices.   

This assigns every technical account manager to every enterprise account to give support. This will apply to your daily requirements, training, and email expertise. Even though the support is also available in English, German, Spanish, or French.   

3) Personalization and Segmentation   

On the other hand, personalization and segmentation dynamically insert the custom dependable into your emails. Above all, you can do this with ease. This happens based on the contact list information, which allows you to customize emails based on your recipient’s requirements.   

4) Contacts List Management   

Well, Mailjet makes it easier to manage your contact list. In this case, you can easily add multiple custom fields to segregate your list; however, the management includes several analytics features, such as click, open, and unsubscribe rates.   

5) Expand your Contacts List   

Mailjet offers a feature that allows you to expand your contact list. Above all, this was done by creating the subscription widget. Those users who are subscribing to your newsletter can easily add it to their contact list. This way, your contact list will include several genuinely interested people. However, you can save the mailing reputation as well.  

6) Collect Information from Buyers for Segmentation of Emails   

Creating the subscription widgets means using Mailjet for your customers. In this case, you can create a simple form by asking for basic information such as address, age, and gender. Therefore, you can send customized emails.  

7) Automation   

Mailjet helps you to increase your business by transmitting emails automatically. In this case, you can do it at the right time. Therefore, this can engage with your possible buyers, and even you can attract inactive buyers. Automatically send an email for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.   

8) A/B Testing   

The A/B testing feature will let you send several types of emails to several small segments of the contacts. Therefore, this has been based on such a response.   

Furthermore, you will also be able to decide which Email would be functional, and which would not be where you can make more critical sales. Aside from that, Mailjet can also automatically optimize your campaign to send the best-performing variation. This significant characteristic you can find on other email marketing tools like mailerlite, or other mailerlite alternative 

9) Sending Emails   

Email sending is another feature you can quickly implement in several other programming languages. With the efficient email API and SMTP relay, you can soon deliver over a thousand emails in just one minute.   

10) Email Analytics   

Another significant feature of Mailjet is Email Analytics. This feature will give you an insight into the performance of your mail. Therefore, you can quickly improve your marketing strategy. This happens especially when it is required.   

Let’s Talk About What Are the Alternatives to Mailjet.

Let's Talk About What Are the Alternatives to Mailjet.  

There are multiple alternatives to Mailjet. On the other hand, every alternative to Mailjet has significant value. Below, I am going to discuss the long list of Mailjet alternatives.   

1) Mailgun


After long research, it has been revealed that Mailgun offers several other email marketing services. This happens via powerful and efficient APIs and SMTP relay services. Mailgun provides this feature, which includes tracking, email sending, email list management, and so many others.   

2) Brevo


Another leading name across the industry of email marketing is Brevo. This email marketing services provider is such a significant email marketing tool. Apart from that, they also offer several remarkable features such as marketing through SMS, segmentation, CRM, and so many others. 

3) Elastic Email

Elastic Email

Elastic Email is one of the best alternatives if you are looking for an affordable and efficient email API platform like Moosend. This platform has over 30K clients across the globe. In this case, Elastic Email enables its users to send bulk emails through HTTP API or SMTP Relay. Elastic Email will allow you to send unlimited monthly emails with any plan.   

4) SocketLabs


If you are looking for a big competitor, then SocketLabs is one of the most significant in the email marketing industry. They provide services to several big names such as Mozilla Firefox, Red Hat, and others.   

Furthermore, they also work on SocketLabs Hurricane MTA technology, which will provide over 90% uptime. There are some practical and beneficial insights into the performance of your every Email.   

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about Mailjet pricing above in this article. You can see that Mailjet is such a good option, especially for email marketing purposes. Furthermore, they will offer a free plan, especially for a lifetime. This can be highly beneficial, especially for small businesses or start-ups.   

Moreover, this easy-to-use email marketing tool can also benefit team collaboration. Aside from that, Mailjet’s email analytics feature will give you an insight into the performance of this email marketing tool. Therefore, you can easily take this planned step to improve your email marketing tool’s performance.   

I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below! 

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