places you can visit for best picnic experience in usa

Top Places You Can Visit For Best Picnic Experience In USA Top Preference

?You bring your weather to a picnic!?- Anonymous

Well, planning for a picnic and starting to read this article can be the same thing. If you are based in the US and currently in the mood for a picnic, this article can help. Here, you can check out the six best places in the US where you can go for a picnic. 

All you need to do is take some packed lunch, some outdoor games accessories, and some hobby materials and leave for the spot. In case you are facing a dilemma regarding the place, check this article.

Top Picnic Destinations In The US To Visit This Year- 2022 List

All the picnic spots mentioned here are beautiful as Nature plays with different colors with them. Now, you can gather information and set out for your favorite spot. Check them out now:

1.  Point Dume, California

point dume california

Point Dume can be the best place that you can find while searching for ?picnic area for me?. However, this can only happen if you are based in or near California.

If you like a sea beach and desire to enjoy a picnic beside it, Point Dume can be the best location for you.  To reach this spot, you need to drive to the Malibu coast.

If you are lucky, you can find the gray whales of the Pacific accompanying you while you eat or relax by the beach.

2. Guadalupe River Side, Texas

guadalupe river side texas

If you search for ?picnic parks near me? as a Texas person, the Guadalupe River State Park will be among the top results. This place can be the best for a spring picnic.

As you enjoy your games and food, expect the birds to sing and accompany you. Moreover, your children can get a lot of open place to play here. However, you need to be careful that they don’t fall in the water as it can be dangerous.

Moreover, this place is the best for river rifting, All you need to do is take a river raft and start sailing. Make sure to get enough fun as you reach the place.

3. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

columbia river gorge oregon

As you have some unique picnic food ideas with you, you can reach out to the Columbia River George in Oregon as a destination. Like most other states in the US, this state is also easily accessible by car.

Now for the facts that make the Columbia River George a unique spot. The National scenic area at this place reaches up to a whopping 292,500 acres. Moreover, you can also see a lot of waterfalls while driving down the highway.

The best time you can plan for a picnic here is a spring afternoon. After you have your food, make sure to indulge in hiking and enjoy the thrill in the natural wind tunnel.

Lastly, another thing you should remember is to get out of the place before the darkness snakes it. Well, another thing you need to remember is not to get into the jungle during the late afternoon.

4. Du Point State Forest, North Carolina

du point state forest north carolina

North Carolina is one of the best states to visit for a picnic. So, if you are already based in it. Consider yourself lucky. The best you can do is head towards the Du Point State Forest to have a picnic.

This place has some outstanding views of blue-ridge mountains as well as some lakes and waterfalls. Now, all you need to do is choose a place where you can sit for the picnic.

If you are with your family and kids, try to choose a flat place. Make sure the little ones always stay safe while enjoying. The best way you can reach the place is by driving. So, it will be a bold step to hire a self-driven car if you do not have one.

5. Wolfe?s Neck Woods State Park, Maine

wolfe?s neck woods state park maine

The State of Maine is located in the northern region of the US. So, you can always consider it having cool weather. As a result, a picnic in Woolfe?s Neck Woods State Park can be one of the best things to do in summer.

This park is located very near to Portland city and it just takes a 40-minute drive. You can choose to sit near the coast and have your food. When you are in this Maine picnic spot, always aim for having some to relax and rejuvenate. Expect the cool breeze to help you all the time.

6. Walden Pond

It is one of the best homes, especially for American poets and author Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond. In this case, Walden Pond is one of the best picnic spots, meaning you must move 25 minutes from Boston. After all, this pond is ideal for writing or simply relaxing. On the other hand, with just a simple effort, you can convey this place’s vibes onto beauty and history. 

7. Crater Lake National Park

Do you know the mountains in Crater Lake National Park? This is one of the most suitable places to enjoy a picnic. On the other hand, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. Aside from that, you can do everything in this place, such as fishing, swimming, camping, and many other popular summer activities for visitors.

8. Golden Gate Park

Another one of California’s largest urban green spaces is Golden Gate Park. In this case, this park is surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. Here, you will be able to reserve one of the four picnic tables in advance, especially if you plan to grill or if you want to enjoy the BBQ stations, which are located nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When it is about having a picnic then there are a lot of things to do. Below I am going to discuss the most suitable FAQs to clear your doubts regarding picnic.

1. What Is The Best Location For a Picnic?
The best location for a picnic in the USA can be a riverside or a hill trance. Moreover, there are a lot of parks in all the states that allow you to have a picnic and spend some fun time.
2. Where Can I Take A Picnic Outside NYC?
There are a few outstanding places where you can take a picnic outside NYC. For example, you can take Astoria Park and Cloves Lakes Park.
3. Can You Plan A Picnic In Short Notice?
Yes, it is very easy to plan a picnic on short notice. You can even hire a picnic company that can organize a picnic for you at the place of your preference.
4. Can We Cook Food On The Picnic Site?
There is no problem if you plan to cook at the picnic spot. Well, the only thing you need to check is if the spot authority gives you such permission.

Final Words

In the US, most people go crazy about things like road trips and picnics. So, if you are one among them, you can set a plan anytime. The best you can do is get a company that can help you to execute your picnic in a practical order.

In case you are doing a spring or summer picnic, you can get the best vibes if you go to spot driving. So, it would always be best if you hire a car while planning for it.

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