Two stars on OnlyFans invite mannish schoolies to join them for making explicit content. For taking this type of biased action, subscribers have defended their actions.

British expat Bonnie Blue and Brisbane-based Leilani May posted on social media platforms to invite their 18-year-old school-leavers to Surfers Place to participate in Porn videos.

After being accused of this type of ravening behavior, the women said to all schoolies they approached the legal age above the consent. The porn Star Budding said they will carry out consent forms and strict ID checks. They even further check the sobriety of the participants before they head to the deed.

Based on a report from Nypost, “It’s entirely their call and what they’re comfortable with. They take part in the filming, we practice safe sex, and we as sex workers are checked biweekly. They get a copy of the fully edited video. If they don’t want to do it, they don’t reach out – it’s their choice.”

Two British people who previously posted on a social media platform called “Disgusting” after being issued the call out of Schoolies on OnlyFans. They don’t have any in-between with the law about the legal age, which is all about black and white.

Blue said that they had received a lot of messages from school-leavers. May also has said that he taken all the safety and health precautions. They also included the legal document for every participant to sign.

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