With so many online file storage options, some small businesses aren’t really sure of the documents they should always have a hard copy of.

There is no doubt that Cloud storage has saved millions of trees and has made life infinitely easier for so many businesses, however, it isn’t always in your best interest to not keep a printed copy on file.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of docs you should always print.


Top 7 Documents For Small Business To Print Always

1. Contracts

While it is true that a growing number of businesses are accepting digital signatures online as a legal and binding signature for all kinds of business contracts, there are always ways to contest those by a savvy consumer. How often are computer systems hacked?

It could always be claimed that they weren’t the party agreeing to the contract and who is to deny that in the absence of a hand-signed document?

For this reason, always keep contracts you can quickly print up on one of today’s eco-friendly and cost-effective laser business printers.

2. Business Licences and Permits

Every business is required to keep their business license and any pertinent permits posted in a visible location, typically in an area where they can be visible to anyone who enters.

Business Licences

However, some companies like to keep a photocopy in all main offices as well as on file in the event that the original is destroyed, lost, or stolen.

3. Business Cards

So, you love technology, and you use online marketing to the full extent. That’s all well and good, but what if you meet someone in the street who is a good prospect as a client or someone you might want to recruit for your team?

It’s always good to have a few business cards on you for times just like these. You can print them cheaply from your office printer and the quality can rival that of a professional printer.

4. Company Policies & Core Values

Even small businesses should print up their company policies and core values. These can be kept in a 3-ring binder and referred to as necessary.

Business Licences

Typically, new hires are required to read this during the onboarding process and although they could read it just as easily in digital format, there is always a signature page they should sign and acknowledge having read and agreed.

5. Documents with Raised Seals

Any documents with raised seals need to be kept in hard copy format as well.

If you have any docs that are required to be notarised, these might be included here as well. You can scan them for reference, but a raised seal means it must be stamped onto the doc.

6. Payment Receipts

Signed payment receipts are also difficult to dispute, so keep them on file for both payments received, and payments tendered.

Business Licences

7. Employee Write-Ups

There will always be that one employee who seems to be making the same mistakes over and over. If it reaches a point where your managers and team leaders need to write that employee up as a warning in their file, a signed hard copy should be kept. Both the employee and the manager must sign and date the form.

The bottom line is that all legal forms and forms requiring a signature are best kept in hard copy format and a multi-function business printer would serve you well.

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